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Last Updated: February 18, 2021

Best Campsites In Germany: Lakes, Castles & Legos

Germany is an absolutely stunning country with some spectacular big cities and even more beautiful nature. We’re focusing on the latter here, as we’re interested in the campsites in the less urban parts of the country.

Germany has spectacular mountains, vast forests, gorgeous lakes and rivers and even some really good beaches on the Baltic Sea. And pretty much all of these amazing sights feature at least one or two modern campsites, with every single amenity you could hope for.

From campsites at Legoland to those near Neuschwanstein Castle – here are the best campsites in Germany!

Camping Müllerwiese

Black Forest Germany

The Müllerwiese campsite is an idyllic spot near the Black Forest National Park. It is the starting point of a lot of hiking trails in the area, so if you’re planning on doing some hiking in the NP, this is the best place to be.

The campsite is divided into two sections – one is a car-free field just for tents while the other side of the campsite houses caravans and RVs. Most pitches have electricity directly at the site, as well as freshwater supply. Also, the tent area gets their own sanitary facility with squeaky clean bathrooms. The RV area, on the other hand, has access to a wastewater disposal site.

There’s also a bakery close to the campsite (About a 5-minute walk), so you don’t have to worry too much about food and supplies. Some 300 meters outside the camp you’ll find the pharmacy, which is always convenient for longer hikes and cycling tours.

Freizeitpark LuxOase Camping

As the name suggest, LuxOase is a luxurious camping site and amusement park. It’s luxurious because on-site amenities include a full-on wellness building with a steam bath, an infrared cabin, a fitness room, a sauna, swim spa and a massage room. The campsite also features a playground for the youngest campers, and all of that is in addition to pristine sanitary buildings that include an RV dump site and bathrooms.

The campsite is very big, with more than 200 pitches. They’re all very well parcelled, and you have the luxury of choosing what type of pitch suits you best. Would you rather be close to the sanitary facilities and the mini golf area, or would you prefer something in the more quiet area near the lake?

Additionally, pitches are of different sizes, and you can go for an extra large 200m² pitch if you need the extra space. Not every single pitch has access to water and electricity, but if you don’t mind sharing with your neighbours you’ll get by easily. And the campsite has a very detailed map that depicts exactly which pitch gets water, which one gets electricity and which is near pavement, so it’s going to be easy to pick your favorite one.

Camping Hopfensee


Camping Hopfensee is a campsite in the idyllic town of Füssen. The campsite is right next to lake Hopfensee and it is surrounded by trees and water. The foliage makes it hard to tell that there’s a whole town right next to you, and that’s great! You’re in this peaceful and quiet area, but all the restaurants, shops and bars are just a couple minutes away from the camp.

The campsite is well-equipped with clan sanitary facilities and a laundry room. As for entertainment and wellness, it includes everything from an Arabian Nights spa to a tennis court. And it’s close to a cross-country skiing trail, which is great fun in the winter!

This popular campsite in Germany also includes chalets and apartments you can rent, but they are on the very edge of the site. The RV pitches are all well parcelled with pavement access to your pitch, as well as water and drainage. There’s free WiFi for all campers, but the signal strength might vary depending on how close your pitch is to the main router. 

Camping Wulfener Hals


Wulfener Hals campsite is on German’s sunniest island and it features pitches that are within a stone’s throw of the beach. The location of the campsite is amazing, and it’s actually within a much larger holiday park that also has mobile homes, caravans, and luxe apartments available for rent.

The campsite features a total of 345 pitches for motorhomes across a huge area. Some pitches are right next to the water, while others are in a more secluded wooded area perfect for those who just want peace and quiet.

On top of the excellent location, the Wulfener Hals camp also has some great amenities. Of course, there are pristine sanitary facilities with disabled access, but there’s also a heated outdoor pool and an 18-hole golf course. There’s also a smaller 9-hole golf course, a vast 1.5km beach with a nudist area and six different catering establishments. They also have schools for surfing, golf, sailing and diving, as well as entertainment programs for both children and adults.

Northern Germany certainly isn’t the first destination that comes to mind when you think of a fun summer vacation. But this awesome campsite definitely suggests it’s time to start thinking outside the box.

Camping Park Gitzenweiler Hof


Gitzenweiler Hof is a 5-star camping park in the north of Lindau. There are forests, lakes, ponds, meadows, and pretty much everything you might need for a camping adventure of your dreams. The camping park is quite big and it’s almost like it’s a proper village with restaurants and grocery shops! Obviously, it has excellent sanitary facilities, and they even offer different activities and programs depending on how and who you are traveling with.

They offer pitches for tents and campervans, and there’s also the option of renting mobile homes or caravans. One thing to note is that not all pitches have the same equipment, and the price depends on the size and amenities that are included with the pitch. So, you’ll have to pay about 10 Euros for a basic tent pitch without electricity, but a comfortable campervan pitch with electricity, water and sewage will cost you about 20 Euros.

The exact prices also depend on the location of the pitch – those next to the pond are pricier than those at the edge of the forest – as well as the season. But these are prices for the high season, so they’re actually quite affordable.

