Last Updated: July 14, 2021
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Best Scandinavian Gifts

Scandinavian gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but what if you’re looking for the best of the best?

What gifts will be truly amazing for natives, travelers, and culture enthusiasts alike? Here are just a few ideas for great Nordic presents.

Top Products

Nordic Ox-Horn Drinking Horn

Toss back a hearty quaff of ale with this genuine Nordic drinking horn. It comes from a real ox and can be ordered in either a rustic, unpolished horn pattern or with a stylish matte black finish. A wooden stand and burlap sack are included for ease of use, storage, and transport.


Swedish Dala Horse Shot Glasses

Sweden Shot Glass - Swedish Dala Horse - Ceramic Akvavit Novelty with Dalahast Skål Design - Sverige Dalarna Folk Art - Scandinavian Heritage Pride Drinking Gift - Nordic Viking Accessories (1)

Cute and colorful, these shot glasses are printed with the famous Dala horse of Sweden, and they say “Skål!” (Cheers!) for any kind of toast.

They’ll make a great Swedish gift to remind someone of their homeland, or they can be given to someone who simply likes and appreciates Swedish culture in general. Drink well!


Fenrir Wolf Statue

Gifts & Decor Viking Norse Mythology Fenrir Vánagandr Giant Wolf Figurine Poetic Edda Statue

With a ferocious roar, this Fenrir statuette will bring Norse mythology to life. It’s small enough to serve as a decorative item on shelves and bookcases while also being large enough to showcase its incredible attention to detail.

The realistic, hand-painted touches are so lifelike that you can see the individual tufts of fur and feather on Fenrir’s maw!


Moomin Family House Wall Art

While there’s nothing wrong with going traditional for Finnish gifts, there are lots of fun and charming things to buy that reflect contemporary society, too. One of these things is the beloved Moomin cartoon.

Anyone who grew up in Finland will recognize him, and they’ll immediately feel nostalgic when they see this wall art print with the whole Moomin family. Other prints are also available with different scenes from Moomin.


Ostehøvel Norwegian Cheese Slicer

The ostehøvel is a traditional cheese slicer from Norway. It’s famous as both a cultural relic and a unique souvenir for travelers and gourmands worldwide, so it’s among the best Norwegian gifts that you can buy! Pair it with a block of Norwegian gjetost cheese for the ultimate gift.


Scandinavia Porcelain Infusion Teapot Set

VIVA Scandinavia Porcelain Infusion Teapot Set with 4 Anytime Teacups

With the clean, minimalist lines popularized by Scandinavian design, this teapot set will be a chic addition to any home or office. It comes with an infusion teapot and four identical teacups that also include slipover silicone sleeves for temperature control.

Its black and white design offers a sleek aesthetic that doesn’t at all clash with its utility, so it’ll be both fashionable and functional for the tea lover in your life.


Hygge Rustic Wooden Sign

The best Danish gifts are ones that are also infused with the Danish spirit, so this one definitely qualifies. It explains the concept of hygge, or the comfort and coziness of a good life, on an artistically painted wooden sign.

It’ll look great hanging in a kitchen or mounted above a crackling fireplace on a cold winter day.


Tales Of Norse Mythology

Tales Of Norse Mythology

You’re familiar with Thor, of course, but what about Freyr and Freyja? Have you heard of the sacred tree Yggdrasil? Do you know the story of Iðunn and her apples that grant immortality?

Tales Of Norse Mythology will give you a thorough education of the gods, monsters, weapons, and rituals that date back thousands of years in Norway. Go ahead and sneak a peek before wrapping it up for your gift recipient. They’ll never know!


Scandinavian Santa Gnome Hanging Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Tree Hanging Gnomes Ornaments Set of 10, Swedish Handmade Plush Gnomes Santa Elf Hanging Home Decorations Holiday Decor

Santa’s coming early this year, and he’s been given a Scandinavian makeover! These adorable little gnomes will be perfect for the Christmas tree. They have round fabric noses and long, lustrous beards beneath cozily patterned winter hats just like mom used to knit.

They’ll make a wonderful Christmas gift for someone who wants to put a Scandinavian twist on the holidays.


Viking Rune Birth Month Necklace

You can’t think about Scandinavia without thinking about Vikings, but your gift doesn’t have to be bloody and battle-chipped like the axes of yesteryear. Instead, you can opt for something with surprising beauty and delicacy like this Viking-inspired necklace.

It has a vertical bar pendant debossed with the runes of the Viking lunar calendar, so it’ll be the equivalent of birthstone jewelry while also serving as a touchstone of the past.


