Sum Yung Guys - Matt Sinclair, Sunshine Coast

Sum Yung Guys, Noosa, Review: Matt Sinclair Asian Fusion Heaven

WOW. Those are my first words that entered my mind after we had digested our food, and thoughts, last night at this sensational new restaurant from Matt Sinclair – Sum Yung Guys on Sunshine Beach not far from Noosa. Ok, before we go any further, I have to admit something. I am a huge fan of Matt […]

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Dronie - The Ultimate Selfie With A Drone

Dronie – The Ultimate Selfie (That Will Blow Your Friends Away)

You might have come across the word “dronie” or even seen a few online without knowing it. Either way, in this post I am going to clear it all up AND show you how and why the Dronie is the ultimate selfie for drone owners!​ (and why you will want a drone too once you see […]

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craziest icebars in europe

The Craziest Icebars in Europe

Europe is a treasure trove of unique experiences, rich culture, and architectural wonders. It’s also where travelers get to encounter some crazy experiences. While enjoying drinks and alcohol is pretty much a staple for any kind of travel, Europe takes it a step further by sticking travelers in a room made of ice.  It might […]

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Best Snorkeling in Costa Rica

Best Snorkeling Spots in Costa Rica

The coastal waters of Costa Rica are rich in nutrients and minerals. The thriving underwater world in this country makes it a prime spot for snorkeling and diving. Visibility is incredibly clear. Marine life is sure to be diverse and abundant. Costa Rica has coastlines in both the Carribean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. While […]

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Hotel vs. Hostel vs. AirBnB: Which is your best option?

In many ways, travel has become easier and more accessible in the last few years. There are just so many options everywhere, from flights to destinations to tours. Perhaps the biggest game changer is accommodation; gone are the days when half your trip cost is a few nights in a hotel. With so many new […]

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Things to do in Bantayan

Things to do in Bantayan, Cebu

Cebu is home to some of the Philippines‘ most pristine and beautiful beaches. Being a province that’s mainly an island in itself, you’ll have endless options of sun, sand, and sea on your trip. One of the most popular beach destinations in Cebu is Bantayan and for good reason. With clear waters, long stretches of […]

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Yuneec E-Go2 Electric Longboard Review

Yuneec E-Go 2 Electric Longboard Review

The Boosted Boards phenomenon is here to stay, so a new breed of electric longboards and skateboards have jumped onto the bandwagon.  Many of these alternatives range from as cheap as $200 to as expensive as $1,500.  It’s pretty hard to say what the best electric board. A lot of it depends on what you […]

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The Jomsom Muktinath Trek: An Overview

Nepal holds many cultural and natural treasures that will transport you to a different world. A quick flight to Jomsom from Pokhara brings you to the center of Tibetan culture and the wonders of the Himalayas. A great way to immerse yourself in this experience is taking the Jomsom Muktinath Trek in Mustang, Nepal. The […]

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Things to do in Manila for Kids

Things to do in and around Manila for Kids

The Philippine capital of Manila has been the seat of political power for centuries, dating back to the Spanish colonial period that started in 1521. Several years and foreign occupations later, Manila remains to be a central place for governance, but the surrounding cities called Metro Manila have also evolved. It is often said that the […]

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Drone Vs Quadcopter

Drone vs. Quadcopter: What is the difference?

If you’ve been observant during your travels, you are most likely to see a small device floating in the air. Aerial shots are all the rage right now. It gives a whole new perspective and captures the bigger picture of beautiful destinations. If you’re interested in getting your own hands on this creative trend, it’s […]

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