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Best Jewelry Organizer For Travel – No More Mess

Every traveler intends to pack light and leave the fluff behind, but let's face it - there are just some things you can't let go. There's something about capturing the perfect #OOTD with a stunning backdrop. As much as many of us hate to admit it, there's a lot of planning involved when it comes to packing up the perfect wardrobe for the perfect memory. That means not only clothes, but also the smallest yet most complicated items to pack - jewelry.

It is nothing short of a nightmare to pull out chains and ribbons in a tangled up mess. And then you spend more time figuring out how to take them apart than actually wearing them. Or finishing up your look only to find just one earring in your pouch and the other sucked into the black hole of your luggage. (Just ask my girlfriend last time we went on a long trip! It was a nightmare.)

If you've been traveling a while, you should know by now how much space and convenience travel organizers bring. If you're only beginning to travel, trust me when I say you better sort out your stuff with an organizer.

Jewelry organizers are nifty little things that don't take up much space. They do, however, save you a lot of time fishing out the smallest of accessories from the corners of your bag. They also protects your jewelry, whether they're made of precious gems or simple resin. This way, you spend more time flaunting your style than wondering why you didn't get a jewelry organizer in the first place.

There's definitely a ton of designs out there, but here are some of the best one I've found with the most space and the best utility.

Tidybagz makes all sorts of home and luggage organizers. All their products are meant to be compact, roomy, and filled with pockets so you can maximize your space.

The Jewelry Roll Bag has zippered compartments in various sizes to organize different kinds of accessories. It is made of durable material to protect watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces or any type of jewelry or important small items. The clear compartments also help you pick out your accessory of choice very easily.

Best Jewelry Organizer
Aeropress Portable Coffee Maker Bag

The Jewelry Roll Bag also has a handy hook, so you can hang it over the bathroom counter or inside the closet easily. It rolls up and closes with a ribbon tie.

Since it's a roll-up type, there are no bulky zippers or enclosures, making this product as compact as it can be. Of course, if you end up stuffing it with watches and chunky jewelry, you'll be sacrificing a lot of space.

Despite the different compartments, the space is still a bit limited. You'll be fine carrying this along with simple and small accessories, but chunky jewelry, funky watches, or pointy earings may not have space in this organizer.

And since there is no partition or "lock" for necklaces, there still might be a little bit of tangling. Just make sure to pack it neatly and you may limit the knots that will form with the chains.

Product Information

  • Space: 7 zippered pockets: 2 large, 2 medium and 3 small compartments
  • Enclosure: Ties with strong ribbon when folded
  • Available colors: Black exterior with turquoise lining


  • Light and compact
  • Clear partitions for a quick look at your items
  • Several compartments for different kinds of accessories


  • Limited space for chunky accessories
  • Only one color available
  • No locks for necklaces and long chains

Wodison makes different kinds of jewelry cases and travel organizers, but one their best loved products is this nifty case.

The Wodison Zipper Carry-on Travel Jewelry Case Organizer is a jewelry fiend's dream. It has much-needed six snaps for hanging necklaces and prevent the dreaded tangling. At the bottom of the snap is a pocket where you can tuck in the pendants. 

There are two removable straps on the opposite. One strap can hold 12 pairs of earrings, while the other holds as many rings as you can slip on it. On the same side are two zipper pockets for bangles or bracelets, plus an additional removable pouch for bigger pieces.

Handpresso Espresso Travel Coffee Maker
Handpresso Espresso Travel Coffee Maker

The entire case zips up to a size of 6.5 x 9.44 inches. While it may still be compact, this is more suitable in carry-ons than in a purse. If you're a light packer, this will take up a bit more space than you're used to. There is also an outer pocket for you to store more items if you want.

The exterior material is made of nylon, making it very lightweight. The interior is lined with velvet material.

