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environmentally friendly travel options

How to Make Your Travel Environmentally Friendly

There sure is a lot to think about when you’re traveling. Where are you going to go? How will you get there? What will you do for accommodation? Where will you eat? Who will you go with? And so on and so forth. But one thing that’s becoming ever clearer is that we can’t just […]

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Day Hike to Mt. Pamitinan

The underrated gem that is Rizal Province is quickly becoming a go-to destination in the Philippines. A mere two to three hour drive from Metro Manila, travellers are finally discovering its lush environment. Lying on the northeastern shore of Laguna de Bay and perched on the western slopes of the Sierra Madre mountain range, the […]

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chatuchak market guide

Chatuchak Market: Everything You Need to Know For Your First Time

With 15,000 market stalls spread across 35 acres Chatuchak Market is massive. How big is 35 acres? Just a bit over 26 football fields! You may be thinking the sheer size of this place is overwhelming and you’re absolutely right for thinking so. When navigating the world famous souvenir shopping haven, you’re going to need […]

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Types Of Backpacks

Types Of Backpacks: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re just thinking about getting into backpacks, chances are you are overwhelmed with the choices. And if you don’t know anything about backpacks, it can be really hard to choose the right one for your needs. So, we’re here to help! In this guide, you can check out all the main types of backpacks, and […]

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JPEG vs RAW: Which Should You Use?

If you spend any time playing with your camera you might have stumbled across the photo settings. Deep within those settings are things like image size, image ratio and even image format. And, depending on the complexity of your camera, it might have both JPEG and RAW formats for saving your photos. If you have […]

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suitcase repair guide

Suitcase Repair Guide: Fix Anything On Your Luggage (Locks, Wheels, Handles)

If you landed here you’re either a huge DIY fan or you have a broken suitcase. And I’m willing to bet it’s the latter. Whatever the issue with your luggage is, you CAN fix it yourself. All you need is the proper tools and the ability to follow some simple instructions.  And, if you already have […]

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Polycarbonate vs. ABS

Polycarbonate vs ABS: Choose the Right Hardside Luggage

Choosing the right luggage is always a tough one. There have been many innovations in material, design, and function over the years. First, figure out if you want a softside or hardside luggage. If you’ve already found your way here, that means you’ve decided that a hardside luggage is your best bet. Now for the next […]

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DJI Mavic Pro vs Mavic Pro 2.0 (Zoom): The New Cameras Are Insane

If you are looking for a kickass drone then the Mavic Pro 2.0 is probably the best on the market.  But, it comes at a bit of a price increase over the old Mavic Pro. But then again, that is always the way with new tech! What the Mavic 2.0 does offer though is way better specs […]

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things do grindelwald

15 Things to do in Grindelwald (Fun, Adventure & Epic Views)

Grindelwald is an idyllic little village in the Jungfrau region. In winter and spring, this town is a winter wonderland. In the summer, it is bursting with color of emerald green pastures and wild flowers. Its location under the North Face of the Eiger mountain and at the base of Jungfraujoch makes it a gateway […]

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Best Hikes in Asia

Best Hikes in Asia (Massive Continent, Epic Hikes)

Even the most seasoned trekkers will be blown away by the beauty of Asian trails. The eclectic medley of volcanic peaks, lush forests, hidden valleys and isolated beaches offer different kinds of challenges for all kinds of hikers. Memorable hikes on worldclass trails always lead to breathtaking and often secluded views. Pair that with the […]

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