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Delsey Chatelet Hardside Luggage Review – A Case With Style

Delsey Chatelet  (Brown)

Delsey Chatelet (Brown)

If you are looking for a bit more class and quality in a suitcase for your next trip, the Delsey Chatelet might be just for you.

With over a 70 years of experience, this French brand knows how to make great suitcases. I am personally on my second set of Delsey's and they easily rival top-end brands like Samsonite.

Where the Chatelet shines most is in it's unique stylish design, top-end features and attention to detail.

Below is a more detailed review of all the features of this case, but here are the most notable ones in short:

  • Stylish white and brown exteriors with faux leather accents
  • Polycarbonate hard case flexible and strong
  • Luxurious interior lining with zippable closed sections on both sides (the only case I have seen this on)
  • 4 sets of high-end silent Japanese Hinomoto spinner wheels
  • Stop-and-go braking system to make rolling/stopping your case a cinch
  • Built-in recessed TSA Code lock (no more lost keys or broken locks)
  • Expandable case using zippered expander (in case you over pack)


  • 21 inch: 20.3 x 14.3 x 9.5 at 9.3 pounds
  • 24 inch: 24 X 16.5 X 11 at 10.8 pounds
  • 28 inch: 12.5 x 27.5 x 20 inches at 12.6 pounds
  • 2 Colors: Champagne or Chocolate
  • Bayer 100% Virgin Makrolon polycarbonate exterior
  • Polyester soft-touch interior
  • 10 Year Worldwide Warranty

Delsey Chatelet Feature Overview Video

Inside The Suitcase - Organizing Your Clothes

Delsey Chatelet Clamshell Design

Delsey Chatelet Clamshell Design

If you have never used a hardcase with a clamshell design before, you are going to love the Chatelet. The case splits in two so you can lay it down and pack across the halves.

Why is this so handy? It allows you to more easily pack your clothes, find what you are looking for and also keep everything organised.

Most manufacturers just give you one zippered closure (on what is usually the top) and leave the bottom open (with some elastic compression straps).

Delsey has taken their design to the next level and given you two zippered enclosed sides to this case along with some useful zippered pockets on the outside of the closed panel. There is also a full length zippered pocket for all your small items (like jewelry) as well as some extra cloth bags to organise or maybe store your dirty laundry.

So, instead of one side getting all messed up when you close the case, you can now travel with peace of mind knowing your clothes are secured and you won't find a mess when you arrive and open your case.

If you take a look at the image of the inside, you will also notice the materials are very luxurious and stylishly designed, instead of that bare black or gray you find on most cases. That is what this line of cases is all about - style!

Spinner Wheels & Braking System

Delsey Chatelet Brake

Delsey Chatelet Brake

Delsey have used top quality materials on this case and the Japanese Hinomoto spinner wheels are just the beginning.

People love how easily this case glides around the airport as you head to check in. And, the easy to click brake system is a life saver for when you have to rest your case somewhere (especially when it is on a hill - I nearly lost one to traffic once, so this feature is amazing.)

Top quality wheels are great, but the brake is what makes this case stand out even more. All you need to do is push it down to lock the front two wheels, and push again to quickly release it. Easy as pie!

Also, I have actually not seen such a handy feature before,  even on the Samsonite cases, which are usually even more expensive.

Stylish and Strong Materials

Delsey Chatelet Handle

Delsey Chatelet Handle

The focus of this case is style. And the champagne or chocolate colors with faux leather accenting certainly makes a classy statement as you saunter up to the check-in desk (while most people push their soft black stained cases that have seen better days :>).

Delsey have certainly done their best to help you stand out, and being a Paris-based brand certainly helps. But they have not stopped with looks, they have also used top quality materials for the case itself. It is made from impact resistant virgin polycarbonate, designed to last despite what the modern baggage handler does to your case!

Delsey Chatelet Polycarbonate Material

Delsey Chatelet Polycarbonate Material

And what I really love about these Polycarbonate cases with the diamond pattern is that they hide scratches quite well. Sure, your case will not look brand new forever. And a few trips away will put marks and scratches on it. But my Delsey's still looking pretty darn good despite having been on quite a few planes already (9 flights in Australia last month certainly put them to the test).

TSA Lock

Delsey Chatelet TSA Lock

Delsey Chatelet TSA Lock

These days you absolutely have to have a TSA approved lock on your case.

And the easy to use combination lock on the Chatelet certainly ticks that box.

A few years ago I picked my case up in the US (not knowing about TSA policies as an Australian) and found my lock cut and taped to my case with a note explaining why. I have never traveled without a TSA lock since.

But on this case you just don't have to worry about it. Zip your case closed, push the zippered into the slots and you are good to go.

The Verdict

The Delsey Chatelet hard cases are for anyone who likes to travel in style. Delsey have created a case that really stands out with many owners commenting on how they are often stopped at airports and asked where they got the case.

But the real winner here is that the Chatelet cases also include top quality materials and features (wheels, brake, tsa lock, zippered enclosures) that you will not find on almost any other case on the market. 

If this sounds like the kind of case that fits your traveling style then you should definitely check them out. Even compare them to other hard cases like the 4 I reviewed in the Delsey vs Samsonite post and you will see how great these are.

Below is a button that will take you to the Chatelet's on Amazon where you can compare prices and read the reviews.

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