The Most Spectacular Mavic Pro Crashes

Watching other people crash their Mavic Pro drones on Youtube has become a bit of a hobby of mine!

It is fun to watch, and it teaches me what NOT to do with my Mavic so that I don't crash it.


Flying a drone is easy. But so is crashing it, and that is why you should learn learn learn. And watch as many videos as you can.

Especially if you are a beginner like me.

The biggest causes of Mavic Pro drone crashes I have seen are:

  • Running out of battery (usually due to flying downwind first and into the wind on the way back).
  • Loss of control of the drone after take-off
  • Using Active Track around trees
  • Being attacked by birds!
  • Trying to fly indoors with no room to move around

It is actually quite hard to crash your Mavic pro if you take it step by step and learn the ropes each time you fly.

For me, I started out just learning:​

  • Take-off and landing
  • The various controls on the drone
  • All the flight modes on the Mavic
  • What all the symbols and settings are
  • What to do when there is a problem

Off course there is tonnes more to learn, but if you take it easy at first until you are comfortable you will not crash and lose your $1000 investment.

The Best Mavic Pro Crashes​

Having said ​all that, let's get to the best part and see some of the best Youtube Mavic Pro crashes I have seen!

Mavic Pro - Flock of Birds Attack (2:40)

Mavic Pro - Active Track In Forest (2:30)

Mavic Pro - Propeller Failure at 364 Feet (0:30)

Mavic Pro - Brand New - Indoor Crash

Mavic Pro - Tree Then Water Crash

Mavic Pro - Simple Branch Crash & Recovery (3:20)

Mavic Pro - Crash Compilation