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Best Campsites In Switzerland: Mountains, Lakes & Sightseeing

Switzerland is the country best known for its extraordinary Cs – clocks, cheeses, chocolates, and campsites. With thousands of kilometers of beautiful untouched nature and more mountain peaks than we can count, Switzerland is the place to be for anyone who is remotely interested in hiking and mountaineering.

Most campsites in the country are either close to the mountains or popular tourist places. So, whether you’re looking to stroll into Luzern or climb the Matterhorn, you’ll find a campsite that’s just perfect for you. And we’ve even included one really unique glamping spot, but only because it’s a great way to experience the country.

From the banks of Lake Geneva to the tall peaks of Jungfrau – here are the best campsites in Switzerland!

Camping Jungfrau

Jungfraujoch Top of Europe

Camping Jungfrau is a holiday mountain park in Lauterbrunnen. The village is very popular with tourists because of its proximity to some of Switzerland’s tallest peaks, and the campsite is just across the river from chalets and cottages.

If you want your camping trip to be an adventure full of beautiful vistas, thrilling hikes and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, this is definitely where you should head. For one, the campsite is really close to Jungfraujoch, which is home to Top of Europe – the highest altitude post office in the country, with a restaurant, an ice palace and an astonishing observation deck.

There are also waterfalls, viewpoints and gondola rides nearby, as well as more mountain peaks than you can climb. As for the campsite, it’s well equipped – all pitches have access to electricity, and some have direct access to fresh water and waste disposal. WiFi and sanitary block access is included for free, and there’s a store and a restaurant at the entrance into the camp.

TCS Camping Sempach

Lake Sempach

Camping Sempach is a waterfront campsite on the bank of Lake Sempach. It is in a stunning area full of tree foliage and surrounded by intact nature. If you’re into relaxed camping trips with ample opportunities for swimming and beach volleyball, this is definitely one of the best campsites in Switzerland for you!

The campsite offers standard and premium pitches – the main difference between the two being what type of facilities are available to you. Premium pitches are larger, they include electricity and some will have direct access to fresh water and waste disposal. There’s also free WiFi for everyone at the campsite.

Lake Sempach is quite popular for swimming and pedal boats. There’s also a wildlife refuge with horses near the campsite, and you can often see them going for walk on the lake bank and dipping their hooves in the water. On top of that, you’ll find plenty of shops, bars and restaurants just a few minutes outside the camp, and there’s even a great lakeside restaurant within the camp.

TCS Camping Bönigen – Interlaken

interlaken switzerland

Interlaken is a charming village nestled between two lakes, with more campsites than you’d expect in such a small area. Camping Bönigen is my favorite option here, simply because it’s located right on Lake Brienz.

This village is immensely popular with tourists because there is a lot to do in the area. Whether you’re into hiking, water sports or even helicopter rides, you’ll find plenty of things to keep you entertained in Interlaken. You can go on casual walks, ride jet skis, climb mountain peaks, and explore the hiking trails for about a month, and you still wouldn’t cover even a small part of everything worth seeing in the area.

The campsite is very well equipped with standard and premium pitches, as well as glamping tents and other rental accommodation. All pitches have access to electricity, sanitary facilities are pristine and the restaurant offers excellent food with spectacular views. There aren’t gas hookups on the pitches, and that might be a problem if you were planning on cooking. But there is an outdoor grill area that you’re free to use, and you can buy all the groceries you might need at the camp shop.

Camping Silvaplana

Lake Silvaplana

This campsite lies on the north bank of Lake Silvaplana in the Engadin region, and it’s equally popular in both summer and winter. When the weather is nice and warm, the lake is a popular spot for water sports like windsurfing and kitesurfing. And when the temperatures drop, the lake freezes and becomes an inevitable stop of many cross-country skiing trails.

The one thing the lake is not good for is swimming – it is an Alpine lake after all, and the water temperature rarely rises above 15 degrees Celsius even in the summer.

Engadin region is very popular with hikers and mountain bikers. There are hundreds of kilometers of trails to explore, some of which take you through St. Moritz. The exclusive resort village is extremely popular with the rich and famous due to stunning scenery, luxurious hotels and abundance of entertaining activities in the area.

As for the Silvaplana campsite, it is well equipped with spacious pitches and clean and modern sanitary facilities. Hot water is available to all campers for free, there’s a grocery store on camping grounds as well as a spacious lounge area with billiards, ping pong tables and more.

TSC Camping St. Moritz

St. Moritz

St. Moritz is one of Switzerland’s most exclusive holiday resorts. With luxurious hotels, a casino and some really high-end shops, the resort village usually attract only the richest. But you too can stay at this village and see how the one percent lives, even if the sky-high accommodation prices are way out of your budget!

TSC Camping St. Moritz is a comfortable campsite just a couple minutes outside the village. And just like everything in St. Moritz, the prices of pitches are at least double of those in the rest of the country. A standard pitch will cost you 24CHF a night during high season, but at least you are guaranteed free WiFi, waste disposal and electricity. Sanitary facilities are pristine, as you’d expect from a fancy campsite like this one.

The campsite also offers smaller pitches for campers with small tents and those are a bit cheaper. There’s also the possibility of renting a caravan, but those are quite pricey.

The main advantage of staying at the campsite as opposed to a luxe hotel room is that many hiking trails in the area star directly from the campsite. If you want to explore the beautiful nature of the Engadin region without breaking the bank, it’s definitely the right campsite for you. And who knows – the casino’s just down the road from the campsite, so you might even make some money while you’re in St. Moritz!

