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Last Updated: February 19, 2021

Best Campsites In Corsica: Lagoons, Beaches & Towns

Corsica is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. It is best known for amazing beaches and crystal clear sea, which make it one of the most popular destinations for summer vacations in Europe.

If your idea of the perfect vacation includes lounging on the beach, swimming in the sea and going for walks to admire panoramic views, you will enjoy your stay in Corsica. And camping in the nature is the best way to experience the island, especially if you want to be far away from the busy hotel beaches.

From vast expanses of sand in the north to camps tucked away in the Corsican hills – here are the best campsites in Corsica!  

Camping San Damiano

San Damiano is the most popular campsite in entire Corsica, so what’s going on there? Well, it is situated strategically on a narrow stretch of land that’s nestled between the Mediterranean sea and a Corsican lagoon. The spectacular sandy beach is just minutes away from the camp, and on the other side you can enjoy charming views of the Biguglia Pond.

Pitches at this campsite are spacious and shaded, but there’s not a lot of parceling going around the camp. Some pitches are separated with bushes and trees and these are very private, but others are just all together in a field. The campsite offers several types of pitches, and only the cheapest option won’t get you an electric hook-up and pool access.

In terms of campsite services, I think you will find everything you need at Camping San Damiano to make your stay comfortable. They have a nice pool at the camp, as well as a restaurant/bar. Also, there’s a well-stocked mini market for grocery shopping and a playground for the youngest campers. You can actually sign up your kids to join a camp at this campsite, if you want to have some time to yourself to really enjoy your stay in Corsica.

Camping Arinella Bianca

Corsica Aerial


Camping at Arinella Bianca is great for families who want to go on a proper vacation in Corsica. This campsite is equipped with everything you could possibly need for an enjoyable stay from a vast pool to a spa with a skincare corner. And that’s not even mentioning the pure paradise that the Arinella Bianca beach is.

Soft white sand, clear turquoise sea, endless horizon views and a lounger in the shade of an umbrella – that’s what your life will be like in the Arinella Bianca campsite. The vast beach is the main reason to come here, and if you’re looking to have a classic seaside vacation you certainly won’t be disappointed.

As for the campsite and its facilities, let me just say that this is one of the most popular campsites in all of Corsica. There’s a lot of foliage throughout the camp so all pitches are shaded and you will have some sense of privacy. The camp has everything you could possibly need during your stay including a charging station for electric vehicles and performance artists that provide entertainment. Clean sanitary and cooking facilities are a given!

Marina d’Aléria Campsite

Corsica Beach

Marina d’Aléria is a modern four-star campsite in eastern Corsica. The campsite offers pitches and rental units practically on the beach, as well as all the amenities you might need for an enjoyable stay. They have a restaurant that’s right on the beach but also easily accessible from camp, as well as a pretty big pool and several tennis courts.

The pitches are all separated with trees and bushes for privacy, and that’s great. They all have access to electricity, but the hook-up might not be directly on your pitch. The campsite has two modern sanitary blocks with toilets, showers, sinks and washing machines all in separate areas. Also, instead of one big, closed-off building, the sanitary blocks in this camp features a more open design, which is certainly in-line with outdoor living!

One interesting thing about this campsite is that they have a very good animation team. There’s entertainment for both adults and children, but it can sometimes go on until midnight. If you usually don’t stay up too late this might be an issue because the music can get pretty loud, and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to fall asleep before midnight. But then again, the animation team is only there during peak season – if you’re visiting in the off-season, this shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Camping La Pinède

Calvi Corsica

Camping La Pinède is a campsite on the outskirts of Calvi town. It is in a forested area just a couple minutes away from the beach and the town center, but still far enough from all the crowds and noise that you’ll actually have some peace and quiet. The campsite is quite big with a pool, football field and tennis court, and even a spa.

There’s a restaurant in the camp that serves delicious food, as well as a grocery store where you’ll be able to get all the essentials. The pitches are all parceled and shaded with access to electricity and free WiFi all over camp. Campers will also have access to shaded barbecues, rental fridges and clean and modern sanitary facilities, for a great camping experience.

And there’s loads of things to do in the camp for both kids and adults, so I doubt you’ll be bored even for one minute. Of course you can spend all your time lounging on the sandy beach, or you could enter a ping pong tournament if you’re in the mood to compete. The camp offers an animation crew for children, but only in July and August.

Camping Sagone

Corsica Rocks

Sagone is a small town on the west coast of the island, which features a beautiful sandy beach and mostly rental villas. The Sagone campsite is not exactly on the beach, but it’s close enough that you could stay at this camp for a week and enjoy it. It’s a great campsite for active people since they have a proper gym at the camp, as well as volleyball, rugby and football fields.

And it’s also great fun for the kids with the big playground, pool and an animation club that will keep the little ones busy while you do your thing. The one downside of this campsite is that it’s a 30-minute walk away from the beach, so I’d say bikes or scooters are a good idea if you don’t want to depend on the free shuttle bus.  

Pitches in this campsite are on the smaller side, but that’s mostly because there’s quite a lot of foliage throughout the camp. You can choose between fully and partially shaded pitches, all of which have access to electricity. There are three sanitary blocks in the camp with toilets, showers and laundry rooms and they are all cleaned regularly.

The campsite also features a bar/restaurant, and there’s a market just across the road from the camp entrance. Everything you could possibly need for a comfortable vacation is provided, and if you like being on your feet and exploring, this is the best campsite in Corsica for you.

