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Best Footrest For Travelers To Help You Relax On The Road

One of the main reasons you probably love to travel is to relax and get away from your busy life. You might also just have to travel a lot for business.

No matter what the reason, all this traveling can make you feel exhausted. Especially from all the walking and being on uncomfortable seats for long hours. That is where a great travel foot rest can come in handy!

Footrests can help ease the pain on your legs and feet and help you enjoy the journey, rather than dread it

You can use a footrest on a car, bus, in flight, or while working in your hotel room.

At A Glance: Our Top 3 Picks for Travel Footrest

  • Sleepyride Airplane FootrestBest Choice For Flying
  • Skypal Leg & FootrestMost Versatile
  • 5Fold Foot Hammock

  • Footrests for travelers are made to be lightweight, inflatable, foldable, and of course, easy to pack and portable. They doesn’t take up too much space, or weigh much, so they are the perfect travel companion.

    Choosing the right one depends on your needs and preferences so below I’ve compiled the best ones for travelers just like you.

    With nearly 600 reviews on Amazon, and 4.5 star review average, this is a footrest worth checking out.

    It's perfect for those who have to fly a lot, or want to have something comfy under your desk. Because it hangs, it is harder to place in areas where there is nothing to hang it from.

    Another great part of this footrest is that it also packs down really small, and is super light and transportable. Again, a great thing to have in your carry on for travel. 

    So, if you hate those plastic plane footrests like me, maybe this is your new best friend?

    Product Information

    • Material: Suede and foam foot rest with nylon strap
    • Weight: 6.4 oz
    • Size: 20 x 7.5 x 0.5 inches


    • Lightweight
    • Portable
    • Great for planes


    • Not suitable for all desk types

    SkyPal is the company behind this inflatable footrest that can be used in your office, home or on the go.

    It’s composed of two cushions: a small one and a larger one, individually inflatable.

    Aside from a footrest, it can also be used as an armrest, leg rest, and pillow. So, is a bit of an all-rounder in that respect.

    The small cushion has a size and dimension of 17” x 11” x 4.7” & 6.3”.43cm x 28cm x 12cm and 16cm, while the larger cushion measures 43cm x 28cm x 27cm and 31cm.

    The material they use for the cushions is REACH-verified and flocked PVC which is environmentally friendly and hygienic. Always a plus in my eyes!

    Product Information

    • Material: REACH-verified and flocked PVC
    • Inflated Size: (small) 17” x 11” x 4.7” & 6.3” (43 x 28 x 12cm * 16cm), (large) 17” x 11” x 10.6” & 12.3” (43 x 28 x 27cm and 31cm), (combined) 17” x 11” x 17” 


    • Inflatable
    • Has two sizes for different uses
    • Multi-functional: can also serve as a pillow and armrest


    • Can be too large when all cushions are used together

    The 5Fold Foot Hammock uses hooks that can be mounted on any type of desk and potentially while on the move.

    If you’re a traveler and unsure of what the desk is going to look like in your hotel, then this one is perfect. It is easy to set up thanks to the universal DIY clamps and adjustable rope stoppers.

    The 7.5inch hammock is wide and stable so you can rest your feet and swing it with no problems at all.

    The footrest has a dimension of 25.7 x 7.5 inches and the material is made of Twill. Product Information  Usability: Best used on desks  Color: Black Pros  Portable  Foldable Cons  Can only be used in places where you can set up the hooks.

    Product Information

    • Material: Twill nylon
    • Uses: Best used on desks
    • Footrest Dimensions: 25.7 x 7.5 inches


    • Fits almost any desk type
    • Portable


    • The hooking system limits it's uses to scenarios with desks and similar

    Which Best Travel Footrest For You?

    Traveling can be fun and tiring at the same time. Why not make it comfortable?

    These footrests can have different uses but it all depends on your scenario. To help you decide what is best for you, think of where you’re going to use the footrest most. Will it be on a plane? On a bus or car? Are you going to need one in your hotel room?

    From there, you can surely narrow down choices and pick the most suitable one for you.

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