Voidomatis Springs Trail (Short Hike Into Vikos Gorge)

Voidomatis Springs Trail vikos view

If you would like a short hike into Vikos Gorge and a nice cold bath once you get to the bottom, then the Voidomatis Springs Trail is for you.

This trail is a 2.6 km (1.0 mile) hike from Vikos village down into the Vikos Gorge to the Angastromeni cold springs in the Voidomatis River at the bottom of the gorge.

start Voidomatis Springs Trail

Start of the Voidomatis Springs Trail in Vikos

Hiking The Voidomatis Springs Trail

The trail itself starts from the beginning of Vikos village and descends quickly into the Vikos gorge. It is relatively easy-going, especially downhill, and in no way technically difficult.

Voidomatis Springs Trail flowers

As you descend into the gorge, the views you get from Vikos above continue showing you how stunning the Vikos Gorge truly is. If you are here in spring you will also be surrounded by mountain flowers as you descend.  You can also see the pools of the springs in the distance at various points on your way down.

Voidomatis Springs Trail turnoff to springs

Voidomatis Springs Trail Turnoff at the bottom

Once you reach the bottom, the turn-off to the springs is only a short distance on your left.

However, you do need to be aware that the return hike out of the gorge is somewhat strenuous, as you have to hike 275m up to the village from the bottom.

It is especially challenging after lunch when it gets hotter. The stones of the gorge heat up, and the sun is directly on the trail 90% of the time. We actually hiked out at 2 pm at the beginning of June and it was extremely hot.

So, try to start early, or if you go later in the day, then be sure to return late afternoon/evening to avoid the heat. Unless you love 35 degrees celsius and heat stroke!

This hike is actually part of the Vikos Gorge hike but detours to the springs not long after you reach the bottom. It then returns exactly the same way back to Vikos.

Although you do not need a map, it is always wise to be prepared. So, wear good shoes, and bring plenty of water.

Places To Stay Nearby

This end of the Pindos mountains is full of small historic buildings with stunning views. Here are some of the places we recommend you stay in the towns nearby.




Hiking Time
1.5-2 hrs
2.6km (1.0 mile)
275m (900ft)
275m (900ft)
Starting Point
Vikos Village
Public Transport
Taxis available to Vikos
Limited parking before Vikos village or at the end of the town