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Retro Campers – The Best Around

If you hadn’t noticed, although I’m sure you have, vintage stuff is in, the old is now new, and when it comes to Retro Campers, it’s pretty obvious why.

There is nothing quite like the look of a Retro Camper from the outside when you start to take a look on the inside, you’re only blown away further. Huge panoramic windows, funky but functional interiors, and just awesome looks in general.

The issue with old retro campers is that they are old and not so reliable on the road, but luckily camper manufacturers have seen the need and desire of the market, and have made new, old retro campers just for us. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Airstream Bambi Sport 16′

Photo from – Airstream

There is nothing quite like an Airstream when it comes to retro campers. The sleek aluminum lines along the Airstream Bambi 16 shell make it mouth-watering-ly stylish and the inside is to die for. Everything is crafted down to the fines detail.

On the interior, you’ll find a dedicated double bed along with a dining table and bench seats that convert to another bed. Plus, there is a restroom, shower, and fully equipped kitchen. The style inside is sleek and modern, and if you’re looking for a retro camper for two or three people, this one is hard to beat.

The kitchen comes with a gas stove, microwave, two sinks, and a refrigerator so you can really cook up a feast when you want to. There is also a TV with a cable hook up above the door for all to see when relaxing, and if you go for the Bambi 22, the whole length of the back is a bathroom with a wooden door and a window.

Each one comes with air conditioning as standard, a retractable awning, USB charging ports, a JVC Bluetooth stereo, loads of storage, and even an outside shower for rinsing off after a surf or long hike.

If you hit add to cart on one of these you’re getting a retro camper stuffed full of new tech. You can even opt to add a solar charging package to the roof…. that’s a service for you.

Dub Box

Photo from – Dub Box USA

Dub Box is in the business of making some super cool retro campers and their creations emulate the style of an old school VW camper.

They have a range of retro campers to choose from including smaller more affordable versions, food trucks, and adventure campers. All of them are made from fiberglass making them both light and durable, plus their smaller sizer means you can keep them safe in your garage between camping trips.

The Dub Box Adventure II camper is where it’s at. This retro camper comes with a large seating area at the back that converts into a double bed plus there’s loads of storage underneath for all your gear. At the other end, you’ll find a kitchenette with a fridge, sink, two-burner stove plus an in-built water tank, grey water tank, and electric water heater.

The headroom is a little limited inside but you can pop the roof up to give you extra 2ft or so, making moving around inside like being at home.

If you love the style of an old VW camper, then a Dub Box retro camper is a great choice for you. They are super convenient to tow, store, and of course, have that retro style inside and out that we all love.

Retro Riverside RV

Photo from – Riverside RV

Riverside RV has a whole manufacturing department dedicated to retro campers, and as you can see from the picture above, they do a pretty awesome job at it.

The retro campers Riverside make take inspiration from the 1950s with a classic old school or teardrop shape with clean lines, smooth curves, and a rounded shape to them plus some funky color schemes to boot. Their look transports you back to those simpler times and gives you a nostalgic sense of the past.

The interior of each retro camper is no different. They come with chequered black and white 1950s floors, colorful dinette cushions, and Birchwood walls and cabinets. Stepping inside one of these really does take you back in time a little bit, but not when it comes to functionality.

These retro campers are light, easy to tow, plus come in a range of colors and sizes to suit you. You can op for one that sleeps two or 4 with ease, has a slide-out dining room for extra space, and a load more.

You can customize each camper yourself, adding a kitchen, restroom, shower, TV, solar, and pretty much anything else. If you can think of it, Riverside probably has too, and you’ll be able to add it to your special camper with ease.

Happier HC1 Camper

Photo from – Happier Camper

The Happier Camper HC1 is another new retro camper that is keeping the old styles alive and up to date. Using the traditional egg shape along with cool old school colors, a huge loading door, panoramic windows, and classic wheel fenders, this camper looks like it’s from the past but my god is it functional.

You can sleep up to 5 people in it, it’s super light to tow, and it fits in a single parking space, but how? The interior is built from honeycomb fiberglass which is incredibly light but also incredibly strong, and it’s designed with something called Adaptiv in mind.

An Adaptiv interior pretty much turns your trailer interior into a lego set, allowing you to modularize it and to add and remove features as you need them. Time or sleep? Throw a bed together. Going camping with the family, build your own modular bunk bed couch. Heading out surfing? Flatten the floor and store all your boards safely. Want to clean your camper interior? Hose down the interior and the water will drain out like on a boat.

This kind of thinking makes this small retro trailer one of the most functional around and ready for any adventure. You can even opt to have a kitchenette and water storage added to the camper if you fancy it.

Tag Teardrop Campers

Photo from – nuCamp

Another camper that oozes retro vibes is the Tag Teardrop Camper. These retro campers, as you can see, have a funky outer shell and design with a rounded teardrop shape, sleek lines, rounded edges, and that funky stainless textured battery holder at the front.

These retro campers are made for two people and have a different design to most others you’re likely o find. Inside is a large comfy double bed with a retractable star-gazing window and a thermostat-controlled retro heater to keep you warm on frosty nights. If the bed is anything as comfortable as it looks, you’ll probably have some of your best night’s sleep in this retro camper.

The galley is accessed via the back, in a kind of trunk access style. This makes it ideal for outdoor cooking, stops any smells from lingering in the bedroom, and means you can spread your table and chairs around it in the evenings.

The galley includes a microwave, two gas burners, a sink, plus secured storage space, and a Yeti Cooler instead of a fridge. If you don’t know about Yeti’s, they can hold ice for over 10 days and work almost as well as a fridge when it comes to camping adventures.

The features don’t stop there either and you can also include air conditioning, an outdoor shower, a 3-speed fan, and even more.

Scamp Camper

Photo from – Scramp Trailers

Scamp has making campers since 1972, so if anyone knows retro styles, it’s them. Each of their campers is made from fiberglass, ensuring they are super light and easy to tow, even for small vehicles. You have three sizes to choose from when it comes to scamp campers, including 13, 16, and 19ft.

Each one comes in a standard or deluxe model and features an awesome retro look inside and out. Each one comes with a toilet, restroom, kitchen, water tank, water heater, and loads of internal storage space, plus you can even pick one of the three-floor plans to suit your camper needs.

The camper kitchen includes a microwave, gas burners, and a fridge, so everything is covered there. You can opt to add solar to your camper, plus electronics like a TV with antenna sound systems and more. Every camper is built to order, so you can customize all day long if you want to.

If you opt for the 19-foot camper, you’ll get a loft queen-size bed plus the ability to sleep 4 more in there too but you might need a 4×4 to haul that one around.

Retro-Ing Out

Having a great camper opens up the world around you. A weekend away is just a drive away, and there is no need to book hotels, be near a town, or anything like that.

The world is your oyster, and as long as you have enough food, water, and gasoline, you can get as deep into nature as you’d like and stay there until it all runs out, something you just can’t do without a camper, so why not make it a retro one too.

Those are the best retro campers out there that you can buy without doing a heavy restoration job on them. Pretty cool right? We love retro campers, there is nothing quite like the old school feeling of driving down the highway is something that makes you feel as free as life in the 50s did, when a lot less mattered.

I hope you have got a bit of inspiration out of this article and are ready to pull the trigger on a retro camper of your own.

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