new updated boracay guide 2019

A Quick Guide to the “New” Boracay – 2019 and Beyond

If there’s one place in the Philippines everyone in the world knows about, it’s Boracay – a small island known for powdery white sand, crystal clear blue waters, and raving parties from dusk till dawn. It’s long been hailed as the party island in what paradise looks like for most people. For a place that’s […]

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Best 17 Inch Laptop Backpacks

Best 17-inch Laptop Backpacks to Bring Traveling in 2020

Finding the right case to keep your gadgets protected is not always an easy task. While most travel bags have built-in laptop cases, don’t fit up to 17-inch laptops, right?For those of you who want to carry your 17 inch laptop in a decent backpack, the choices aren’t always very obvious. That is why we […]

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What is Italy Famous For? (Apart from Rome)

Italy is easily one of the world’s most popular destinations. Millions flock to Rome every year to revere the Vatican City. Milan is headquarters for ancient art and modern fashions. The long Mediterranean coastline is dotted with exclusive resorts, and the canals of Venice have long been the inspiration for art and romance. Clearly, Italy […]

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Things To See In Pristina

7 Things To Do In Pristina (This Year)

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to discover and explore a new place. If you are trying to settle on a location for your next trip, why not head to Eastern Europe and check out Pristina. But beware; you will fall in love with this city. Most people will only […]

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Down Fill Ratings

Down Fill Ratings (Everything You Need To Know)

Ever wondered what all those numbers in descriptions of down jackets mean? They actually tell you a lot about the quality of insulation and warmth of a particular jacket, but only if you know how to read them. There are a few different things brands will tell you about the insulation of their jackets – type […]

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7 Best Road Trips in Australia

It’s not a secret that Australia’s immense size, the diversity of its landscape, the coastline, and the outback make it the best country in the world for taking a road trip. Australian road trips, either short or long, are the perfect chance to explore the pristine natural habitats, vibrant cities, and thousands of  years of […]

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winter jacket extreme cold

Best Winter Coats for Extreme Cold for 2020

When the trees are bare and the wind turns icy cold, it’s time for a more than serious jacket. Finding a winter coat that will keep you warm even when temperatures dip way below zero is a difficult task. However, that shouldn’t stop you from braving the great outdoors, even if it’s just to have […]

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10 Best Hikes In New Zealand

10 Best Day Hikes In New Zealand (With Views To Die For)

New Zealand is famous for its many amazing day hikes, and it’s definitely hard to pick the best ones. With hundreds of hikes to choose from, even some around big cities like Auckland, it wasn’t easy to single out the best 10 ones, but I managed to do it anyway. We’ll start slow, with some […]

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Best travel blogs

18 Famous Travel Blogs To Inspire You

FInding a great travel blog amongst all the blogs online can be a challenge. I know, I have read a whole bunch of them! That’s why this post is a roundup of some of the top travel blogs on the web. Blogs I read throughout the year for inspiration (and frustration that I am not travelling at […]

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are tents waterproof

Are Tents Waterproof? Everything You Need To Know

There’s nothing worse than hunkering down for the night in your cozy little tent, listening to the rain beat down outside, and feeling that dreaded drop of water hit your nose… “But, surely this tent is waterproof?” You might ask. And many people would assume the same. But the answer isn’t as simple as it […]

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