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Best Campsites In Italy: Beaches, Vineyards & Historic Towns

Italians do camping a bit differently from most folks, and it is certainly not something Italy is famous for!

In Italy, every self respecting campsite has a pizzeria on-site, as well as a cafe that serves the best capuccinos of your life. If that sounds like fun you are definitely in the right place!

From vast vineyards of Tuscany to spectacular beaches of Sardinia – our guide to the best campsites in Italy covers all the important sights in the country. Some campsites are close to bit Italian cities like Roma, Bologna etc., while others are pretty much directly on the beach with immediate access to the azure sea. 

Whether you’re looking to explore historic towns or lounge near the pool under the sun, our guide to the best campsites in Italy will have at least one attractive option for you!

Camping Roma Flash

Lake Bracciano

Camping Roma Flash is a campsite on the bank of Lake Bracciano, close to Bracciano Martignano Nature Park. The nature park features beautiful landscapes with lots of walking trails and ample opportunities for animal watching. And the campsite is only about an hour outside Rome, so you’re still pretty close to Italy’s capital city.  

The campsite features motorhome and tent pitches, as well as lots of rental accommodation. The pitches are not really parcelled, so you won’t have too much privacy from your neighbors. There is some tree foliage to shield you from the sun, especially in the rows closer to the lake.

The facilities are the camp are all modern and clean, as you would expect. There are bathrooms, showers and a laundry room you are free to use, but there is no free WiFi. There is, however, a big swimming pool you can use, if you’re not up for swimming in the lake.

One thing to note is that apparently there are ants everywhere, so you might want to be careful not to leave out any food. But other than that, it’s pretty much your standard Italian campsite.

Camping Piantelle

Lake Garda

Pinatelle is a camping village on the bank of Lake Garda. The campgrounds are absolutely massive with lots of tent and motorhome pitches, but a lot more mobile homes and apartments for rent. There are also two pools – one for adults and one for kids – if you’d rather not swim in the vast lake.

The campsite features four types of pitches – Alpha, Bravo, Lake Front and XXL. Alpha pitches are standard motorhome pitches, while Bravo pitches are just basic tent pitches out in the field. Lake Front and XXL are both for campervans and motorhomes – XXL pitches are just bigger in size, while the Lake Front pitches are really close to Lake Garda with some mesmerizing views.

Motorhome pitches are all separated with trees and bushes, so you can have some privacy from your neighbors. Also, all RV and motorhome pitches have direct access to electricity, fresh water and waste facilities, but not all of them get free WiFi.

The campsite is huge and it has everything you might need from clean bathrooms to gym equipment. There’s also a restaurant where you can enjoy drinks and snacks, as well as a stocked mini market for grocery shopping.

Camping Village Mare Pineta


Mare Pineta is a campsite just 30 minutes outside Trieste. It’s a great place to stay if you want a relaxed camping holiday with ample opportunities for sightseeing and adventures. Slovenia and Croatia are also just 60 and 90 minutes away respectively, so if you want to make this a longer holiday you will have plenty of things to do while you’re in the area.

And that’s not even including all the different entertainment options you have directly at the campsite. There’s a club for kids and teenagers, which is great if you want to have a little time to yourself while you’re at the camp. The staff will entertain them in various way, from morning pool gymnastics to Latino dance training! All the while you can lounge at the massive pool and sip on cocktails.

The amenities at the pitches are pretty much what you would expect. Mare Pineta offers four types of pitches – one for couples with just a tent, and three different varieties for motorhomes. The tent pitches have access to electricity and the motorhome pitches also have a water tap on the pitch as well as access to free WiFi.

Camping Village Laguna Blu

Alghero Sardinia

The Laguna Blue campsite is in northwestern part of Sardinia. Now, getting to the campsite is tricky with a motorhome, so unless you’re specifically looking for campsites in Sardinia, I wouldn’t recommend heading here because it’s just too much hassle.

But if you want to camp in Sardinia, this is by far the best campsite on the island. It is situated on a small peninsula between Fertilia and Alghero Bay. The area is famous for Mara Pia beach – it’s over a kilometer long, and it features soft white sand and breathtaking views.

Apart from the gorgeous beach, this area also features several restaurants and bars, an aquapark and a birdwatching animal park. And there’s even more fun to be had at the campsite – Laguna Blu also has an aquapark of its own, with huge pools that are a stone’s throw away from the beach. You can even enroll your kids into a club, if you want the camp staff to keep them entertained while you work on your tan.

There’s four types of pitches – a smaller one just for tents and three larger options for motorhomes. All pitches have access to electricity and a water tap, while the motorhome pitches also get a TV connection and water drainage. Some pitches have WiFi access, but that mostly depends on the exact location of the pitch.  

Camping Le Soline


Le Soline is a campsite in Tuscany, situated amongst the region’s many vineyards. It’s nowhere near a beach or the sea, but there is a pretty big pool if you want to do some swimming. If your idea of the perfect vacation in Italy includes riding bikes in the countryside and heading to a different winery every evening, I think this is the best campsite in Italy for you!

In addition to the large pool, the campsite also features a hot tub for 12 people in an enclosed and air conditioned space, a volleyball court, a mini football court and table tennis. The bathrooms in the camp are clean, but they’re not entirely free – there is an extra charge for using hot water in the showers. Also, you have the option of renting a private bathroom, which is not a bad idea if you’re travelling with your family or a large group of people.