Product Information

  • Space: 6 necklace snaps with pendant pocket, 1 removable earring snap, 1 removable ring snap, 2 zippered internal compartments, 1 removable pouch, 1 zippered external pocket
  • Enclosure: Zipper
  • Available colors: Black nylon exterior, velvet lining


  • Snaps to keep necklaces from detangling
  • Snaps to keep earrings and rings in place
  • Lots of pockets for other accessories
  • Bonus removable pouch for chunky pieces


  • Too big and bulky to be carried in the purse
  • No other color selection

Staresso Coffee Maker

The Bundle Monster jewelry case is unique in design in that it opens up to resemble your regular jewelry stands at home.

The product's full name is a mouthful, so if you're keen on finding more about this case on your own, take this down carefully: Bundle Monster 3 Tier Compartment Mini Velvet Travel Roll Up Jewelry Box Case Organizer Holder with Snap Closure.

As the name suggests, this case has three compartments, all lined with silk. One compartment has foam to hold rings and earrings, while the two compartments are empty spaces for you to place in whatever knick knacks you have. 

It opens up to make a stand where all three compartments are spread out so you can peek in easily into the case. It's 5 inches high and 3 inches in diameter, and is secured with a snap closure.

One great thing about this case is it comes in four colors: Darkest Black, Ultra Pink, Deep Violet, and Scarlet Red.

However, because of its structure, it's not as compact and flexible as other cases made of plastic. The space is pretty much fixed, so you'll need another case or pouch for chunkier pieces. This also means that you can't really squeeze this into your carry-on or purse - the structure pretty much holds up its cylindrical shape, which at least means it can be quite sturdy.

Product Information

  • Space: 1 ring/earring compartment with foam dividers, 2 empty compartments
  • Enclosure: Snap closure
  • Available colors: Darkest Black, Ultra Pink, Deep Violet, and Scarlet Red. Satin lining


  • Opens up to resemble jewelry stand
  • Relatively small size
  • Different colors available


  • Not flexible, so space can be limited
  • No snaps or locks for necklaces and chains
  • Cannot be squeezed into carry-ons because of structure

Mele & Co. is a small company that specializes in jewelry boxes and cases. Their boxes come in different styles, sizes, colors, and materials, and their prices may come on the more expensive size.

A crowd favorite is their Dana Travel Jewelry Case in Faux Leather, which can be found for as low as $20 on Amazon

The Faux Leather exterior material makes this case look more luxurious than it really is. It opens up to reveal a mirror, which is something that will always come in handy. The mirror also serves as a divider. You can keep the removable pouch on top, while the rest of your smaller jewelry can go into the ring/earring holders and four more compartments inside.

Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel Press

It closes to a compact 5 by 2 inches, secured with a heart zipper handle for extra sass. The case is pretty compact that can be slipped into your purse or carry-on. Because of its material, the space for your jewelry is pretty much fixed, and it can only hold so much. The lack of snaps for necklaces also means possible knots, but the small compartments and the mirror divider can help minimize that.

The dividers aren't too secured, and will move if too much pressure is put against it. While the removable pouch can be more flexible and is definitely useful, you might need a separate case for watches and bigger pieces.

Product Information

  • Space: Removable pouch, free space above mirror divider, foam dividers for rings and earrings, and four compartments
  • Enclosure: Zipper
  • Available colors: Ivory and Black


  • Mirror is a definite plus
  • Removable pouch for irregularly shaped or chunky pieces
  • Compact compartments for minimal knotting of chains and necklaces
  • Compact and sleek design


  • Dividers not well-secured and may move with pressure
  • Case not flexible, so space may be limited

Vlando is a small office and jewelry storage brand made especially for women.

The Vlando Tassel jewelry case is a pretty and compact case with many compartments and well thought-of pockets.

A small mirror is situated on the inside of the lid, with a small gartered pocket for random items. In the main case, there are two narrow compartments for small accessories, but the divider can be removed to accommodated slightly bigger pieces. A ring/earring foam divider is also in the case. There are two more lidded compartments on each side, which can possibly make up for the lack of necklace snaps and locks.

