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Glamping in Switzerland

So you want to sleep under the stars, high up in the mountains, or right by the clear lakes. Getting as close as you can get to nature is extremely tempting when you’re in Switzerland, but sliding into a thin sleeping bag and doing your business in the bushes may not be your cup of tea. Fortunately, you’re definitely not alone.

Glamping (glamorous camping) has become such a popular trend all over the world, and for good reason. It makes you feel one with nature without having to give up too much of your creature comforts.

Switzerland definitely is one of the best countries to go glamping. The endless views of Alpine peaks make the experience worth it, whichever spot you choose to spend the night in. If you’re keen on yet another once-in-a-lifetime experience for your trip to Switzerland, check out some of the best spots and organizers to set up your trip.


Glamping in Switzerland

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AirBnB is a treasure trove of some of the most unique accommodations you can find anywhere. Unsurprisingly, there are some really cool glamping accommodations you can find in Switzerland through AirBnB.

Most of the homes for rent are yurts: a round tent traditionally used by nomads, but now commonly used for glamping because of the spacious interior.

You can check into a Yurt in Grindelwald at the foot of the Eiger, one directly on the shore of Lake Constance, of a fantastic Yurt in a vineyard in Lucerne with a breathtaking view of Mount Pilatus.

These accommodations differ in facilities, amenities, and services available, so just take a look at which yurt will best suit your needs. has glamping sites all over the world, with two in Switzerland. They take glamping to a completely different level; no yurts, no flapping pop-up tents. They bring you right to the heart of nature and make sure you do it in style.

The first site is called La Pinte du Vieux Manoir in the Canton of Fribourg. There are only two types of accommodations available. One is the typically luxurious Private Lake House that sleeps up to 6 people.

The more unique experience, however, is the Glass Diamond Treehouse. Its 27 square meters of space is surrounded by glass panels for a 360-degree panoramic view. On one side you’ll be gazing at Lake Murten, and the other the lush green forestry.

Situated right at the lakeshore, the treehouse is equipped with all your modern luxuries, fresh breakfast, and even a sauna. There’s an on-site restaurant for your meals after you go swimming or boating on Lake Murten.

Price: $1,010 per night

A view of Lake Murten. Photo credit: rouilleralain via / CC BY-SA

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The second site is in beautiful and upscale Valais. Whitepod has domes, pods, and cubes to give guests a novel approach to scaling Alpine peaks. Each accommodation is pitched on wooden platforms to feel the cool mountain air and have unparalleled views of the surrounding Alpine scenery.

The domes are covered by special material to protect guests from the cold and the snow. The decors in each pod are inspired by traditional decors and materials from around the region. The domes can fit up to 4 people.

The facilities in the domes are a bit more bare and basic, but no less luxurious and comfortable. In the common areas, there are onsite bars and restaurants and free WiFi.

Price: $452 per night

The Whitepods in Les Cerniers

The Whitepods in Les Cerniers.

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Featherdown has several glamping spots all over Europe. The one they have in Switzerland is located in Valais specifically in Lötschental.

The Wallis Collection is situated in the Village of Blatten, a small hamlet with 14 inhabitants, located about 90 kilometers from Bern.

Within a thriving farm filled with sheep and cows, you’ll be staying in the Canvas Frills Lodge with Separate Showers. It’s a large two-bedroom “tent” complete with kitchen, living and dining room, and en-suite bathroom. The 52 square meters of living space is protected by thick protective canvas.

This animal-friendly experience up in the mountains is a good break from the rigors of daily life. You can even have your pets come along and mingle with the farm animals. From your spot, there are also several mountain trails you can trek or cycle through.

Price: $400-$950 (depending on the length of stay and season)

Pastures and trails in Lotschental. Photo credit: rouilleralain via / CC BY-SA

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The Mongolian Yurts at Rochers de Naye have one of the best locations at over 2,000 meters in the air. Accessible via scenic cog ride from Monrtreux, these 7 yurts give guests some of the best views when it comes to glamping.

Each traditional yurt can sleep up to 8 people. The yurts are open all year round and are fully insulated. It’s decked out with traditional Mongol furnishings but complete with modern creature comforts.

It’s open all year round with fantastic views of Lake Geneva. You can also go through relatively easy trails and walking paths surrounding the village.

The only way to book these yurts is through either online or via call.

Price: $300 per night

Room with a view at Rochers de Naye. Photo credit: clare_and_ben via / CC BY-NC-ND

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Sometimes, people don’t think much about accommodations especially if you’ll just be “sleeping in it”. Glamping is the perfect way to make even just “sleeping in it” a great part of the adventure. These aren’t cheaper alternatives in any way, but glamping in Switzerland definitely makes any trip instantly unique and memorable.

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