The campsite features 80 large pitches for motorhomes and 100 smaller pitches just for tents. All have access to electricity, but you’ll have to head to specific buildings for fresh water and waste disposal.

There are two facilities that serve the purpose of everything from a pizzeria to a grocery store, but they are only open during high season (summer). Keep that in mind since the camp is open year-round – if you’re visiting in late fall or winter, you will have to bring extra supplies.

Camping Ca ‘Savio

Venice Italy

Ca ‘Savio campsite is a 30-minute ferry ride outside Venice, and it’s the best place to stay if you’re planning to visit the Sinking City on your trip to Italy. If you’ve never been to Venice before, you should definitely plan to visit the gorgeous town ASAP – with the intense climate change and rapidly melting glaciers, it’s looking like Venice will be completely underwater in just a few decades.

The campsite’s pitches are divided into two main areas – Area A, and Area B & C. Pitches in Area A are larger, with access to electricity and fresh water. Pitches in Area B & C are a bit smaller, with access to electricity but no water hook up on pitch. All pitches are surrounded by trees, so there’s lots of shade to protect you from the sun. Also, there are three modern sanitary buildings in the camp, so a bathroom should be close by no matter where exactly your pitch is.

As for entertainment services, this campsite features a vast pool with a mini aquapark for the youngest campers. You can also rent bikes at the camp and arrange to go on a day trip to Venice. There’s restaurant, a bar and a grocery shop on site, so you don’t necessarily have to leave the camp grounds if you’re not up for it. But the whole point of staying at Ca ‘Savio is to be close to Venice, so you better be in the mood for at least one day trip!

Centro Turistico Città di Bologna


Want to visit Bologna? Then Centro Turistico Città di Bologna is a great campsite for you. And for everyone’s sake, I’ll just call it the Bologna Campsite. It’s only about 20 minutes away from the center of Bologna, and there’s even a (paid) bus services that operates directly from the camp.

The campsite offers various rental options including bungalows and mobile homes, but also lots of spacious and modern pitches. The best thing about the Bologna Campsite is that it’s so close to the city, but at the same time it’s situated in nature. The area is peaceful and beautiful, without the loud city noises and urban crowds.

The pitches are all modern with free access to the sanitary facilities. There’s also a swimming pool on-site that’s free to use, but it is open only during the summer. For an extra charge, you can also have access to WiFi, fitness center and conference room. On top of that, the campsite also features a bar, a restaurant and a pizzeria, but they too are open only during the summer.

Camping Villaggio L’ Ultima Spiaggia

Sardinia Beach

L’Ultima Spiagga is campsite on the eastern side of Sardinia. Again, unless you’re specifically looking for a campsite on the island, I don’t recommend travelling there in a motorhome since you’ll pay a small fortune in ferry fees. But if you’re dead set on camping in Sardinia, definitely consider this campsite.

It’s located in a forested area 50 meters away from Planargia beach. The pitches are divided into rows, and some are pretty much on the beach with just some trees separating you from the sand. All pitches are surrounded with eucalyptus, mimosas and pine trees, so there’s plenty of shade to protect you from the sun.

There’s three types of pitches in this campsite – tent pitches, caravan pitches and campervan pitches. All have access to electricity, WiFi and modern sanitary blocks that are equipped with everything from hot water sinks to washers and driers.

The campsite features four pools and there’s an extensive entertainment program for the kids during high season. A restaurant and a store are on-site, for everything you might need during your stay.

Isola Verde Camping Village


Isola Verde campsite is about an hour south of Rome, and it’s not a bad place to stay if you want to head to Italy’s capital city. The campsite is actually just outside Nettuno town, which is great for sightseeing and beaches. But the campground is still situated in nature, where it’s much more peaceful and quiet than in the actual town.

However, being in the nature has some downsides, the main one being that you’re about an hour away from the closest beach on foot. If you want to get around the town, you’ll definitely need bikes – especially if you’re also up for scenic rides in Italy’s countryside.

The campsite is close to a few different hiking trails, so it’s actually a great spot if you’re in the mood for exploring. There’s also a big pool at the camp, so it’s not like you must walk an hour to the beach if you want to go swimming.

The pitches in Isola Verde are all equipped with electricity, and you can choose between tent and motorhome pitches. They are both the same size and have access to the same facilities, with the main difference being road access to the pitch. This campsite also has a restaurant and a store, as well as ample entertainment options during high season.  

Piomboni Camping Village

Ravenna Province

Piomboni campsite is situated in an idyllic location some 50 meters from the beach, but still close enough to the historic city of Ravenna. It’s a 10-15 minute drive to the city, and another hour to Rimini and San Marino, making this campsite great for people who really want to explore Italy.

And even if you’re not in the mood to drive around the country, you’re still just a few steps from the beach. The campsite even has its own pool, three ping pong tables, foosball tables and a video game room, so there’s plenty of fun to be had even if you never leave the camp grounds.

The pitches are all equipped with electricity, and some even have direct access to fresh water. Some are fully shaded while others are more in the sun, but all of them have access to free WiFi and hot water in the showers. There’s a total of 7 sanitary buildings in the camp, as well as a grocery store, café, bar, pizzeria and restaurant.  

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