Last Updated: October 13, 2022
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Best Chacos Without A Toe Strap (Free Your Toes)

Chacos are awesome sandals, but you are probably not a fan of the toe strap, right? I get it.

They can be restrictive, uncomfortable, and just downright hard to get used to. Lucky for us, Chacos have created a twin for almost every sandal they make. No, not an identical twin, because these babies come “without the toe strap”! Highfive Chacos!

But which models come without the toe strap? And which ones are the best?

In this review, I will show you all the best options and help you decide without breaking a sweat!

Quick Note On This Review

All of the sandals that I’m about to show you are available in both men’s and women’s versions, except for the X models (with multiple straps). I’ll give you the links to both versions at the bottom of each section, so you can check out all the prices and different colors that they come in yourself.

And now, here are the top Chacos that don’t have that nasty toe strap.

Best Chacos Without A Toe Strap

Z/Cloud - Best Sellers

Chaco Women's Z/Cloud Sandal Metallic Rose 9 B - Medium

The Z/Cloud sandals are one of Chaco’s all-time best sellers. They are a favorite among both men and women, because of their incredibly soft footbed. And that’s why they are called Cloud – that’s how soft they are.

That comfort is because of the footbed’s top layer of ultra-soft PU. It provides instant cushioning for your feet, end ensures that you don’t feel what’s happening below your feet.

Now, one of the worst things that can happen to you in traditional sandals or flip-flops is that your foot slips and you twist your ankle. And that happens most often when your shoes are wet. Chaco features a ribbed insole that will prevent this from happening, which is a huge bonus. It also shows just how much thought was put into designing these awesome sandals.

The outsole is just as important as the footbed in this regard, since it pretty much does all the work, in terms of keeping you stable both underwater and on the ground. These sandals are equipped with a non-marking ChacoGrip rubber outsole, which will provide you with all the traction you need, with 3.5 millimeter deep lugs.

And of course, they are completely adjustable – like all other Chacos. The strap is made from a single piece of polyester, and you can tighten or loosen it as much as you need.


Women's Only: Z/Cloud X

Chaco Women's ZX/1 Cloud Outdoor Sandal, Echo Paloma, 9 M

The X marks the spot – or rather the additional strap. I won’t dwell too much on these, as they are almost exactly the same as the regular Z/Cloud sandals. They are equipped with all the same features – the same footbed, outsole, midsole, etc.

The only difference is in the straps – the Z/Cloud X features two thin straps, instead of just the single thick one. This could be beneficial for water sports, as the thinner straps dry even faster than the regular ones.

But also, some of you just might prefer how these sandals look, and so I had to show them to you. :>



Chaco Women's Zvolv Sandal, Waltz Navy, 7 M US

The Z/Volv sandals are another pair of Chacos that is awesome without the toe loop. They are also your best choice if you’re looking for a primarily sporty sandal for hiking, as they offer slightly better traction than the Z/Cloud.

The outsole on these sandals is non-marking EcoTread. It’s made of a rubber compound that’s 25% recycled, and if you are looking for an eco-friendly pair of sandals, these are a great choice. This particular outsole performs just as well as ChacoGrip, if not better.

The position of the lugs on the outsole is different, which means that the sandal moves somewhat better with your foot. They conform to the shape of your feet more easily, precisely because of the positioning of the 3-millimeter lugs.

What that means, in terms of performance, is that you’ll be stable even when standing on rocks. Another thing that helps the Z/Volv sandal perform so well is the midsole. It’s a Luvseat midsole, just like on the Z/Cloud sandals, but its texture is different. Here we have a grid-like ribbing of the footbed, which will give you amazing traction both in wet and dry conditions.

The strap is pretty much the same – completely adjustable and made of polyester. The one thing that differs here is the color variety – the Z/Volv sandals aren’t available in as many colors as the other Chacos. But, the fact that these are the lightest sandals Chaco has certainly made up for that.


