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Bergen To Flam: By Car, Train, Boat & Bus

Traveling from Bergen to Flam? There are a few different ways of getting from one town to the other, and we’ve covered them all in this detailed guide on how to get from Bergen to Flam!

I’ve covered everything you need to know about car, train, bus, and boat travel, as well as the pros and cons of each way of traveling. On top of that, I’ve also included some tips on the best things to do in Flam and the area, so you’ll find all the info you need in one place. Read on the see the best ways of traveling from Bergen to Flam and the top things to do once you reach your destination!

Bergen To Flam: By Car

Norway Road

Bergen and Flam are some 170 kilometers away by road, and it takes about two and half hours to make the journey in a car. The two towns are connected with E16, Norway’s main road that connects Bergen to Oslo. It’s also the only mountain pass that’s rarely closed due to snow, so it should be possible to make this journey even in winter conditions.

The E16 is a tolled road, so you will need to pay a toll when driving from Bergen to Flam. The Norwegian toll system is not very intuitive, but the good news is that most car rental companies just add the costs of toll to your total bill. It’s best to check with the car company what their policy for tolls is, so you can avoid any fines.

Toll collection is automated in Norway and it’s payable with the AutoPASS system. Whenever you pass a toll collection point, a camera takes a photo of your car’s license plate. The registration number is then checked against the Norwegian Register of Motor Vehicles, and the invoice for the toll is sent to the car owner’s address.

Driving in Norway is a scenic experience, but it’s not recommended for everyone. You should have at least some experience driving in winter conditions before you get behind the wheel since certain parts of the country can have snow and ice on the roads even in the summer.

Additionally, you should know that street parking in Norway is mostly reserved for residents, and the fines for illegal parking are astronomical. You’ll need to park the car at one of the multi-story garages or public parking lots, which won’t be cheap at all. The good news is that there are a few parking lots in Flam that are free, and you can even stay parked overnight without any additional fees.

Bergen To Flam: By Train

Flam Train

The bad news is that there is no direct train from Bergen to Flam. The good news is that you just need to change trains at Myrdal, and you can continue to enjoy one of Norway’s most scenic train journeys. The ride from Myrdal to Flam is a journey along the Flam Railway and it’s regarded as one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. That’s why the train is the absolute best way of traveling between Bergen and Flam.

It’s about two hours from Bergen to Myrdal and then another hour from Myrdal to Flam. However, it’s worth noting that you might need to spend some time at Myrdal waiting for the connecting train. The exact prices of train tickets vary, but usually, it’s between 250 and 350 NOK ($30-40) for the ride from Bergen to Myrdal and about $70 for the ride from Myrdal to Flam. It’s very expensive for such a short train ride, but the price makes sense considering this is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area.

The Flam Railway is one of the steepest railways in the world, with a 5.5% incline for 80% of the journey. It passes through 20 tunnels, next to waterfalls, and runs through such beautiful scenery that the short, 60-minute ride is rarely enough for most people. The train even stops for a few minutes at Kjosfossen waterfall and there’s a viewing platform so you can get a closer look. Although it’s just one of many different waterfalls along the way, the 93-meter tall cascade is easily the highlight of the entire ride.

Bergen To Flam: By Boat

Flam Cruiser

Traveling by boat is common in Norway and it’s a great way to see the country’s majestic fjords. You can travel from Bergen to Flam by ferry, and the scenic journey lasts for about six hours. There’s only one company that operates on this route (Norled) and the ferry rides are only available in the summer, between June 21st and August 29th.

The ferry departs from Strandkai Terminal in Bergen at 8 AM and it arrives in Flam at 1:25 PM. The same ferry departs Flam at 3:30 PM and is back in Bergen by 8:45 PM. One-way tickets are 950 NOK ($107) for adults and there’s a selection of discounted family tickets. Children under the age of four can ride the ferry for free and students pay about 50% less for the ferry tickets. Return tickets cost 1430 NOK ($160), so the ferry is actually one of the cheapest ways of traveling between Bergen and Flam. There’s a cafeteria on board so you don’t need to worry about snacks. Also, the tickets must be booked at least two days in advance.

Most of the ride is through Sognefjord, which is also known as The King of the Fjords. It is the longest and deepest fjord in Norway and the views from the boat are just magnificent. You’ll also get a glimpse of the spectacular Jostedal Glacier, along with gorgeous views of Norway’s changing landscapes.

Bergen To Flam: By Bus

Norway Bus

The bus is the cheapest way of traveling between Bergen and Flam. The ride is still somewhat scenic, but nowhere near to what you experience on the train or ferry. If you’re just looking for an affordable way of traveling between the two towns, the bus is likely the best option for you.

