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Best Chocolate Tasting Spots In Geneva

If you’re looking to go on a Geneva chocolate tasting tour then you have come to the right place and you have traveled to the right place too.

Switzerland is famous for its Swiss chocolate and there is nothing quite like having a taste of it in the delicious local chocolate shops around Geneva.

Join me as I run through all the excellent chocolate shops around Geneva so you can go on a self-guided chocolate tasting tour and sample the delights of some of the best chocolatiers in Switzerland.



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A fantastic chocolate shop in Geneva where you can taste quality chocolate in the form of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, delicious truffles, and lots more is Stettler.

Founded on Avenue Blanc by chocolatier Paul Stettler in 1947, this is one of the oldest chocolate tasting spots in Geneva and a great place to start your chocolate tasting tour of Geneva.

You will find a huge range of chocolates to try in this establishment from adventurous creations such as rose water truffles and basil truffles to more traditional offerings like the delicious almond stuffed milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

You also can’t leave without trying the magical chocolate croissants and the orange peel chocolate that simply bursts with flavor in your mouth.

The chocolate that this small shop is famous for is its Pavé de Genève (Geneva paving stones). These are quite exquisite chocolate truffles that are dusted with cocoa powder and are softer chocolate that melts in your mouth and needs to be kept in the fridge.

With a melting point of 17 celsius and ingredients like cocoa butter, coconut oil, butter and cocoa powder, they are simply heavenly.

Du Rhône Chocolatier


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If you only want to visit one chocolate spot while visiting Geneva then you should probably go to Du Rhône on Rue Du Rhône of Geneva. This shop was established over 140 years ago and is caked in tradition and is now an icon of Swiss chocolate.

It is said that in the late 1800s, their praline chocolates were so popular that horse-drawn carriages would pile up in traffic and refuse to clear a path for others until they got their chocolate.

Du Rhône was created by Monsieur Pertuiset and his quality chocolate was a favorite of the likes of Winston Churchill and Grace Kelly plus the world’s best chocolate critics. The milk chocolate and dark chocolate were so popular that some original recipes went missing, and since then they are now guarded under lock and key.

Today, this amazing chocolate producer is run by Joel Fradkoff and Joël Dicker who brought the Du Rhône name back to life and are creating some incredible chocolate that everyone loves. In the shop, you will find amazing specialty chocolates in the form of marc de dôle, carré amer, and mocca glacé plus some delicious hot chocolate too.

Auer Chocolatier

Auer was established way back in 1939 by the one and only Henri Auer and is a Geneva chocolate tasting spot that is still run by the Auer family and is still in the exact same location as where it started in 1939.

The specialties created in this amazing chocolate spot are all made by hand and they are most famous for their truffles, high cocoa content, and creamy alcohol-filled fillings. It doesn’t stop here though and you will find a huge range of specialty chocolate to try here.

If you prefer smooth chocolate with less cocoa beans that has a milder creamier taste to it like praline and milk chocolate.

One of this shop’s most famous offerings is Amandes Princesse – roasted almonds covered in milk chocolate and cocoa. The ganaches are filled with praline and cream, and some are even topped with walnuts.

The one chocolate that Auers takes most seriously is their “Pavé Glacé of Geneva” which was designed by Henri Auer in 1940. These together with the other 50 options make this an amazing place to dip into chocolate heaven while in Geneva.



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The Favarger chocolate factory has been making incredibly delightful chocolates for almost 200 years. They started out in 1826 and they still follow the same in-house process from selecting each cocoa bean to roasting and adding them to their famous recipes.

It won’t surprise you to hear that Favarger are one of the best-known chocolatiers in Switzerland and you can choose to either visit their chocolate tasting bar or have a guided tour around the factory where you can join a workshop and create your own variety of chocolate.

I would highly recommend going to the chocolate tasting bar as it is quite an experience. The layout is stunning with warm furnishings, great music, a lovely atmosphere, and has some of the best chocolate you might ever taste.

You will find everything from specialty hot chocolate to crunchy praline, melting Praslin, heart-shaped ganaches, and lots, lots more. You will be able to taste over 40 different chocolates in a single tasting evening.

Honestly, your taste buds will not be prepared for what they are about to experience, and you should book ahead as this place is very popular.



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Teuscher, of Dolf Teuscher is a chocolate shop that was started around the 1950s and grew to be a bit of a global chocolate titan that today shops over 100 different types of gourmet chocolates around the world.

Teuscher chocolates are all made using the original recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation through the Teuscher family and the quality is hard to beat. They are most famous for their champagne truffles, and they are exquisite but there are lots more to try too.

One of their specialty chocolates that stands out to me is their pink chocolate bars that are made with peppercorns. If you like chili chocolate, you should try some of these. You should also try out their Schokoladentorte which is a super moist cake that is to die for.

Teuscher only uses all-natural ingredients for their chocolates so you know that they are as healthy as chocolate can be, some are even sugar-free and use fruit sweetener instead. They are also super sustainable too.

This is a must-visit chocolate spot in Geneva, even if it is just for the champagne truffles.



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Ladurée is more than a chocolate spot, it is a one-stop shop for a huge range of incredibly tasty delights from decadent pastries to chocolates, sweets, ice creams, jam, honey, and their most famous creations are their macarons.

Having a cup of their famous hot chocolate is a must when visiting in winter, their ice creams and sorbets make summer days even more heavenly, and their macarons are some of the best in the world.

Their chocolate macarons are crunchy on the outside and come with a pistachio ganache filling or even a violet-flavored filling. There are lots more to choose from too, from milk chocolate to white chocolate rose fillings or even raspberry-flavored fillings.

I would highly recommend stopping in to buy a box of chocolates, and macarons, sample the ice cream and more. You can then take a stroll around Lake Geneva and be transported into Swiss chocolatey heaven while gazing across the Alps.

Chocolaterie ARN


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Chocolaterie ARN has been making incredible chocolates for more than 70 years over three different family generations. Located on Place du Bourg-de-Four with a stunning terrace overlooking amazing views of Geneva, there isn’t a better place to taste some chocolate in Geneva.

They are incredibly famous for their hot chocolates, homemade pralines, and Geneva pavers, but you can also sample from the magical pastries, caramels, truffles, and more. The artwork on their praline is amazing and each features a view of Geneva.

While hanging out on the beautiful terrace you can overlook Geneva with a great cup of tea or coffee, sample their ice cream cups, or really go into your chocolate-loving self and try a little bit of everything.

La Bonbonnière


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La Bonbonnière has been an artisanal chocolate spot in Geneva since way back in 1921 and was originally called “Confiserie Werder” until it was bought by Madame Bischof after the second world war who changed the name.

It was Madame Bischof who put this place on the chocolate map and made it famous before handing it on to the likes of the Allombert family and then the Marguerat family. Today it is run by Cédric Rahm and Yvan Loubet, who maintain the excellence of the past and create incredible chocolate.

They only use the best ingredients from hand selecting and roasting their cocoa beans which are sustainably sourced to lots more. The range of chocolates they make is quite astounding and you can find everything from candied orange sweets to ginger sticks, ganaches, and pralines.

You can also choose from vegan chocolates and gluten-free products to awesome pastries, biscuits, desserts, pies, and lots more.

Tasting all these amazing chocolates is one thing but the atmosphere of the shop is another. You couldn’t find a more friendly vibe, setting, and great service too.

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