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Raden vs Away: Which Suitcase is A Better Buy?

If you are looking for some smart luggage for your next trip, then Raden and Away are WERE both good choices.


So, you can still compare how these two suitcases line up, but in the end, you will have to go with AWAY because Raden went out of business!



Raden A22


Raden A28 Checked

Away 21.7″


Away 26″


  Away Luggage Carryon Away Luggage Medium
Dimensions (in)


22″ x 14″ x 9″ 28″ x 21″ x 13″ 21.7” x 13.7” x 9”

38 L

26” x 18.5” x 11”


Weights (lb) 8.4 lb 13 lb 7 lb 8.5 lb

Outside Material

Polycarbonate Polycarbonate Polycarbonate Polycarbonate

Spinner Wheels

Japanese Hinomoto Japanese Hinomoto Japanese Hinomoto Japanese Hinomoto
Power Bank

(for charging)

7800 mAh 7800 mAh 10,000 mAh None
Luggage Tracking Built-in bluetooth Built-in bluetooth Optional bluetooth Optional bluetooth
Self-weighing Yes (via App) Yes (via App) No No
TSA Lock Yes Yes Yes Yes
Laundry Bag Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Cell Cell    

Away vs Raden Comparison

Both these suitcase companies produce a quality “smart” suitcase but there are some trade-offs that should be mentioned.

Smart Features

Although both include smart features they do differ a little in what they offer.

All Raden cases include:

  • Built-in 780 mAh powerbank for charging any USB devices
  • Built-in scale that can weigh the case via the Raden app
  • Bluetooth locator (up to 100ft / 30m) or via crowdsourced GPS

Raden Weighing App

Raden Weighing App

In comparison, the only Awaycarry-ons have:

Note: if you are really concerned about losing your luggage you can also buy a great GPS tracker like LugLoc. I have a full review here.

Away Tile Locator

Away Tile Locator

So, in that area, Raden definitely wins the smart luggage battle. But of course, it depends on what is important to you.

After all, buying a luggage scale is not that expensive and they can fit in your luggage quite easily!

Standard Luggage Features

There is not a lot separating these two cases in terms of features, so instead of boring you with details on case features you are already familiar with, I am just going to highlight the main areas and differences.

The standard shared features:

  • Clamshell two part packing design to easily separate your luggage (one part zippered, the other with compression straps)
  • Strong exterior shell in a lot of different colors
  • Built-in TSA combination lock (saves you having a lock and losing it to the TSA)
  • High quality Japanese spinner wheels for easy manoeuvring
  • USB charging ports below the telescopic handle
  • Dirty laundry bag to help separate out your clothes

Issues Worth Noting

The biggest issue with the Raden that I have read in Amazon reviews is that the outside shiny surface is very prone to scratching. Compared to the Away, which has a ribbed and rougher surface which seems to endure the handling of airports better according to people who have had them a while.

There is a matte color option with the Raden which should help reduce the worn look for sure, but overall the Away will look better for longer for sure.

In terms of style though, the away is more of a sturdy and less stylish-looking case. So it is a bit of a compromise!


Batteries might also have to be removed when checking in luggage or during a scan. In some countries and airlines they are very paranoid about Lithium ion batteries as they have a tendency to be unstable. It is very rare, but it has happened. Therefore airlines tend to prefer they are in your carry on in case something happens.

Both of these cases have the option to remove the battery from the case from within the lining. The Away seems a little more complicated to do. But, it is only in the carry-on versions.


Honestly, the Bluetooth tracking both these cases use is not that amazing, but it will tell you if it detects your case nearby. It is not a theft-proof system and it won’t replace a more robust solution like the LugLoc which uses GSM towers to locate your luggage (and Bluetooth when it is nearby). But, it is certainly a good start!

Which Suitcase To Choose?

Both these cases are decent options for a piece of smart luggage but it always comes down to your needs.

Let me quick give you a few easy choices:

Price: If price is your number one decider, the Away is cheaper as they cut out the middle man (you are looking at about 25% less in most cases – with no discounts)

Weight:The Away is also lighter probably because it includes less technology. The carry on is nearly 1.5 lb lighter!

Durability and Packing: There is really not much difference in the packing space and options for these cases. They are both use clamshell / two sided packing with a zippered upper section. They also both come with laundry bags too. The sizes they offer differ a little with the Raden coming in a 28″ while the Away has both a 26 and 29″ if you need more space.

Smart Case Features: This is what the Raden series is all about. So they win hands down here. With USB charging, a built-in scale and tracker, there is not much more you can currently offer in terms of smart luggage.

In the end, it comes down to whether you want the smart features over a cheaper lightweight piece of luggage. At least that is how it looks to me :>

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