Last Updated: April 15, 2021

About Us

Hey there!

Nice to see you here. I guess you are wondering a little bit about us, Roger & Anna, your fellow world travelers and hosts here at Expert World Travel!

And, luckily for us, we currently live in the North of stunning Switzerland, which enables us to get around Europe easily, and often. So weekend trips are also a fun thing to do! And we also know Switzerland like the back of our hands. Just check out out one week guide to Switzerland or our section on the various parts of the country, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, it is probably too much information :>

On this site you can expect to see us talking about all things travel. A lot about Switzerland as I already mentioned, but also other countries we have been to. We also talk a lot about gear, as I go through a lot of it (buying, breaking, trying). But also about tips and tricks and destinations.

I have also recently bought a lot of new camera and drones (to take great travel photos), so that is something I am a little obsessed about. 

If you have a specific request or question, don’t be shy. Pop on over to my contact page and send us a message!

We would absolutely love to hear from you.

See you somewhere around the world

Roger & Anna Timbrook

About the Author Roger Timbrook

Roger is a little obsessed with travel. He has been to over 40 countries, broken 3 suitcases and owned over 10 backpacks in 12 months. What he doesn't know about travel, ain't worth knowing!

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