The NW420 and NW162 buses cover this route. The NW420 travels between Bergen and Sogn with a total of 20 stops, one of which is in Flam. There’s only one bus per day between Bergen and Flam and the journey usually lasts for about three hours. Driving on your own is not that much faster, so the bus is also the second-fastest way of traveling from Bergen to Flam. The NW420 bus usually departs Bergen at around 3-3:30 PM, and the tickets are bout 365 NOK ($40).

The NW162 bus departs earlier in the morning, usually around 9 AM. It arrives in Flam sometime before noon, so it’s actually faster than the other bus by 10-15 minutes. It’s also slightly more expensive with tickets priced at 409 NOK (46$), but it’s not a big difference. This bus travels between Bergen and Lillehammer with several other stops along the way, including Flam.

Taking the bus is very similar to driving on your own, except you don’t need to pay for car rental or worry about tolls. The bus drives on the same road, so you get to experience the same spectacular views you would if you were behind the wheel.

Top Things To Do In Flam

Flam Aerial View

Flam is a quaint village best known for the spectacular fjords and scenic train rides. But there’s certainly more to this charming village and here are some of the top things to do in Flam while you’re there!

Visit The Railway Museum

Flam Railway Museum

If it wasn’t for Flåmsbana, most people wouldn’t even know that this tiny village exists. The railway is incredibly important for the area, and it’s no surprise that Flam has a museum dedicated to its importance. Visit the Flam Railway Museum to hear about the initial construction of the railway and all the different challenges that needed to be overcome for the world’s steepest railway to exist.

You’ll get to hear stories about the people who built this railway from scratch and gain some insight into the entire process. Other exhibits in the museum include an extensive collection of videos, photographs, and other artifacts from the early days of Flåmsbana. There’s even an El 9 locomotive on display, as well as rail-inspection trolleys and a rather old electric shunting engine.

Stegastein Viewpoint

Stegastein Viewpoint

The Stegastein viewpoint is a non-skippable attraction even if you’re only in Flam for a few hours. You can drive to the viewpoint or you can take the bus – it’s a 30-minute ride and the tickets are rather cheap.

The viewpoint is a platform hanging 30 meters out from the mountain walls, and some 650 meters above the fjord. It offers breathtaking panoramic views of the area, making you feel like you’re floating above the fjord. It’s a thrilling once-in-a-lifetime experience and possibly the absolute best thing to see in the area.

Take A Break At Ægir Microbrewery

The Ægir Microbrewery is a pub, restaurant, and café all in one, situated in a Viking barn. Everything about the place is top-notch from the beautiful décor to the amazing service. It’s the best locale in all of Flam, and a must-visit if you get hungry or thirsty while you’re in the village.

Everything in the brewery is Viking-themed, from the decorations to the foods on the menu. The food is hearty and delicious, but the most popular thing on the menu is the beer-tasting plank. Just be careful with the beer tasting if you need to drive afterward – although you get just a few sips of each beer, they’re strong enough to give you a nice buzz.

Go On A Fjord Safari

Fjord Safari

Flam village is one of the best bases for exploring the Fjords of Norway and a Fjord Safari is exactly what you need if you want to discover more of Norway’s magnificent nature. A boat tour is one of the most popular ways of seeing the Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord, but it’s also possible to go on hiking and bike tours. The latter two options are likely a dream come true for all outdoor lovers and adventurers!

The hiking tour takes you to Nærøyfjord, which is one of the two fjords that are on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The trail starts in Bleiklindi and it follows the Old Postal Road for about 5.5 kilometers to Styvi. It’s a relatively easy trail and the views along the ways are absolutely wonderful.

Fjord Safari adventures are not available during the winter, so keep that in mind.

Hike To Brekkefossen Nature Preserve

The Brekkefossen Nature Preserve is just a short hike outside Flam and it’s a great place to go to admire some spectacular views of the quaint town with the fjord in the background. It’s about a 20-minute hike from Flam to the viewpoint in the nature preserve, so you’ll get there in no time. It is a steep climb, but the terrain is not demanding so the hike is suitable for everyone, regardless of their skill level.

The nature preserve features a waterfall, scenic views, and farm animals. Goats and sheep are a common sight in Brekkefossen, so try not to disrupt them too much. It’s also worth noting that the nature preserve is a starting point for several other hikes, so you can continue exploring the wonderful nature around Flam for as long as you want!

Ride The Flamsbana


If you traveled from Bergen to Flam by train, you can skip this one. But if you opted to drive, take the bus or the ferry, then one of the first things you should see when you arrive in Flam is the railway. It’s a little over an hour for the return trip (Flam-Myrdal-Flam), and it’s easily the most popular tourist attraction in the area.

I won’t dwell too much on the train ride, since I covered it in detailed earlier. Suffice it to say that it’s not known as Norway’s most scenic train ride for no reason! Admire the changing scenery, step out of the train at Kjosfossen waterfall to take photos, and take in the views as you enjoy the gradual ascent to one of Norway’s highest train stations.

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