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Last Updated: October 1, 2021

Best Apps To Learn Hindi: From Alphabet to Proficiency  

Want to learn how to speak Hindi, the fourth most common language in the world? You’re certainly in the right place then, because this guide features the absolute best language-learning apps you can try!

Most of the apps are either free or have a free demo/trial, so you can start learning Hindi immediately. Whether you’re a total newbie to Hindi or you have a pretty good knowledge of the language already, I’m certain you’ll find at least one app that’s great for you below!

Hindi Alphabet Letter Writing

Hindi Alphabet

When you just start learning a new language, you must learn the alphabet first. Get yourself an app that’s just about learning to write the different Hindi letters and you’re off to a very good start!

There are lots of free apps that do exactly this for both iOS and Android devices, so you can pretty much just download the one that looks the best to you because they all work in a similar way. The app contains a list of all the letters in the Hindi alphabet, and you learn how to write and pronounce them one by one.

I tried out the Hindi Alphabet Writing app on Android, and it worked pretty well. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the ads, but they’re tolerable considering it’s a free app. It’s worth noting that this app also has a test section that helps you learn how to write some Hindi words once you’ve mastered the individual alphabet signs.

Price: Free (with ads)

Platforms: iOS, Android


Hindi Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the top free language learning apps out there, and it’s a great option if you want to learn Hindi. The best thing about this app is that it’s suitable for everyone, regardless of their existing knowledge of the language. You can start from scratch, or you can brush up on your existing Hindi knowledge, thanks to a variety of different quizzes and tests designed for various language proficiency levels.

Another great thing about this app is that you can choose to focus on a specific terminology of any language. When you first create your account and choose which language you want to learn, Duolingo asks what purpose you’re learning it for, and then adjusts the type of courses to best suit that purpose.

Also, this app is designed to force you to spend some time learning a new language every day, with rewards and streaks for users who log in every single day. It will also send you push notifications every day to remind you to practice Hindi, so you have no excuse to quit!

Price: Free with ads; $6.99 monthly subscription

Platforms: iOS, Android

Hindi by Nemo

Hindi Nemo

Hindi by Nemo is a great app to have on your phone if you’re traveling through India because you can use it offline. It’s a great app for people who already know some Hindi and they want to work on their pronunciation because that’s the main focus of the Nemo app.

It contains thousands of word pronunciations and it lets you compare your pronunciation to that of natives so you can perfect it. You won’t find any grammar lessons on this app, which is the only downside.

Also, the app has a list of common words, phrases, and questions that everyone should learn before traveling to a new country. These are called Nemo cards, and if you decide to buy the full version, you’ll get an additional 1200+ Nemo cards that focus on 32+ topics including food, travel, shopping, etc. It’s worth noting that this app is designed to be used sporadically and it doesn’t include specific courses and lessons.

Price: Free Demo, $9.95 for the full version

Platforms: iOS, Android


Mondly Hindi

Mondly is a great app for learning Hindi, especially for people who are starting from scratch. The main focus of this app is vocabulary and it tries to teach you Hindi words by showing you photos and creating associations in your brain.

Each lesson tries to teach you a specific set of words by making you connect specific words in English (or any other language you speak) to their Hindi counterparts below corresponding images. All the while you’re listening to Hindi pronunciation, so the words easily stick in your brain.

The app is free to try out and you’ll get a new free lesson every day. You can also build streaks if you practice every day, and there are leaderboards to incentivize the more competitive students to really put some time and effort into the Mondly app.

To get access to all the different lessons and content of this app you will need to pay for either the monthly subscription or the lifetime access – the latter is a pretty good deal if you’re also interested in learning other languages through the Mondly app!

Price: Free trial, $9.99 per month (just Hindi), $89.99 for lifetime access (all languages)

Platforms: iOS, Android



Drops is a language learning app designed primarily for travelers. It attempts to teach you the language in “drops” – hence the name – instead of overwhelming you with dozens of lessons, tests, and challenges. Because it is designed with travelers in mind, the Drops app features thousands of words and phrases that are useful to travelers, and it even features a list of the most useful things you should learn before traveling to India.

This app is great for people who need to learn some Hindi, just so they can get around the country. But if you’re trying to properly learn the language and become fluent in it, it’s not the best app out there. It’s free to try out, so give it a go and see whether you like it.

This is one of the best Hindi-learning apps for people who don’t have a lot of time and just want something that focuses mostly on vocabulary and pronunciation. It’s suitable for everyone, regardless of their existing Hindi language.

Price: Free version with limited content; $9.99 monthly subscription, $69.99 yearly subscription, $159 for lifetime access

Platforms: iOS, Android

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

If you’re serious about becoming fluent in Hindi, just download the Rosetta Stone app. It’s one of the best language-learning apps ever made and it’s not just for individual learners. The Rosetta Stone app is very popular in school and among enterprise learners – the company’s enterprise partners include Twitter, Uber, Lego, and many others, which should give you a good idea of just how great this app is.

This app is amazing because it really lets you create a custom Hindi-learning course for yourself. It’s possible to choose which topics you want to focus on, how much time you want to spend each day in the app, and which skills you want to prioritize.

Also, it’s possible to download lessons and use the app offline, plus you can chat live with native speakers in order to perfect your vocabulary and pronunciation. This is the closest you can get to an actual language-learning course, so be sure to give the free trial a go.

It’s worth noting that Rosetta Stone is one of the priciest language learning apps out there, but it’s worth every single penny if you are truly serious about learning Hindi.

Price: $11.99 monthly subscription (3-month subscription is minimum); $299 for lifetime access and unlimited languages

Platforms: iOS, Android


Bravolol Hindi

Bravolol apps are great for learning common words and phrases of new languages and they’re very useful for travelers. The first thing to note is that there are two Bravolol apps for learning Hindi – one contains the most commons words and phrases in the language, while the other one is more like a dictionary/translator app. Both apps can be used without an Internet connection, which is why they’re perfect for people who plan on traveling around India.

Also, all Bravolol apps are entirely free to use, which is awesome. They’re not the best apps if you’re committed to becoming fluent in Hindi, but if you just want to learn some common phrases and expressions, as well as have a way to communicate with people who don’t speak English while you’re in India, these are the apps you need to have installed on your phone while you’re in the country.

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS, Android


HelloTalk Hindi

HelloTalk is another great app you need to know about. It’s rather unique because it doesn’t feature countless boring lessons and quizzes to help you learn Hindi. Instead, the app is designed like a social media platform for people who are eager to learn a new language.

You can choose which language you want to learn, and then you can connect with people who speak that language. The goal of the app is to teach you Hindi through communication with others, and you can engage in chats, live chats, and even video chats with other students.

The app is supposed to be suitable for beginners, but it’s not the ideal app for people who don’t speak the language at all. HelloTalk is best for people who speak some Hindi and want to work on their communication skills. Also, because this app is designed like one massive social media platform, you can learn any language you want through it, which is pretty cool.

Other apps can only teach you a specific number of languages – HelloTalk is not limited by this, because you’re learning languages from other app users who are doing the exact same thing And since the app has users all over the world, you can use it to learn whatever language you want!

Price: Free with ads, $6.99 for a monthly subscription

Platforms: iOS, Android

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