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Reasons why flights get cancelled

8 Reasons Why Flights Get Cancelled (Including Some Surprises)

You’ve been planning for weeks, you’re ready for your next big trip, and the worst happens: your flight gets cancelled. It’s one of the most frustrating things to experience for any traveler. It doesn’t happen all the time, thankfully. However, there are many reasons why flights get cancelled. When this happens, airlines usually give some […]

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Negril Or Montego Bay

Negril Or Montego Bay: Where Should You Summer In Jamaica?

Bob Marley, dreadlocks, sandy beaches and turquoise water – that’s probably what first comes to mind when you think of Jamaica. It’s always been a popular tourist destination, and there’s a good reason for it. Jamaica is a place that is probably on everyone’s bucket list – I know it’s always been on mine! If you’ve […]

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fit healthy travel

How To Stay Fit & Healthy While Traveling (The Ultimate Guide)

Who doesn’t like to travel? It’s a great way to experience the world, whether it’s longterm, for vacation or for business. However, the big problem is that when you are outside your normal routine and away from home, it’s hard to maintain your health and fitness, right? That is why I put together this Ultimate Guide To Staying […]

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Agoda vs.

Agoda vs. Where should you book your next destination?

There are hundreds of travel websites nowadays that help travelers find great deals to make things a little bit more affordable. Next to the plane fare, the biggest consideration is always where to stay. When you’re planning week-long or even month-long travels, the bill racks up pretty quickly. Of course, you can always look for […]

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Things To Do In Dubai

Things To Do In Dubai For Three Days (Enjoy The Sun!)

Dubai is a mesmerizing city, and you will fall in love with it regardless of how much time you spend there – even if it is just 3 days. Although you might not have much time, I will give you a lot of activities to choose from. After all, different types of people enjoy different things, and […]

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Things to see in Balti

Things To See In Balti (Beltsy), Moldova

If you love exploring new places, then we are two peas in a pod. If we are two peas in a pod, then I know the perfect place for your next trip. It’s Balti, in Moldova. Balti (pronounced “belts”) is a peculiar place. It is a small town in northern Moldova, but it is the second largest […]

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Things To See In Pristina

7 Things To See And Do In Pristina (This Year)

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to discover and explore a new place. If you are trying to settle on a location for your next trip, why not head to Eastern Europe and check out Pristina. But beware; you will fall in love with this city. Most people will only tell […]

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Best Cities for Architecture in Europe

8 Cities in Europe with Great Architecture

This is a touchy topic. Architecture is like art – how beautiful or how terrible it is can be very subjective. It’s also greatly influenced by the culture and the environment upon which the architecture of a certain city has evolved. In Europe, however, you’ll never run out of structures to gawk at. Europe is […]

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Etihad vs. Emirates

Airline Showdown: Etihad vs. Emirates

The airline game has always seen tough competition, but two of the big names know how to play it well – Etihad and Emirates. UAE-based airlines are known to have some of the best amenities and give excellent service, and most of the time, they deliver. Emirates Airlines, based in Dubai, has long enjoyed its reputation […]

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Hotel vs. Hostel vs. AirBnB: Which is your best option?

In many ways, travel has become easier and more accessible in the last few years. There are just so many options everywhere, from flights to destinations to tours. Perhaps the biggest game changer is accommodation; gone are the days when half your trip cost is a few nights in a hotel. With so many new […]

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