Women's Only: Z/Volv X

Chaco Women's Zvolv X Sport Sandal, Kaleido Eclipse, 12 Medium US

The Z/Volv X is a women’s exclusive because apparently, men don’t really like having multiple straps. Just kidding of course. :>

But, these sandals do have all the same features as the regular Z/Volv. You just get two thin straps instead of one thick one, and that’s the main difference. Also, keep in mind that these are just as adjustable as the plain Z/Volv.

Oh and there’s more color variety with this particular model.


Z/1 Classic

Chaco Women's Z/1 Classic Empire Pine 5 M

You can never really go wrong with a classic, be it a classic Chaco or a classic Samsonite, and that’s particularly true for these sandals. They’re pretty much what made the Chaco brand what it is today, and they’re every bit as good as you expect.

One thing to note is that these are the most affordable Chacos so far. If you’re on a tight budget, I think they’ll be perfect for you! They are slightly heavier than the other two pairs that I showed you, but not drastically.

In addition to that, the Classic Chacos are champions of color variety. If you want to find just the right sandals that will go with every outfit you want to take on vacation, you’ll find them in this particular collection. There are about 18 different colors for men, which pretty much guarantees you’ll find something you like.

And now about the important features – the traction and the comfort. So, these Chacos are equipped with the same midsole and outsole as the Z/Cloud model – the Luvseat PU midsole and the non-marking ChacoGrip outsole. Even the texture of the footbed is the same as on the sandals that we first saw, and you know they will give you all the traction that you need.

The straps are adjustable throughout, naturally, and you don’t have to worry about the fit. And the integrated heel raisers will provide you with great shock absorption, which is something you rarely get from sandals.


ZX/1 Classic

Chaco J106562 Women's Zx/1 Classic, Static Avocado - 8

Again, we have a variation of the Classic Chaco sandals, but with two very thin straps in place of a thick one. Some people prefer this design, so I felt like I had to show you the option.

But wait, there’s a twist. Finally, we have sandals with multiple straps in a men’s version! Granted, they come in only two colors, but do you really want anything other than classic black? And for women, there’s even more color variety here than we had with the previous model.

All the other features are exactly the same, and the ZX/1 models are even in the same price range as the regular Classic model. So, go for these only if you really like the two straps.



Chaco Women's Wayfarer Sandal, Grey, 6

The Wayfarer sandals are different from anything we’ve seen so far. Why? Because they are not really water-friendly sports sandals. These are made of full-grain leather, so they are more suited for everyday use or evening walks. But if your question is can you hike in them, the answer is yes.

You can, but please don’t. You could scuff the leather easily, which would be a real shame. If you are looking for a real sports sandal, then stick to the first three models. These are for people who are looking for something that’s elegant enough for both the workplace and the restaurant, but still really comfortable.

You’ll love the softness of the Luvseat midsole, coupled with the luxuriousness of the suede footbed. But, we both know what happens to suede if you get it wet, so I have to remind you not to use these underwater.

The ChacoGrip rubber outsole will give you plenty of traction on different terrain types. However, the lugs on the outsole of these shoes aren’t nearly as fierce and rugged as the lugs on the Z/Cloud or Z/Volv, so keep that in mind. Avoid wearing them if you are about to take on some very difficult terrain.

But if you want to wear them while running errands or just walking around the town, that’s perfectly fine. You’ll not only feel like you are walking on two soft pillows, but you’ll also look pretty hot while you’re doing it. :>


Why Choose Chacos?

There are a lot of different sporty sandals from different brands on the market. With such a large variety, it can be hard to decide on which brand you want to go with, and even harder to choose a single pair of sandals. That’s where I come in – I do the research so you don’t have to. And here are the conclusions that my research has led me to:

Chacos are adjustable throughout. How many of you have a hard time finding footwear that fits just right? Maybe you have high arches or maybe you have really narrow feet – in that case, Chacos are perfect for you. The straps on all the sandals are completely adjustable – you can tighten or loosen every part of the sandal until you make it fit just the way it should.