Camping Island Bamberg


Camping Island Bamberg is a great campsite on the bank of Regnitz river. It’s practically in Bamberg town, but the rich tree vegetation and spectacular river views really make you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere surrounded by gorgeous nature.

The campsite is not parcelled for the most part, so keep that in mind. The trees somewhat help with the privacy, but you will be aware of your neighbors here for the most part. But there’s plenty of things to do at the camp that will keep you away from your pitch and entertained throughout the day.

The sanitary facilities are clean and well-maintained, as you’d expect. Apart from the bathrooms, they also have laundry and dishwashing rooms. The campsite even features a restaurant with a stage that often hosts poets and writers who share their works to entertain the crowd. This is certainly a unique camping experience and one you’re unlikely to find in other camps.

Also, you can purchase a license to go fishing on the river, but keep in mind that swimming is strictly forbidden due to strong current.

Legoland Campsite

Legoland Germany

Legoland is the most visited holiday village in Bavaria, and it’s certainly a unique experience. There are several accommodation options in the village, ranging from a themed castle to a standard campsite that’s just 5-10 minutes away from Legoland Park.

If you’re traveling with children, this is probably the best campsite for them. Legoland is a unique amusement park with some great rides, playground,s and sights that are fun for the entire family. And of course, there’s a bunch of different shops where you can buy anything from a customized Lego keychain to you favorite superhero outfit.

But enough about the amusement park – what about the actual campsite? It’s pretty good actually – the pitches are 75 m², which should be spacious enough for a family with kids. The campsite also features two sanitary facilities, two sculleries and a laundry room. There’s also a freshwater station, as well as a waste disposal site. The pitches aren’t equipped with electricity and running water but that’s fine. Keep in mind that you’re in a middle of an amusement park – it’s meant to be a short camping trip and not a week-long vacation in Legoland.

Camping Brunnen

Neuschwanstein Castle

Camping Brunnen is a waterfront campsite in Schwangau, right on the bank of Forgensee. It’s actually very close to the campsite at Hopfensee, so if you want to stay in this particular area of Germany, you have more than one excellent option. In fact, this part of the country is extremely popular with travellers, hence the numerous campsites in the area. There’s lots of great hiking trails nearby, as well as a bunch of interesting sights you certainly wouldn’t want to miss.

The main reason for that is the Neuschwanstein Castle, which is only about a 90-minute hike away from the Brunnen campsite. Hohenschwangau Castle is also nearby, as are the Königliche Kristall thermal baths. If you’re planning a longer camping trip and want it to be packed with adventures and fun, this campsite should definitely be at the top of your list.

With so many fun things to do in the area, who even cares about the camping facilities? Well I do, and I’m happy to say that you certainly won’t be disappointed by them. The sanitary area is pristine, and it includes everything from spacious showers to heated floors. The pitches are parcelled, so you will have some privacy even when the camp is at its busiest. Also, all motorhome pitches are equipped with electricity and pitches near the lake are pricier than others.

The tent pitches are basic and they lack electricity, so keep that in mind. The Brunnen campsite also offers comfort pitches, which are the most expensive option. But they include everything from spectacular views to water supply and sewage disposal, and they’re definitely the best option if you want a long but comfortable camping adventure.


Südsee camp is a vast campsite divided into multiple sections, and which includes everything from basic tent pitches to Swedish cottages. It’s one of the most popular campsites in the country, mostly because it’s really great for families with children. No matter where exactly your pitch is, there’s always a playground nearby and there’s a bunch of different activities and programs to keep your little ones entertained.

While your kids are running around practicing archery or mini-golf, you can spend your time in one of the numerous bars or restaurants. If the weather is nice, you can be a proper hedonist and just lounge on the bank of Südsee. And in case the weather is horrible, there’s a vast indoor pool that’s really easy to enjoy.

As for the campsite facilities, they’re everything you’d expect in a camp that organizes a Robin Hood tournament for kids. Sanitary buildings are clean and well-equipped, most pitches are equipped with electricity and have fresh water supply and wastewater disposal. The RV pitches don’t have Wi-Fi and cable TV, but the more basic tent pitches do.

Natur-Camping Langenwald


Langenwald is a campsite in nature near Freudenstadt. The location of the camp is great even if you’re an avid hiker because there are some amazing trails near the camp. Some will take you to spectacular waterfalls and others through an open-air animal park with bears, lynxes and wolves. Additionally, several mountain peaks are near the campsite, so even a proper hiking expedition is in the books if you’re up for it.

You can get a guide to take you on all these trails right at the camp, and that’s great if you’re not the most experienced hiker. The staff also offers several programs for the youngest visitors, so they can stay entertained while you’re relaxing or maybe even making use of the barbecue grills. There’s also a solar heated pool, a big playground, a small museum, a pool table and foosball, so there’s really a lot to do even if you’re not exactly in the mood to hike for hours.

As for the camp facilities, you pretty much get what you pay for. All pitches have access to electricity, while the sanitary facilities include bathrooms, a laundry room and a dishwashing room. Pitches are about 100-120 m² in size, and they’re all pretty much the same meaning that you can’t choose between a basic and a more luxe version. The campsite has multiple common areas like a lounge room with a TV and a spacious volleyball field – they pretty much want you to get out and explore the area and not lounge in front of your motorhome while you’re there.

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