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DJI Mavic Air 1.0 vs 2.0

DJI Mavic Air 2.0 vs Mavic Air: Amazing Improvements

If you are looking for a top notch drone that is still small enough to carry around almost everywhere, then the Mavic Air 2 is probably the best out there right now. DJI have been working furiously on improving their drones and the Mavic Air 2 vs Mavic Air is definitely worth comparing. Here are the […]

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best sup switzerland

Top Stand Up Paddling Spots In Switzerland

If you are a fan of stand up paddling, then you probably know that you can paddle almost anywhere there is water. From the surf beaches of Hawaii and Australia to the fjords of Norway, almost nothing is out of bounds. If you spend any time in Switzerland, you absolutely have to take advantage of […]

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Zurich Day Trip

8 Amazing Day Trips from Zurich

Zurich is undoubtedly one of the most visited cities in all of Switzerland. This upmarket financial capital is home to many of Switzerland’s most luxurious. That’s saying something for a country known to be relatively more expensive than anywhere else. Don’t let Zurich intimidate you, however. Despite its high-end reputation, there are lots to do […]

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Australia is famous for

What’s Australia Famous For? (20 Best-Known Things)

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, mostly famous for its vast beaches. It is a very popular tourist destination south of the equator, especially during European winters – summer begins in December, and it is the perfect place to escape freezing colds. The country is popular for quite a lot of things, […]

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What is Spain famous for?

What Is Spain Famous For? (20 Popular Things)

Spain is a stunning country in the Mediterranean, famous for a lot of things. From bizarre events like La Tomatina to the insane beach parties in Ibiza – the only constant is the extravagance and pure hedonism. And that’s just scratching the surface. I will tell you about 20 most popular things that Spain is […]

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things do port macquarie

Top Things To Do & See In Port Macquarie (Camels, Koalas & more)

Port Macquarie may not be as famous as Cairns or other beach towns on the east coast of Australia, but it has so much to offer, it perhaps should be. From camel rides on the beach at sunset, to koalas in hospital, many of the activities are things you won’t find anywhere else either. So, […]

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Getting To Chureito Pagoda From Tokyo

Getting To Chureito Pagoda From Tokyo – The Best View of Mount Fuji

If you are primed to get the best view possible of Mount Fuji then Chureito Pagoda is the place to do it.  With a stunning view of Mount Fuji with an iconic Pagoda On the left hand side of the shot, and often with either cherry blossoms or fall colors in the trees…what more could […]

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piltus golden round trip

Mount Pilatus Golden Round Trip – A Stunning Day Trip From Lucerne

The Swiss city of Lucerne sits in a stunning location on the shores of Lake Lucerne and right below the Alps. As a result, Lucerne is blessed with a whole range of stunning day trips which will be absolutely hard to forget. And the most popular of those is a day trip up the local […]

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best travel shows - tv netflix amazon

The Best Travel Shows Of All Time (TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime & More)

If you are like me and always yearning to travel, then one of the best ways to do this from home is to watch amazing travel shows on TV.  Over the years I have spent way too much of my spare time consuming every travel show under the sun. And, I thought it was high […]

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Where, When And How To Buy A Japan Railway Pass?

Travelling to Japan and not sure if you need a railway pass? Well, I’m here to help you figure out the answer to that question. And to tell you absolutely everything there is to know about the (national) Japan Railway Pass! If you are not sure whether you even need a JR pass, I’m here to […]

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