fleece vs down

Fleece Vs. Down: Which Is Better?

Looking to get a warm jacket for winter? The most popular options out there are fleece and down jackets. In this comparison, we will take a good look at all the properties of these materials and see how they perform in different conditions.  Down and fleece are both commonly used in jackets for cold weather, […]

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things to do in halifax

Top Things To Do In Halifax

The port city of Halifax is one of Nova Scotia’s most underrated gems. With a gorgeous hilltop citadel overlooking the city, a spectacular waterfront and beautiful parks, Halifax is a true slice of heaven on Earth. The city also has a rich history concerning art, immigration and ships. It is home to the Maritime Museum […]

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best cities europe architecture

9 Cities in Europe with Great Architecture

This is a touchy subject for many. After all, architecture is like art – how beautiful it is can be very subjective. It’s also greatly influenced by the culture and the environment upon which the architecture of a certain city has evolved. In Europe, however, you’ll never run out of structures to gawk at. Europe […]

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things to do in prague

Top Things To Do In Prague

Prague is one of the most beautiful European cities and it deserves a lot more attention than it gets. With lots of buildings that are several centuries old and fascinating examples of Gothic and Baroque architecture wherever you look, it doesn’t disappoint anyone. Prague is also known for its quirky museums, wild nightlife and great […]

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gore-tex vs h2no

H2No Vs. Gore-Tex: Which Is Better?

Want to know what’s the difference between H2No and Gore-Tex? Even though they are developed by different brands, these two fabrics are actually very similar! Both are waterproof, windproof and breathable, and they both come in several different versions that are used in different types of garments. But there are some important differences, from the […]

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best sling backpack

Best Sling Backpacks For 2020 (Great For Travel)

You need a bag that can hold all your things. You’ll probably grab a backpack to carry around as much stuff as you can. Or you already have a messenger bag that can stay by your side. You can easily pull out whatever you need and keep a better eye on your belongings. You do […]

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Best Samsonite Suitcase For Travelers

Best Samsonite Luggage For Travelers in 2020

Samsonite – one of the most trusted brands when it comes to durable and reliable luggage. It also doesn’t hurt that Samsonite has some very stylish designs that would suit any kind of personality. They come in different shapes and sizes, and will definitely have a great option for every kind of travel and traveler. […]

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acrylic vs polyester material

Acrylic Vs. Polyester: Warmth Vs. Water Resistance

Synthetic materials are a big part of our closets, even if they might not be our first choice. Sure, natural materials feel much nicer on your body and they’re better for the environment, but they can’t really compete with the performance of a good man-made fiber. That’s why I want to tell you everything about […]

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Why Is Patagonia So Expensive?

Patagonia is one of the most popular manufacturers of outdoor gear. They make jackets, pants, backpacks, duffels and pretty much anything you might need in your outdoor adventures. Lots of people recommend Patagonia and even more people buy their stuff, despite the sometimes ridiculously high price tags. Why is that? Why should you buy a […]

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besten Reise-Kleidersäcke

Die besten Reise-Kleidersäcke für faltfreie Reisen in 2020

Passiert Ihnen das auch? Egal, wie sorgfältig Sie Ihre Kleidung falten und packen, sobald man sie wieder auspackt, sehen sie alles andere als vorzeigbar aus. Auch wenn die meisten von uns heutzutage ausschließlich mit bügelfreier Kleidung reisen, kann es sich nicht jeder leisten, mit zerknitterter Garderobe zu reisen – vor allem, wenn man geschäftlich unterwegs ist […]

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