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Airline Fees - The Complete List (Bags, Seats, Food and More)
Airline Fees - The Complete List (Bags, Seats, Food and More)


20 Things to do in St. Gallen
Most visitors to Switzerland have not heard of St Gallen, or pay it little attention (yes, Zurich & Geneva are[...]
20 Things to do in Zermatt
Beyond the big cities of Geneva and Zurich is a popular town at the foot of one of Europe's highest[...]
Made in Switzerland: The Best and Most Recognized Swiss Products
If you think about Switzerland, you immediately think about chocolates and cheese. While these are definitely some top-notch products you[...]
7 Epic Roads to Drive in Switzerland (Views To Die For)
Switzerland is a prime destination for nature-tripping, outdoor adventures, dining, shopping and loads of culture. But as a country built[...]
20 Things to do in Lausanne
There are many underrated cities in Switzerland and of them is Lausanne. Normally overshadowed by the more popular Zurich, Geneva,[...]
20 Things to do in Basel
The northwestern city of Basel is a fascinating place. It sits close to the borders of France and Germany, making the city[...]
Best Dog Sledding Tours in Switzerland
The snowy paradise of Switzerland is home to magical adventures all year round. The snow-capped peaks are always alive with[...]
Enjoy Some Ice Skating In Zurich This Winter
When the leaves start to fall from the trees and the temperatures drop towards freezing our minds turn to winter[...]
Best Waterfalls in Switzerland
Switzerland has some of the highest mountain peaks in the world, an abundance of snow, and is dotted with lakes[...]
Glamping in Switzerland
So you want to sleep under the stars, high up in the mountains or right by the clear lakes. Getting[...]