Last Updated: June 2, 2021
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The Best DJI Spark Cases To Protect Your Drone

You got yourself the DJI Spark! Awesome. Now, you have realized you have to protect your new investment.

Sure, this thing can take a pounding, but why risk it. What you need is a cozy home for your drone and accessories. And these DJI Spark cases are just what you need.​

​Not super expensive, with lots of room for your drone and gear. And a padded interior to keep everything safe, with a hard (or hard-ish) case to protect everything.

CaseSack Designed Travel Case (Fits Remote)

Upgraded protective Case for DJI Spark Portable Mini Quadcopter Drone, Slots for Charger adpter, 2 batteries and propellers, Pockets for USB, Cable, Micro SD Cards and Charger base (Black 1/2' deeper)

CaseSack has designed the perfect case for your DJI Spark with this case.

A place for absolutely everything, including all the cables and memory cards.

A softshell, which is hard enough to be protective but light enough to be a pleasure to carry.

Features of the case:

  • Specific space for absolutely everything
  • Mesh pocket for extra cables, charger, etc
  • Semi-hard shell to protect your gear
  • Hard foam interior to hold everything in place
  • A range of colors: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green (to match your Spark)

A great option for your DJI Spark case that is quite affordable and carries everything while still protecting it.

If you don’t have the Spark remote controller, you should go for the other version of this case instead.​ (below)

Product Information

  • Size (LWH): 0.24 inches, 7.49 inches, 2.56 inches
  • Weight: 12.32 ounces

CaseSack Designed Travel Case (No Remote Space)

Compact Travel Case for DJI Spark Mini Quadcopter Drone, Slots for extra batteries and propellers, mesh pocket for USB cable and accessories

CaseSack has designed a nice home for your DJI Spark with this case.

It’s a softshell case with a specifically designed hard foam interior for (almost) all your DJI Spark gear.

The only big downside I see with this case is no specific space for the remote. And, not having tried it yet, I can’t say if it will fit in the mesh pocket or not.

Features of the case:

  • Specific space for – Spark drone, two batteries, spare propellers
  • Mesh zippered pocket for extra cables, charger, etc
  • Semi-hard shell to protect your gear
  • Hard foam interior to hold everything in place
  • A redlined colorful interior

A nice case for your spark, with good quality materials and well designed. Just be careful you don’t buy this if you have the Spark Remote. Then you want the other CaseSack case which has space for it.

Product Information

  • Size (LWH): 9.06 inches, 7.49 inches, 2.56 inches
  • Weight: 10.24 ounces

Waterproof Hardshell Handbag Carry Case

Tomat Mavic Mini 2 Hard Case,Portable Waterproof Storage Carrying Case for DJI Mini 2 Drone Accessories

This hardshell and waterproof case for the DJI Spark has everything you need to carry your drone and keep it safe.

This case has space for everything you will bring with your Spark and is designed to protect it well with a hard shell and hard foam.

Features of the case:

  • Specific space for – Spark drone, two batteries, charger, and cable, remote control
  • Zippered pocket for a tablet or phone, extra cables, and memory cards etc
  • Poly Carbonate shell is great for protection
  • Hard foam interior to hold everything in place

Of course, there is always a downside and that is the weight. This is one of the heavier cases in this review, but it is also one of the strongest I would think.

Product Information

  • Size (LWH): 7.9 x 7.9 x 5.9 inches
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds

Hardshell Carry Case

Hardshell Handbag Carry Case for DJI SPARK Quadcopter Drone

If you want something super old school and hard, then this is the hard case for your Spark.

This is what gear cases used to look like, and for good reason. This is hard, strong, and has a hard foam interior molded to fit all the gear for your Spark drone.

Features of the case:

  • Super strong and durable materials
  • Hard foam interior for all the Spark and accessories you would have
  • Padded foam lid
  • Strong clips to keep the case closed.

This is the kind of case you need if you are out in the field a lot and want to be 100% sure your drone is going to be safe, secure, and protected.

It will be a bit heavier and not so nice to carry long distances, but it does the job. It also lacks specific spaces for cables and SD cards.

Product Information

  • Size (LWH): 13.8 x 9.8 x 5.9 inches
  • Weight: Not given by the manufacturer

PolarPro DJI Spark Case

PolarPro Mini Case for DJI Spark - Holds DJI Spark and up to 2 Batteries

The Polar Pro team has been making drone gear for a while now, so it’s not surprising they have their own take on the DJI Spark Soft Case.

This is a very minimalist and light case that is designed with protecting the drone in mind, and not much else. You can also fit in two spare batteries (or alternatively other stuff that would fit where a battery goes).

But, there is no specific foam or holder for anything (except the shape of the drone).​

This is really a case for anyone looking to protect the drone but carry it in another bag​. Something I do a lot (when hiking or traveling). I don’t want a big bag for every piece of gear.

Features of the case:

  • Softshell is hard enough to protect the drone from knocks
  • Fits the drone very well
  • Can also fit two batteries
  • Exterior loop to attach to something else if required

Product Information

  • Size (LWH): 6 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Weight: Could not find weight, but it's very minimal and light

LowePro CS 80

Lowepro LP36913 ViewPoint CS 80 - A Soft-Sided Protective Case for DJI Spark, 360 Fly or 3 GoPro Action Cameras,Black

LowePro is the best when it comes to carrying camera gear, and their stuff works really well for drones too.

The LowePro CS 80 is one of a range of soft cases that you can use to store your drone gear and then carry it in other bags too.

I have this case for my Mavic Pro (and a smaller one for my GoPro), and it’s great. It is not only nice and protective for your drone, but its rearrangeable interior means you can use it for lots of purposes too.

The top flap also has a pocket for cables and other gear, as well as a dedicated series of 3 pockets for your SD cards.

AND, there is a flap under that with some elastic slots (3 big ones and 5 medium-sized ones) for extra propellers, or cables if you prefer.

It is really the best option I have found.

This is really a case for anyone looking to protect the drone but carry it in another bag​. Something I do a lot (when hiking or traveling). I don’t want a big bag for every piece of gear, I prefer flexibility instead.

Features of the case:

  • Soft case that protects your gear
  • Fits the spark perfectly (same width)
  • Adjustable partitions for fitting and reuse for other purposes
  • Space for sd cards, cables, propellers, and more
  • Top-quality materials and design


Choosing The Right Case For Your Spark

Choosing the perfect case for your drone and gear is never an easy task. Hours of research, and you still may not know.

That is why in this comparison review I have tried to cover all needs and options so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

The following are some factors I believe are quite important and you can keep in mind as you take a look at the options.

Soft or Hard Case

If it is going to be a standalone case with all your gear in it then the hard or semi-hard cases are the way to go. They are stronger, more robust and protect all your gear.

The softer cases towards the end of the review tend to be more for storing or carrying in other bags. At least that is how I use them.

Size & Weight

Another factor is how much you are willing to carry, size and weight-wise.

The harder cases with all the gear in them are not something you want to lug around on a hike or a long way to your flying destination.

The softer cases tend to be way smaller and lighter and are great for throwing your drone and most of its gear in a backpack.

All The Extras

If you want absolutely everything in the case and well organized, there are fewer options. Some cases only care about the main bits (drone, controller, batteries, etc). While some of the better ones take good care of your cables and SD cards.

Have a good think about how you are going to store and use your drone as it’s easy to lose stuff.​

Remote or Not

There are a couple of cases that differ in the CaseSack range in terms of whether you have the Spark remote or not.