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Top Things To Do In Prague – Some Are Unforgettable

Prague is one of the most beautiful European cities and it deserves a lot more attention than it gets. With lots of buildings that are several centuries old and fascinating examples of Gothic and Baroque architecture wherever you look, it doesn’t disappoint anyone.

Prague is also known for its quirky museums, wild nightlife and great beer culture. The Czech Republic exports quite a lot of beer to the rest of Europe, and there’s certainly no shortage of pubs or breweries in Prague. But where do you go and what do you see?

That’s where we come in! Our detailed guide covers all the best things to do in Prague on both banks of Vltava and it will help you create your perfect Prague itinerary!

Free Walking Tour

Prague Tour

Prague is one of the many cities in the world that offer free walking tours for tourists. You can book a tour of the city without paying anything beforehand , but you are expected to tip your guide at the end of the tour.

Free walking tours are a great way to get acquainted with new cities. Your guide is usually a friendly local who knows all the best spots to take you, from the most popular tourist attractions to some unique sights that aren’t exactly widely advertised online.

Now, Prague is quite a big city so you can’t just get a free walking tour that takes you everywhere. You can actually choose from five different types of tours, depending on which part of the city you’re most interested in seeing. On your first day, I would highly recommend a tour of Prague Old Town and Jewish Quarter, since it has the most interesting sights for first time visitors.

Other free walking tours include trips to the Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, which I would also highly recommend. You can also go see Prague New Town, or even skip all of that and head to Žižkov if you want to see the places that are the most popular with locals. There’s lots of different options, and no matter which one you end up going with, there’s no doubt you will get to enjoy some wonderful sights in Czechia’s capital city.

Visit The Gallery of Steel Figures

If you like seeing unique stuff, the Gallery of Steel Figures should be at the top of your Prague itinerary. This interactive exhibit in the heart of Prague’s Old Town, and it features an entrance fee of around 10 Euros. And trust me, it’s worth every single penny.

The exhibit includes steel figures of superheroes, cars, Disney characters and lots more. And even though they’re all made from steel and they’re usually not colored, they look absolutely amazing. There’s everything from R2D2 to Shrek, Spiderman and even Chewbacca! There are even steel Minions, and I’d rate them as my absolute favorite exhibits of them all! The level of detail in all the exhibits is breathtaking, and it just makes you think how many hours went into the making of each figure.

And the best thing about this gallery is that most of the exhibits are interactive. You can snap a photo with Spiderman and you can pose inside a steel supercar! This is a great place for the entire family, since kids are bound to enjoy this visit – probably even more than you.  

Admire The Gothic Architecture

Prague Architecture

One of the first things you will notice when you’re walking around Prague is the abundance of Gothic buildings. Especially churches – nearly all of them are dark with clock towers that stand tall above the red rooftops of the smaller buildings.

Whether or not you’re a fan of the aesthetic of Gothic architecture, you can’t deny that there’s something impressive about all the detail in the buildings. Prague’s oldest Gothic building is the Convent of Saint Agnes in the old town, so you simply can’t miss it. It was built way back in early 13th century, and it’s an excellent example of Early Gothic Architecture.

Another great example of this architectural style is the Old New Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter. It is the oldest synagogue that’s still active in Europe, and one of the oldest twin-nave synagogues on the continent.

Try Some Of The Best Beers In The World

Prague Beer

You wouldn’t go to Italy and not eat pasta or skip out on bratwurst in Germany. That’s why you must try some of Czechia’s best beers when you’re in Prague – they’re delicious out of a can, so just imagine how great they taste when you can get them directly from the source.

One great way to taste some awesome Czech beers is to go on a walking brewery tour of Prague. Experienced guides will take you directly to the sources of the city’s best beers and you will have heaps of fun. Tour activities include visits to local breweries and unique pubs, as well as a chance to bottle your own beer!

Just a small piece of advice – if you book the tour earlier in the day, make sure to have a good breakfast first. It’s an awesome excuse to do some day drinking, but that’s never a good idea on an empty stomach.

