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New York Chinatown Attractions

Wu Lim Services

Fancy a massage while you’re out and about in Chinatown? Stop by Wu Lim Services for a facial, body or foot massage, or perhaps just some relaxation in a spa room. They welcome walk in customers, and are prepared to make you feel right at home. They have large rooms with between 4 to 14 beds in each. The body massages are done naked, so you might see someone with a towel draped over their bodies. If you’re shy, you might want to pick another spa. They might not be as good, but they will give you more privacy. This is one of the best places in Chinatown to get the ultimate body massage after a long day of walking through the streets of vendors and entertainment. You receive 16 minutes of their special massage: Chi Quong. It is 70 cents per minute, so you can choose to go longer if you wish.

Visit this lovely establishment for relaxation at 145 Grand Street. You will be sure to have a massage like never before, and be prepared to walk some more around the streets.

Green Bo Restaurant

Want to try something new? Maybe you have never tastes authentic Chinese cuisine before and you would like a taste of their culture. Check out Green Bo Restaurant where they serve their special of Shanghai cuisine. What are some of the other items on the menu? Lions head, soup dumplings, yellow fish wrapped in dried seaweed, or if you prefer a rice cake or two with the works. All of their food is prepared fresh right from the water of NYC. Their establishment is clean, and you receive only the best service for the food you would like to taste. It might be crowded due to the popularity of their soup dumplings, but provide efficient service to ensure the lines move quickly. They welcome anyone, even tourists who would like to get a little something more out of NY Chinatown.

You can visit them at 66 Bayard Street. If you want an overview of their menu before dining out then give them a call at 212-625-2359. They are open late if you had been cruising the streets for a while, and need to stop for a bite to eat. Taste the culture without having to go out of the way to do so. They only accept cash, make sure to hit an ATM prior to ordering your dish!

N.Y. Noodletown

N.Y. Noodletown offers some of the most delectable dishes, but also some of the most unique of Chinatown. They bake their shrimp in soft salt, lightly toasted to perfection for even the pickiest of taste buds. Want something a little more rugged then you can try the roasted pork that they grill to crisp, tender taste. It is located in a Spartan standby, where you can order, grab and go. Not only do they offer some of the most delicious foods, but they also are open until 3 a.m. This allows you to please your taste buds throughout the night. Everything on the menu is affordable, and they provide fast friendly service.

They are located at 28 ½ Bowery at Bayard Street for anyone who wants to stop by. They only accept cash, and if you want to know more about their establishment they can be reached by telephone at 212-349-0923.

Ping’s Seafood

Enjoy seafood? Want to try some Chinese style? Ping’s Seafood is the way to go then. All of their fish are fresh, captured, and filleted by them giving you the freshest of quality. They are noted for their specialty Dim Sum with their own added ingredients and flavors that will make you want more. They have a Cantonese menu, and sometimes have long lines, but move efficiently so there is not a long wait time. Enjoy the fresh seafood, wonderful atmosphere, and efficient service while filling your belly with only the most decadent tastes that Ping’s Seafood has to offer.

You can visit them to grab some Dim Sum at 22 Mott Street. If you would like to know more about their restaurant or menu then you can give them a call at 212-602-9988. They accept credit cards, and have a pleasant all around atmosphere to make you feel at ease.


Chinese New Year

This celebration is one of the biggest in Chinatown. Why? This is one of the largest celebrated holidays in the Chinese culture. They still celebrate it in their Chinatown with guests and travelers who would like to join in the excitement as well. There is a big street fair that offers lion dancers, dragon dancers, martial arts demonstrations, food, games, merchandise, and cultural activities all day long. On top of the fair, there is also the parade with many volunteers that participate in it. In Chinese tradition, each New Year is calculated by the moons. This is where the Chinese New Year celebrations come in.

Chinese New Year Festival – New York

The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival

This is a multicultural event that is fun for all ages with various games, crafts, shopping vendors, and shows. Start your day at the festival off with some Chinese cultural music in the streets while shopping for groceries, gifts, or goods at the market on the streets. Watch dancing acts and percussion groups perform in the Opening Ceremonies for the day in brightly colored clothing and brilliant sounds on a large stage centered in the street. Not only are there local bands and dance groups but professional artists also show up for the singing, dancing, and fun for the day. Learn a little when it comes to Shaolin Kung Fu when the martial arts professionals put on a show to showcase their talents. If you would like to explore the festival more, you can find things to do at the Arts & Crafts Tents throughout the streets, or bring the children over to the Balloon Man for some crafted balloons or face paintings. Eat at the restaurants throughout Chinatown to sample some of the Chinese culture that Chinatown in NY has to offer during the festival. There are over 1,000 participants, groups, and bands participating in this festival for Chinatown. Check out the kiosk conveniently located in Chinatown to find out where establishments are located throughout Chinatown so you do not miss a thing!

The festival runs through Saturday August 7 to Sunday August 8 normally each year. The dates may change due to weather or other hazards that come about. The hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. or later. You can visit this festival at Meadows Lake in Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens, NY. It is free admission for anyone who would like to partake in the excitement.

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