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20 Things to do in Zermatt

Beyond the big cities of Geneva and Zurich is a popular town at the foot of one of Europe’s highest mountains. Zermatt has one of the best locations in Switzerland for some authentic and unique Swiss adventures. So, pack your luggage and get read for some fun! A single trip to Zermatt gives you access […]

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Made in Switzerland

Made in Switzerland: The Best and Most Recognized Swiss Products

If you think about Switzerland, you immediately think about chocolates and cheese. While these are definitely some top-notch products you can get, there are a lot more you may not realize coming from this beautiful country. When you’re done marveling at breathtaking landscapes and picture-perfect scenery, keep your eye out for some iconic products and […]

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Timbuk2 Jet Pack Heading

Timbuk2 Jet Pack Review (A Great Laptop Backpack?)

Timbuk2 is a San Francisco company that makes high quality and elegant backpacks. What sets them apart from their competition is truly the amount of thought that goes into the design of their gear – have you ever seen such a beautiful pack? In this review we are going to talk about one of their […]

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20 Things to do in Cooktown

20 Things to do in Cooktown, Australia

Australia is an exciting destination world-renowned for some of the craziest animals known to man. It’s usually a pick between the large cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or maybe places on the Central Coast of NSW, or even Central Australia. But Australia is filled with surprises other than the occasional spider in your shoe. While […]

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delsey vs samsonite

Delsey vs Samsonite: Who Makes The Best Suitcase?

There are so many suitcase brands out there, it is hard to know which one to buy. Some of the best like Delsey and Samsonite are often tough to compare because they are so similar. Your suitcase needs to be easy to carry or push, fit all your stuff easily, not be too heavy and not cost […]

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epic road drive switzerland

7 Epic Roads to Drive in Switzerland (Views To Die For)

Switzerland is a prime destination for nature-tripping, outdoor adventures, dining, shopping and loads of culture. But as a country built among one of the world’s most recognized mountains, valleys, lakes, and waterfalls, a drive through the various cantons of Switzerland is an experience to be had. Take an excursion through some of Switzerland’s most epic roads […]

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things do lausanne

20 Things to do in Lausanne

There are many underrated cities in Switzerland and of them is Lausanne. Normally overshadowed by the more popular Zurich, Geneva, and the Jungfrau area, Lausanne is just as charming as its neighboring cities. Its charm doesn’t immediately jump out at you when you arrive, but a quick stroll immerses you in medieval history, Romanesque and Gothic […]

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Things to do in Basel

20 Things to do in Basel

The northwestern city of Basel is a fascinating place. It sits close to the borders of France and Germany, making the city both highly accessible and very culturally diverse. Despite being the third largest city in Switzerland, it’s a very underrated tourist destination as it’s mostly known for contemporary art and urban design. However, even if you have no affiliation with the arts, […]

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Best Lakes In Canada

Best Lakes In Canada

Oh Canada, the home of such wonderful nature. And although the climate there is not my favorite, I do have to admit that its gorgeous scenery is a good enough reason to endure the cold. But, that’s the photographer in me speaking, and not the rational human who can’t function when it’s below 10 degrees […]

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12 Things to do in Kathmandu

The allure of Nepal attracts adventure-seekers from all over the world. Home to a part of the breathtaking Himalayas, this South Asian country exudes mystic fantasy so close to a very diverse experience with nature. Entering the country means landing in the capital city of Kathmandu. While most travelers usually make this a minor pitstop, this city […]

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