Camping Dolce Vita

Calvi Town

Camping Dolce Vita is another campsite near the town of Calvi. But this one is a bit further away from the town, in a more natural and peaceful area. The entire campsite is forested, so all of the pitches are shaded. And all those trees grant you privacy from your neighbors, which is always a bonus.

The beach in this area is not very crowded and it’s mostly untouched nature. There are trees for natural shade, but there are no loungers or umbrellas you can rent here.

The pitches are all spacious, well-defined and have electric hook-ups. The sanitary block is clean and modern with showers, toilets and laundry rooms. Also, the camp has a restaurant and a grocery store, so you’ll be able to buy anything you might need during your stay without actually leaving the campsite. A few minutes outside the camp you’ll find even more restaurants, bars and a large Spar supermarket. There are gas stations just a couple minutes outside the camp, which is really convenient.

Additionally, this campsite has their own mooring pontoon and a boat cleaning area, in case you would actually like to bring your boat. But there’s not too many things to do in terms of entertainment and animation, so keep that in mind. If you’re looking for a camp that has staff that can entertain your children while you do your thing, I’m afraid this isn’t the right one for you.

Camping U Libecciu

Corsica Sea

Camping U Libecciu is a spectacular campsite in southwest Corsica. It’s located in a remote forested area, so you’ll be quite far from all the crowds and noises. But it’s still really close to the beach – it’s a short 5-10 minute walk from the camp to the lovely sandy beach.

This campsite has a lot of bungalows and rental options, as well as spacious pitches. All of them have access to electricity, but a 30-meter extension cable is recommended. And what I love the most about them is just how well parceled everything is. The pitches are shaded and they all have a small wooden fence that clearly marks where your space is.

On top of that, the campsite features several awesome pools, one of which is an infinity pool with amazing panoramic views. There’s also a bar/restaurant on-site, as well as a modern sanitary block with clean showers and bathrooms. In general, if you’re looking to have a peaceful camping trip away from the busier parts of Corsica, this is definitely one of the top campsites on the island for you.  

Camping d’Olzo

Saint Florent Corsica

Camping d’Olzo is a campsite in the gulf of Saint Florent in northern Corsica. It’s a three-star campsite with a pool and it is just a short walk away from a vast beach. The camp is about 2 kilometers away from the port of Saint Florent, so it’s far enough that boats and ferries won’t bother you while you’re lounging on the beach.

But it’s also close enough that the village and all the shops there are within walking distance from the camp. Plus, the campsite is about 20 kilometers away from Bastia, so it’s great if you want to do a day trip to one of Corsica’s larger towns.

D’Olzo camp features spacious and shaded 80m² pitches that all have access to electricity. It’s still recommended you bring an extension cable, and obviously all outlets at the camp are European. The camp has a sanitary block with clean bathrooms and toilets, a laundry room, a full kitchen, a nursery and an outdoor barbecue area. There’s also a playground for children, free WiFi through the camp, table football, ping pong and an enclosed garden for dogs.

On top of all that, this camp also has a restaurant and a grocery store, so you will find all the necessities at the camp. Larger supermarkets and gas stations are closer to the village, but even those are just a short drive away from camp.

Campsite Ras l’Bol

Corsica View

Ras’l Bol campsite is in southwest Corsica, near Tenutella beach. It’s actually not too far away from Camping U Libecciu, but this campsite is closer to the beach. The entrance to the campsite is just off the main road here, so it will be super easy to find. The vast area of the camp is mostly forested, ensuring you will have more than enough shade on your pitch.

The beach is just across the road from the camp, so you can be in the water in no time. There are some houses here right on the beach, so it might not be deserted. But it’s a really big sandy beach so it’s not like you’ll have to fight for towel space.

The pitches are all marked and numbered, and there are electrical hook-ups every 20 meters throughout the camp. It’s recommended you bring an extension cord, if you want to be certain you’ll have electricity directly at your pitch. Also, there’s lots of water taps at the campsite, but they’re not directly on the pitches.

The camp has two modern sanitary blocks with pristine bathrooms and showers. There’s also a bar/restaurant right next to the pool, as well as a playground for kids and a barbecue area. You won’t find a grocery store at the campsite, but the closest Spar supermarket is just a couple minutes down the road.

Camping Corse Merendella

Corsica Hills

Camping Corse Merendella is on the eastern coast of Corsica. The campsite is in a wooded area in San-Nicolao commune, and it’s just a few minutes away from a spectacular private beach. This camp is also within driving distance of observation decks in the Corsican hills, which will wow you with breathtaking panoramic views.

In terms of entertainment, I don’t think it’s possible to be bored at this camp. They have multiple pools including a spa and an aqua park for kids, as well as a gym and a volleyball field. You can also rent kayaks and pedal boats, if you’re up for some water adventures.

There are two bars/restaurants available to you – one is in the camp and the other one is right on the beach. Also, there’s a grocery store at the campsite, where you can get all the essentials you might need during your stay.

As for the pitches, you can choose whether you want pitches closer to mountains or the sea, and you can also go for the premium comfort pitches. All of them will get you electric hook-ups for an extra fee, as well as access to hot showers whenever you want and free WiFi. There’s a total of three sanitary blocks in this camp, and that’s enough to cover the usual capacity of the camp. They are cleaned throughout the day, so hygiene really won’t be an issue at this Corsican campsite.

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