Camping Arolla

Arolla Switzerland

The Arolla campsite is the highest campsite in Europe, at an altitude of 1950 meters. It’s situated in a completely natural environment, surrounded by snowy peaks and gorgeous tree foliage. If you are into hiking and mountaineering, this is quite literally the best campsite in Switzerland for you.

It is only open four months out of the year though, so if you want to experience the gorgeous nature of Valais, you will have to come here between June and September. The facilities on the campsite are all modern including clean sanitary facilities and even a laundry room.

There’s also a grocery shop on site that sells local products, and you have access to fresh herbs for free directly at the site. You can also borrow books for free, if you’re in the mood for a quick reading session. And if you want to explore the area, there are dozens of hiking trails that start at Arolla. With countless mountain peaks surrounding the camp, there are plenty of opportunities for some great outdoor adventures.

Camping Eigernordwand Grindelwald

Grindelwald - View of the Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau from First

The Eigernordwand campsite lies at the foot of the Eiger, and it is surrounded by some spectacular mountain peaks. It is very close to Grindelwald village, which is very popular for its gorgeous landscapes. If you enjoy climbing mountains and exploring gorgeous nature, the Eigernordwand campsite is a great spot for you. Also, there is easy access to mountain railways and cableways from the site, meaning you can reach several peaks without breaking a sweat.

During the winter months, this camp is very popular with skiers. Slopes in the area are amazing, and there are even lots of opportunities for cross-country skiing. After you’ve had enough of the slopes you can head to the camp restaurant for a refreshing drink and a nourishing meal.

The campsite facilities include a modern sanitary block with bathrooms and a laundry room, as well as two spacious lounge areas with TVs. All pitches have access to electricity, but there is an additional charge for it. In the summer months, campers also have access to a playground for children and a barbecue chalet.

Camping Zermatt

Zermatt Switzerland

Zermatt is an idyllic village at the foot of the Matterhorn. It is renowned for excellent skiing opportunities, but also for climbing and hiking. The village gets really busy, so staying at the campsite is a great way to avoid the crowds that flow through Zermatt streets during the season.

However, Camping Zermatt is not exactly a standard campsite. For one thing, this campsite is only for tents so I’m sorry to disappoint you if you’re hitting the road in a motorhome. Also, the field is not really parcelled so everyone is just pitching tents wherever there’s enough space.

You get access to a bathroom, cold and hot water and you can use the electricity in the main building. There’s also a small barbecue area, but that’s about it. If you’re looking to go on a longer camping adventure in Switzerland, I really don’t think this is going to do it for you. Camping Zermatt is more for mountaineers who need a place to spend the night before hitting the trails again.

Bubble Hotel Thurgau

Thurgau Bubble Hotels are not exactly campsites per se, but they deserve to be on this list. They are a unique type of accommodation in Switzerland nature, and a great way to experience this stunning country.

The Bubble Hotel is basically just clear-plastic bubble tents placed in various locations in Switzerland. They’re usually in the nature, with tree foliage near the bubbles that provides you with some privacy. Because the tents are see-through, you can spend the night under the starry sky, but still be protected from wind and rain.

Also, the bubbles are usually on the grounds with bigger guesthouses and other hotels, so you will get access to some sort of bathroom. You will even get access to two bikes, so you’re free to explore the area with whoever is staying with you in the bubble tent.

Camping Lido Luzern

Lucerne Kapellebrucker and view

Lucerne is one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland with gorgeous architecture, scenic views and spectacular sights. From the ancient city walls to the gorgeous pedestrian bridges – there’s a lot of interesting things to do and see in the city, but you don’t necessarily have to stay among the crowds.

Camping Lido Luzern is outside the main city area, on the bank of the lake. But it’s only about 30 minutes away from the top city sights, and that’s if you take your time strolling into town.

The campsite features parcelled motorhome pitches and a separate area for tents. The layout of the site is great if you want your privacy since all the motorhome pitches are separated by bushes and trees. All RV pitches have access to electricity and free WiFi, but you will have to head to the main building to dump waste and get fresh water.

The sanitary block is clean and modern, with lots of showers, toilets and a laundry room. The campsite also features a barbecue area, a playground for children and a restaurant, so you have everything you might need will not be too far. On top of that, Camping Lido is right next to Lido Tennisclub and you can always head to the courts for some exercise.

TCS Camping Genève-Vésenaz

Lakeshore Geneva

The Genève-Vésenaz campsite is situated between the city of Geneva and the border with France. It’s about an hour on foot in either direction and less than 15 minutes if you hit the road in your motorhome.

The campsite is on the bank of Lake Geneva, and it’s surrounded by breathtaking nature. The terrain is flat and grassy for the most part, so you should be comfortable enough even in a simple tent. Most motorhome pitches have road access and electricity, and they’re parcelled so you will have just enough privacy.

There’s also a great restaurant in the camp, as well as a well-stocked shop on-site. The sanitary facilities are pristine, and there aren’t any nasty surprises.

This campsite is quite popular due to its proximity to Geneva, but also because there’s a lot of things to do and see in the area. You can go swimming in Lake Geneva, hiking around the area and there are also some great mountain biking trails to explore. So, whether you’re looking to hike all the way to France or just want to stroll along Rue du Rhone, you’ll enjoy staying at this campsite.

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