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Last Updated: February 18, 2021

Best Campsites In Sweden: Lakes, Beaches & Cities

Looking for a campsite in Sweden? Great because you’ve found a guide to the best campsites in Sweden, which covers all the top parts of the country.

We’ve featured campsites that are right on the beach as well as those that are so remote you likely won’t have cell service. And of course, we also included campsites that are close to the big cities, in case you don’t want to give up on the urban jungles entirely. Some of the camping grounds featured in this guide are great bases for exploring larger areas and even make it possible to go on a quick day trip to Norway or Denmark.

Whether you want to go kayaking or head to Stockholm, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect campsite in Sweden for you!

Bredäng Camping Stockholm


Bredäng Camping Stockholm is a campsite near Lake Mälaren, just some 20 minutes outside Stockholm. If you’re interested in exploring Sweden’s capital city, this is definitely one of the best campsites for you. There’s a metro station in Bredäng just 10 minutes outside the camp, so it’s pretty easy to get to Stockholm even if you’re not up for driving on your own. And in the summer you can even get to the city by boat.

The campsite is also about 350 meters from an open-air swimming area that’s very popular in the warmer months. There aren’t many hiking trails in the area, but there is a minigolf course for entertainment. The lake is also popular with fishermen, so if that’s something you’re into you will really enjoy this campsite.

The sanitary block is modern and clean, with bathrooms, showers and washing machines. There’s also a communal kitchen and a restaurant at the camp, so you will have access to all the essentials. Well, except electricity – there aren’t any hookups on the pitches, and you’ll have to head to one of the main buildings if you need to charge your tech.

First Camp City-Strömstad


First Camp City-Strömstad is a campsite on the west coast of Sweden. The location of the campsite is awesome since it’s perfect for everything from swimming in the ocean to a quick day-trip to Oslo in Norway! There’s also a proper golf course not that far from the camp and even an amusement park that’s very fun for your little ones.

One important thing to note about this Swedish campsite is that they are entirely cash-free, but they accept all standard-issue credit and debit cards.

The camp offers pitches for tents, caravans and RVs – the difference between the latter two is just in the size of the plot. All motorhome pitches have electricity hookups and most also have paved access. Also, the pitches are all grouped and there’s at least one water tap for each group. You can choose exactly which pitch you would like to reserve, so definitely pick out something close to the water tap for the ultimate convenience.

This campsite features a very clean and modern sanitary block, a playground and a restaurant. Also, there’s a path near the back row of pitches that takes you directly from the camp to the beach on the lake – a compelling reason to book a 214-219 pitch!

Kalmar Camping


Kalmar Camping is on the east coast of Sweden, right on the shore of Kalmar Strait. It’s a very popular destination in the warmer months because of its excellent location. Kayaking, paddling and rowing are just some of the things to do here, making it a great option for long family vacations.

The campsite features around 200 pitches, some of which have electrical hookups. They have a helpful map on their site that lets you know exactly which pitches have access to electricity as well as the location of water taps, so it should be pretty easy to book the pitch that’s most convenient for you. Also, this campsite offers overnight pitches for people who just need somewhere to spend the night before they get back on the road again.

There’s a playground at the camp, as well as soccer and volleyball fields. Kalmar Camping also offers two modern sanitary buildings with showers, toilets and a laundry room. You’ll even find a kiosk and a café right in the camp, so really there’s no need to leave the camping grounds at all during your stay.

Liseberg Camping Askim Strand


Liseberg Camping Askim Strand is a campsite in southwest Sweden. The location is awesome – it’s right on the sea with pitches a couple of minutes away from the beach, but at the same time the entire camp is just 15 minutes outside Gothenburg. Whether you want to spend your days lounging on the beach or shopping in the big city, you won’t be disappointed with this campsite.

The pitching area is parceled and every pitch has road access, but there’s not really a lot of foliage on the campgrounds. Which means there’s no bushes or trees to provide you with privacy from your neighbors, so keep that in mind. The area features about 260 pitches for motorhomes and caravans, and all of them have access to electricity. And if it’s just you and your tent, you can choose from 150 pitches, 14 of which have electrical hook-ups.

In terms of campsite amenities, Lisenberg Camping really didn’t cut any corners. There’s a huge green field where kids usually play frisbee or football, as well as a proper playground for the youngest campers. The sanitary buildings are modern and spotless, and you also have the option of renting your own private bathroom during your stay. There are even a communal kitchen and a TV room, as well as a grocery store on-site.

Ristafallet Camping


Image courtesy of Fuzzy Mannerz

Ristafallet Camping is a campsite just below Ristafallet – a spectacular waterfall in central Sweden. The camp is in nature near a river, with lots of trees and phenomenal views wherever you look. If you want a camping experience that is peaceful and away from the city crowds and noises, Ristafallet Camping is definitely one of the top campsites in Sweden for you!

Especially because it’s one of the smaller campsites with only about 30 pitches. It’s never going to be way too crowded, and you can really enjoy a peaceful vacation in nature. And you’ll have everything you need for an enjoyable vacation at your pitch, including electricity and free WiFi. Toilets, showers, kitchen and laundry room are all in the main service building, and all camping facilities are included in the price of your pitch.

There’s a lot of things to do in the area, especially if you’re into hiking. The campsite is actually very close to St Olav’s long-distance hiking trail – if you were thinking about attempting that hike, this is one of the stops along the way. Also, there is a café at the campsite, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to do for food and drinks.