Additionally, Prague is home to several beer museums where you can see more sorts of beer than you can count. These are a great opportunity to try some unique beers that you wouldn’t even know existed otherwise.

Cruise The Vltava

Prague Cruise

Going on a quick cruise on Vltava is a great way to soak in some stunning sights. Prague’s largest river divides the city, and cruising it allows you to admire both banks at the same time. You will get some wonderful sight of the ancient castle on one side and you can enjoy views of the city center on the other side while you’re casually cruising down the river and passing underneath the bridges.

There’s a variety of cruise companies in Prague that offer anything from a simple seat for your to admire the views, to themed party nights on the river. If you’re in it for sightseeing, I’d recommend just a basic cruise during the day – the views on both banks of Vltava are astonishing from the water, and you can get some amazing photos.

But if you want to have some proper fun, look into cruise ships that have a casino on board. That’s definitely an interesting way to spend the night, especially if you go during cigar or whisky night!

Go On A Day Trip

Karlovy Vary

Prague is the perfect base for people who want to explore more of the Czech Republic. The country offers some truly mesmerizing sights, and they’re all just a couple hours away from its capital city. A day trip or two is a must if you’re spending more than three or four days in Prague!

Head to Karlovy Vary to see some natural springs and bathe in healing waters. Or travel to Cesky Krumlov to admire even more stunning Gothic architecture. A trip to Kutna Hora is perfect for lovers of the weird as the town boasts a chapel that is adorned with human bones in its entirety.

The best part is that all these places are just some two hours away from Prague. If you hit the road early in the morning, you can see all the best attractions and be back in your apartments just in time for another night out!

See The Prague Castle

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is a 9th-century castle complex in the city’s Hradčany neighborhood. The complex occupies more than 70,000 square meters, which makes it the largest ancient castle in the world. It’s truly an impressive sight, so it makes sense that it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city with nearly two million tourist visits each year.

For centuries, the Prague Castle was the seat of emperors and presidents. Even today’s president of Czechia resides in the castle, so expect there to be a lot of security on the grounds. The castle is also home to Bohemian Crown Jewels, but it is unlikely you will get an opportunity to see them. The jewels are displayed rarely (approximately once every five years) for short periods of time, and people queue for hours just to get a glimpse of the priceless jewels.

But just because you can’t see the crown jewels doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some enchanting sights. A walk along the castle walls will reward you with some of the best views of Prague’s red rooftops and tall towers.  

If you do make it to the Prague Castle, don’t miss out on the St. Vitus Cathedral. The city’s most iconic Gothic church is the resting place of many saints, and it is even home to one of the most extensive church treasuries in Europe.

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KGB Museum

I’m just going to quickly mention this one – if you’re heading to the left bank of Vltava to see the Prague Castle and the Lennon Wall, you should know that there’s also a KGB Museum nearby. If you’re at all fascinated by the Soviet secret police, this museum is an absolute must.

It’s a small museum with a bunch of KGB artefacts, including different devices used in “interrogation techniques” (read torture) and spy weapons. And of course, you can’t have Slavic weapons without an AK-47 – you can even pose with one, with a bunch of Lenin photos in the background. The KGB Museum is just a few minutes away from the Prague Castle, and it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.

See The Prague Astronomical Clock (Orloj)

Prague Orloj

The Astronomical Clock in Prague was originally installed in 1410, which made it the third oldest such clock in the world. Nowadays it is the oldest astronomical clock that is still working, which makes it a fascinating sight. There’s a folk legend surrounding the Orloj, which states that Prague will suffer if the clock is neglected – this would explain why the clock is still such in excellent condition and the oldest of its kind that still works perfectly!

The 600-year old clock is located on the façade of the city hall right in the heart of Prague Old Town, in the middle of the city’s largest square. It’s a sight you can’t miss even if you tried, so just pay attention to your surroundings when you’re walking around Prague’s historic center.

It’s worth noting that the area near the Orloj – and the entire Old Town Square for that matter – tends to be really crowded. If you want this place all to yourself when you’re visiting, it’s best to go early in the morning to avoid the large crowds.