The Presse By Bobbie - Portable Coffee Maker
The Presse By Bobbie - Parts

The case is secured with a zipper with tassel designs. This is probably one of the more feminine designs available in the market without being too loud and tacky. It also comes in six colors: Blue, Pink, Red, Silver, Yellow, and Black.

When closed, the case is 7.3 x W 4.5 x H 2.4 inches and weighs 8 ounces when empty. Despite its length, its relative thinness makes it ideal and compact enough to carry in a purse.

As with most cases of this type, the space is fixed and limited so chunkier pieces need to go in another case.

Product Information

  • Space: Gartered pocket, compartments with removable divider, ring/earring divider, two lidded compartments
  • Enclosure: Zipper
  • Available colors: Blue, Pink, Red, Silver, Yellow, and Black


  • Tasteful, feminine design
  • Several compartments and lids
  • Mirror is always a plus
  • Long but compact


  • Not enough space for chunky pieces
  • Materials are not flexible

This Vegan Leather Jewelry Case by Case Elegance is the perfect travel companion for someone with a lot of knick knacks.

Not only does it have the much coveted necklace snaps and locks, plus the important pocket at the bottom to protect the pendants, but it is also secured by a zipper flap for extra protection. This way, you can roll, toss, and scrunch this case any which way you can and your necklaces will still come out tangle free.

There are two ring holders and an earring holder that secure with snap locks, and three different zippered compartments for other random accessories like thin bracelets and pins.

For the more earth-friendly shoppers, the material is vegan leather, which mimics the texture and durability of animal leather without the corresponding animal harm.

Handpresso Espresso Travel Coffee Maker

The whole case, when closed, is 7 inches in length and 1 inch in thickness, which may expand a little bit more depending on what you decide to put in. This is just as compact as a wallet, and perfect for your purse.

There is no space for big and chunky items here, so make sure you'll have a separate case for them.

Product Information

  • Space: 4 snaps for necklaces and bottom pocket for pendants, 2 ring holders, 1 earring holder, 3 zippered compartments
  • Enclosure: Zipper
  • Available colors: Cream


  • Many compartments and locks for different kinds of jewelry
  • Thin and compact the size of a regular wallet
  • Animal friendly vegan leather material


  • Only suitable for small accessories
  • Only cream color available

Specialty Styles is another one of those companies who specialize in organization products. They have items for home and travel.

The Specialty Styles Travel Jewelry Case has many compartments and extra pouches to hold any kind of jewelry you have.

The case has four pairs snap locks for necklaces - each pair to secure the necklaces from the top and the bottom, covered with a protective flap for the pendants. Tangled necklaces do not exist with this case.

There is one foam roll for rings, and one flap that holds six pairs of earrings. There are three zippered compartments for other kinds of jewelry and accessories.

Presto MyJo Single Cup Portable Coffee Maker

If you have chunkier items, there are two drawstring pouches included. It doesn't fit in the case, but it can hold watches and bigger jewelry.

The case comes in pink, which may seem a little too loud and tacky for some people. Other than that, the case closes with a snap lock and fits perfectly in the purse.

At 5.6 ounces in weight, this is one of the most lightweight jewelry holders that do not sacrifice space and organization.

Product Information

  • Space: 4 pairs of snaps for necklaces and flap cover for pendants, 1 roll ring holder, 1 flap earring holder, 3 zippered compartments, 2 drawstring pouches
  • Enclosure: Snap lock
  • Available colors: Pink


  • Super light weight and compact
  • Several compartments and locks for many types of accessories
  • Bonus pouches for chunky accessories


  • Available in only one and potentially tacky color

To Sum It All Up

There's no one case that will fit every single item of jewelry you have. The key is to finding the best one for the type of accessories you want to bring along.

At the end of the day, you wouldn't want to be lugging around too many valuables when you travel. If none of these cases fit your needs, you just might have too much jewelry to carry on your travels. Pack light, keep it simple, and enjoy the experience!

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