Camping Tiveden

Camping Tiveden is on the bank of lake Unden, and it’s very close to National Park Tiveden. The area is perfect for nature lovers since there’s just so much to do here. Swim in the lake, explore the nearby hiking trails, rent kayaks and canoes, go horseback riding in the NP or just go mountain biking – if you love being outdoors and going on adventures, you will absolutely love this campsite.

The campsite is divided into three fields with 65 pitches on the grass, most of which have access to electricity. They range in size from 100m² to 140m², and they are either fully or partially shaded. The pitches near the lake protected from the wind with trees, but they still manage to offer spectacular views despite the foliage.

The main building is located centrally between the three fields, so you have easy access to it no matter where your pitch is. It is equipped with clean showers and toilets, a large communal kitchen and a separate dishwashing area. There’s also a laundry room with a washer and a drier, as well as a waste disposal area and chemical disposal site for RVs. All of the communal services are cleaned on a daily basis, so hygiene shouldn’t really be an issue at this campsite.

Falsterbo Camping


Falsterbo Camping is a campsite in the south of Sweden, close to both Malmö and Copenhagen. The location is spectacular – you’re just a couple of minutes away from the sea and the beach, but also just a short train ride away from Denmark! Because of the strategic location, this is definitely one of the best campsites in Sweden for families.

The campsite is very big with hundreds of pitches divided into several areas. All pitches have easy access to electricity and water taps, which is very convenient. The main building is centrally located for easy access from every pitch and it has toilets, showers and cooking facilities. There’s another smaller service building near the entrance to the camp, and it features just toilets, showers and waste disposal.

You will also find a café-restaurant at the campsite, so you don’t have to worry about food. And entertainment is not lacking either, considering Falsterbo Camping offers everything from mini-golf to playgrounds for kids. And that’s obviously in addition to the spectacular beach, countless nearby hiking trails and easy access to some stunning big cities!

Möllstorps Camping


 Image courtesy of Håkan Dahlström

Möllstorps Camping is located on the Öland Island in the Baltic Sea, just off the southeast coast of Sweden. Close to the campsite you’ll find a safari park and an amusement park, which makes this a great destination for families with kids. Especially since it’s so close to the sea and there’s plenty of opportunities for swimming.

The campsite is big with 450 pitches on grass that aren’t really parceled that well. The camping grounds are separated into a few areas, but there’s really nothing that separates the pitches themselves. There are very few trees and bushes, so don’t expect to have a lot of privacy from your neighbors.

There’s a restaurant at the camp, as well as a grocery store where you can grab all the essentials. And the camp has three service buildings with toilets and showers, which is usually enough for all the campers. You also get access to a kitchen and a laundry room, as well as free WiFi. The campsite has two playgrounds, pedal cars and a climbing frame, so there’s plenty of things to keep your little ones busy. During peak season they also offer entertainments for adults, but it’s not every single night of the week.

Kolgårdens Cabins & Campsites


Kolgårdens Campsite is located in southern Lapland on the shore of Lake Volsjon. The location is excellent because it’s surrounded by beautiful untouched nature, but it’s only a 5-minute drive away from the closest town (Vilhelmina).

The campsite is in a remote area, but the owners really go out of their way to make sure you’re not bored during your stay. They can organize pentathlon for groups, boat excursions and even fishing and hunting trips. Also, it’s possible to rent scooters if you want to go ride on the snowmobile trails and explore the area.

The camping grounds are not really parceled, so you’re free to park your campervan practically wherever you want. And all of the pitches have access to electricity for an extra charge, so you’re not making any compromises if you choose the lakeside pitch over the one in the tree shade. Also, there’s free WiFi all over the camping grounds but the further you are from the service building, the worse the signal gets.

The camp features a large service building with a fully equipped kitchen, a TV room, clean bathrooms and a recycling station. They also have a sauna, as well as a barbecue area that you are free to use. And on top of that, in the summer months, you can have ice baths at the camp, while in the colder months the owners set up two wood-fired hot tubs to warm you up after a long day out in the cold.

Gränna Camping

Granna Camping

Gränna Camping is a campsite on the shore of Lake Vättern, the second largest lake in Sweden. It’s about 30 minutes outside Jönköping, which is best known for the long lakeside beach and 19th century Sofia Church. The campsite features more than 450 pitches as well as some rental units, so it’s quite popular with campers.

Swimming in the lake and lounging on the beach are obviously the most popular things to do, but they’re certainly not the only entertainment in the area. There’s an island in the lake that features a popular castle, plus Omberg Ecopark and Tabergs Mine are very close to the camp. It’s also possible to go on boat trips and rent mopeds and motorcycles if you’re in the mood to explore.

The pitching area is parceled with road access to every single pitch. Rental cottages are the closest to the beach, but there’s also a row of pitches close to the lake. Most pitches have access to electricity, and when you’re booking your stay you can choose whether you want a pitch with or without an electric pole. Obviously, those that have electric hook-ups are pricier, but all the electricity you spend is included in the original price of the booking.

The campsite has two service houses and the facilities are mostly divided between them. The smaller building features showers, TV and dining rooms, a mini kitchen and a dishwasher, while the larger service building has toilets, a laundry room and a fully equipped kitchen.

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