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2 weeks in the philippines

2 Weeks in the Philippines: An Itinerary

There are many destinations in Asia that have become extremely popular in the recent years. When it comes to tropical getaways and exotic islands, however, the Philippines takes top spot in many lists. Conde Naste Traveler, a highly-esteemed publication, just released its Best Islands list for 2018, and the top 3 spots in Asia are […]

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3-5 Day Hong Kong Itinerary

3-5 Days in Hong Kong: An Itinerary To Remember

Hong Kong has always been one of the must-visit destinations in Asia. Over the years, this compact city has risen to the top of travel lists. Known for its highly cosmopolitan atmosphere, excellent food, buzzing entertainment and a wide range of shopping experiences, it’s no surprise why Hong Kong has held its own as an […]

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Daranak Falls

A Guide to Daranak Falls (A Fun Day Trip From Manila)

Many travellers to the Philippines end up in Metro Manila – a group of some of the biggest cities in the country. While Metro Manila is a fun, sometimes chaotic, place to be in, one can always use a quick getaway to somewhere more peaceful. Luckily, there are many day trips you can do outside […]

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Island Hopping In Croatia

Island Hopping In Croatia: The Ultimate Guide

Long sandy beaches, cobblestone alleys, rows and rows of palm trees – sounds like heaven on Earth, right? But in fact, it’s just a description of Croatia’s coastline. And with hundreds of miles of coastline to explore, you might have a hard time deciding on where to start and what places you absolutely have to […]

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10 days itinerary costa rica

Ten Days In Costa Rica (From the Pacific to the Caribbean)

With stunning beaches along the coast and impressive mountain ranges in its center, Costa Rica has plenty to offer to all of its visitors. You can walk through a wildlife-rich rainforest one day, and then lie on the beach the next. The big question for you is, what should you see first, and what should […]

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2 or 3 days in Brussels

Fun Things To Do In Brussels (In 2 Or 3 Days)

Brussels is truly a stunning city, but one that is often forgotten. It is often dubbed “the capital of Europe”, since all the main institutions of the European Union are located there. However, its importance is not only political – the city has such a rich cultural history that it will take so much more […]

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Best Airlines For Europe

Best Airlines To Travel To (And From) Europe

Europe, the home of the Matterhorn, Oktoberfest, the Eiffel Tower, the Prado and so many more famous places. Whether you want to visit France, Italy or Sweden, you are most likely going to have to fly there. And so it’s important to know what are the best airlines with which you can fly to Europe. […]

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switzerland vs austria

Switzerland vs. Austria: The Best Alpine Destination Is?

Located at the heart of Europe, dominated by the world famous Alps, and thriving in the midst of breathtaking sceneries and nature. There are very few countries that tick all the boxes, and it’s been at the heart of many travel debates. At first glance, it sounds like Switzerland, but Austria can take the claim, […]

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One Week In Croatia

One Week In Croatia: The Perfect Summer Itinerary

Croatia is a European country that is an incredibly popular tourist destination. In the winter, it is because of one of the best Christmas Markets (in Zagreb) in entire Europe, and in the summer it’s the perfect vacation destination. With nearly 2000km of coast – not including the islands – it’s one of the most […]

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10 Best Hikes In New Zealand

10 Best Day Hikes In New Zealand (With Views To Die For)

New Zealand is famous for its many amazing day hikes, and it’s definitely hard to pick the best ones. With hundreds of hikes to choose from, it wasn’t easy to single out the best 10 ones, but I managed to do it anyway. We’ll start slow, with some easy tracks that are perfectly suitable even […]

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