Party All Night

Prague is known for its amazing nightlife, and if you’re into partying it’s a great city for you. With an abundance of unique dance clubs and pubs, there’s something for everyone’s tastes. You can dance the night way in club spanning over three floors, with so many different DJs and music genres you’ll be blown away. Or you can party in a club located in an old church, if you want to experience something really different.

Prague also boasts an Ice Pub where drinks are served in cubes of ice and there’s an actual ice throne. It’s an awesome experience for people who don’t mind the cold, but it’s still important that you dress really warm since it’s ice cold inside the pub!

And it just gets better. That ice pub is right next to a bar where drinks are served by actual robots! You order a drink on a tablet and a robotic arm will prepare it for you – it’s crazy! This bar even has balloons that are filled with an alcohol mist you’re supposed to inhale – pretty cool if you’re looking to get hammered without the calories!

See The Dancing House

Dancing House

The Dancing House is probably the most polarizing building in the city. While some people admire its unique design, others think it is completely out of place as it does not blend in with the Gothic and Baroque architecture of the rest of the city. It obviously stands out from the classic architecture of Prague, and that has actually turned it into a landmark building! It’s a must-see in Prague and reason enough to make your way to the New Town area of the city.

Whether you personally like the building or not, you can’t deny that it’s certainly interesting. It was originally named Fred and Ginger after Fred Astaire and Ginger Roberts because the building is thought to resemble a pair of dancers.

While the exterior of this quirky building is certainly fascinating, its interior is even more appealing. It features a restaurant on the top floor, which offers some delicious European food with a side of spectacular Prague views. It’s an expensive restaurant though so unless you have a pretty big budget for food you might want to skip the fancy dinner.

Enjoy A Medieval Dinner

What would you say to a five-course dinner with unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks in a medieval setting? I’d say it sounds like an amazing night, and perhaps a free ticket to the inside of an emergency room in Prague!

Prague has a couple of medieval taverns, but the one I have in mind is in the heart of the old town, close to all the public transport. It boasts ancient chandeliers, candle wax everywhere and more candles than you ever thought you’d see in the same place.

The best part of this experience is that you will be entertained during your dinner. There’s a variety of entertainers, ranging from swordsmen, belly dancers and even fire dancers. If memory serves me well, when I originally visited the medieval tavern there was even a belly dancer casually walking around with a massive snake and you could take a photo with her!

This amazing experience is only about $50 per person. It’s cheaper if you opt for a three-course meal, but it’s worth every penny nonetheless. And you can easily get more than your money’s worth if you take them up on their unlimited beer policy!

Snap A Photo In Front Of The Lennon Wall

Lennon Wall

Prague might be thousands of miles away from the birthplace of the Beatles, but the city still features an amazing tribute to one of the most iconic bands ever. 

Go for a walk from Prague’s historic center over the Charles Bridge towards the Lennon Wall. The walk itself will be a spectacular experience, with stunning views of the city and wide Vltava along the way.

The Lennon Wall gets its name from the abundance of Beatles’ inspired graffiti, but it’s not just about the band. The graffiti often includes anti-political statements, and there’s always at least one image of John Lennon painted on the wall.

There’s also a John Lennon pub pretty close to the iconic wall. With a red telephone booth, images of the Beatles and staple British snacks and cocktails, it’s certainly a unique spot in Prague.   

Stop By The Sex Machines Museum

Prague is known for lots of quirky and weird attractions and the Sex Machines Museum is one of those. It’s one of the most popular museums in the city, and it showcases all sorts of sex toys that were invented over the past few centuries. It’s certainly an interesting museum that’s super fun to visit, but it’s only for adult travelers!

You’re bound to have lots of laughs here since some of the exhibits are simply ridiculous. The entrance fee is some 10 Euros per person, which isn’t too bad. I wouldn’t consider this museum a must, but if you’ve already seen all the other attractions, it’s definitely a fun way to kill an hour or two in rainy weather.

Be sure to also check out some of the best day trips from Prague while you are there!

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