The best for water sports. These sandals were designed for people who like to engage in water sports. They have a non-slip rubber outsole, which means that you’ll have plenty of grip and traction even underwater. If that’s one of the reasons you’re shopping for new sandals, you’ve found the right ones.

Great for hiking. That same outsole that will keep you stable underwater will do wonders for you on the ground. A general issue with sandals is that they have very thin soles, so you can pretty much feel every single pebble that you step on. But that’s not the deal with Chacos.

They feature a Luvseat midsole, which is very comfortable and excellent for hiking. It moves along with your foot and in combination with the outsole, it works so well that you won’t feel the difference between concrete and rocky terrain.

They dry quickly. So, you know those horrible rubber shoes for water that just drag you down while you are swimming? And then you get out of the water and your feel like you are walking with your feet in two small ponds. That won’t happen with Chacos.

For one thing, the straps are polyester, which dries really quickly and doesn’t retain too much water in the first place. And obviously, the sandals are open, so no water can be trapped inside the shoe.

Why No Toe Strap?

It’s not just a personal preference. Toe loops are great for some people and awful for others. If you have sensitive feet and get blisters from flip-flops, you’ll also get them from a toe loop. Especially if you spend several hours in the sandals. The skin on your toes is really thin, and it rubs against the strap, which could be very painful for you. And that’s why we’re checking out Chacos without toe loops.

On the other hand, if you don’t care as much about that feature, I have another review that features all types of Chacos. Be sure to check it out if you want that toe strap. But generally, if a sandal has the number 2 in its name, it means that it features a toe strap.

So you see, Chaco sandals are extremely functional. You can wear them to the beach and then head straight into the woods, without having to stop by your hotel to change. If that’s the kind of sandal that you are looking for, then check out the top ones I’ve selected for you!

Which Chacos Without A Toe Strap Are The Best?

This is not going to be easy to decide, especially since the first three pairs are so similar. But I do like one of those pairs better than the rest, so here goes.

First, if I were you and I was looking to finally buy some comfortable sandals (and I didn’t already own like five different Chacos), I would get two pairsA pair for every day that I can dress up and dress down, depending on the occasion, and a sporty pair for hiking, swimming, and just running around the beach. So, I think you can already guess my first choice.

Yes, it’s the Wayfarer sandals. They are sleek, well made, pretty, and above all, very comfortable. The suede footbed will feel like a dream against your feet, and you’ll have great grip and traction with the ChacoGrip outsole.

Oh and that outsole is rubber, so you can even drive safely in these sandals, which is not the case with some others. Really, if you need a shoe to take on the everyday adventure with, the Wayfarer is the perfect companion.

Chaco Men's Wayfarer Sandal, Black, 9
  • Full-grain unlined leather upper
  • Antique finish metal buckle
Chaco Women's Wayfarer Sandal, Otter, 7
  • Full grain leather upper
  • Comfortable suede leather footbed

Now, chances are that you are looking at Chacos specifically because you want a good sporty sandal. And if that is the case, I would suggest you go with the Z/Volv sandal. They are the fiercest out of the bunch, but still eco-friendly at the same time. The outsole is a rubber compound it will provide you with excellent traction both in dry and wet conditions.

In addition to that, the lugs are pretty thick and they are positioned very cleverly so that the sandal can bend along with your foot. If you’re looking for sandals that will help you stay confident in all of your outdoor adventures, then the Z/Volv are simply great for you.<

Chaco Women's Zvolv Sandal, Waltz Navy, 7 M US
  • Polyester jacquard webbing upper wraps around the foot and through the midsole for a customized fit
  • Adjustable and durable high-tensile webbing heel risers with injection-molded ladder lock buckle

Those are my favorite Chaco sandals without a toe strap – and for good reasons. I hope you enjoyed the review and that you saw something you loved. Go check out the sandals on Amazon – the prices and all the different colors are so attractive it’s practically impossible to resist them!

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