10-Piece Swedish Collectible Coin Set

10 Old Coins from Sweden | Collectible Coins Swedish Ore Krona Kronor | Perfect Choice for Your Coin Bank Coin Holders and Coin Album

Are you tired of coffee mugs and key chain gifts? Collectible coins will be a much more memorable present, and since they’ll only grow in value over time, they’ll be a gift that keeps on giving. This particular set comes from Sweden and contains everything from an öre to a krona.

They date all of the way back to 1975, so they can also serve as a sentimental gift for anyone who grew up in Sweden when these coins were real currency.


Woolen Snow Crystal Scarf

Scandinavian knitwear is famous for its warmth, softness, and style, so if you’re shopping for someone who’s headed into the mountain passes of Galdhøpiggen, make sure that they’ll be protected from the cold.

This one is a woolen scarf with a Norwegian print, but there are plenty of other winter accessories to choose from, including hats, mittens, gloves, headbands, and thick traditional sweaters.


Carta Marina Antique Scandinavian Map

Sea map of a Scandinavia by Olaus Magnus in 1527-39. Carta Marina. Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland. Antique Reprint

Created in 1539, the Carta Marina was one of the first real maps of Scandinavia, and it’s been colorized and reprinted in all of its glory for this hanging wall art. You could get lost in its staggering amount of detail of ancient Nordic lands.

It even has educational value for someone who isn’t familiar with the old terrain! This map will definitely become a feature element for someone’s office, foyer, or living room.


Scandinavian Luxury Gourmet Gift Basket

igourmet Scandinavian Luxury Gourmet Gift Basket - The fresh tasting, pristine flavors of Scandinavia in one delicious gift assortment

There are so many amazing foods in Scandinavia. Instead of trying to choose between them, why not buy them all?

This gourmet gift basket offers everything from Norwegian cheese to Swedish jam, so not only does it cross geographic borders, but it also has a wide-ranging assortment of flavors, spices, colors, and textures. Scandinavian gifts don’t get any better than this!


Scandinavian Reindeer Hide Rug

You’ve probably seen the larger-than-life furs that keep Scandinavian folks warm when winter comes knocking. Did you know, however, that you can purchase them even if you aren’t Scandinavian?

This luxurious rug is made from ethically-sourced reindeer hide, and it can be shipped anywhere in the world as a gift or personal purchase. Rather than going to Scandinavia, you can bring Scandinavia to you.


Colorful Copenhagen Greeting Card

Copenhagen is the kind of city that leaves a mark on you, so if you know someone who either hails from there or can’t wait to travel there again, they’re sure to like this greeting card.

You can either fill it out yourself with sweet words or give it to them as a blank card to use on their own. Either way, they’ll be transported back to the land of their heart.


The Hygge Game

The Hygge Game - Cozy Conversation In Pleasant Company Multicolored, White,14 years

Another gift that’s centered around the concept of hygge, this one will be a great icebreaker or conversation starter in a group setting.

It’s a card game with more than 300 question prompts such as “What’s your happiest memory?” and “What would you grab from your house during a fire?” It’s one of the best Nordic gifts that you can buy for social gatherings!


Home Swede Home Sign

An example of a valkommen or “welcoming” gift, this hanging sign will look great on doors, porches, patios and more.

It’s shaped like a heart and has a bright yellow Dala horse against a blue background with flowers framing the sides. The words “Home Swede Home” will proudly declare the owner’s heritage.


I'm Norwegian Coffee Mug

Monond Zymise Aeiniwer I'm not perfect but I'm Norwegian and that's kind of the same thing - Norway flag - Norwegian gifts for women - Norwegian gifts for men - Coffee mug 11 OZ L

“I’m not perfect, but I am Norwegian, and that’s kind of the same thing.” If you know a Norwegian person who would see this and immediately howl “Ja, ja,” you’ve just found the perfect coffee mug for them.

Present it as-is if they’re a java junkie who would actually use it for coffee; otherwise, fill it with candies, pencils or other goodies as a decorative holder.


Viking Wrapping Paper

Viking Wrapping Paper Birthday Gift Wrap, Folded Flat 30 x 20 Inch, 3 Sheets

Last but not least, but if you need something to wrap your gift in, consider this Viking-themed wrapping paper. It has thick, glossy paper printed with swords, ships, shields, arrows, warriors, blackbirds and mugs of mead.

Words like “Skål” and “Valhalla” dance around the pattern. Put the finishing touch on your gift with a bit of Scandinavian decoration!


Maybe they’re a Swede dreaming of home. Maybe they’re a Viking enthusiast who loves collectibles. Maybe they just really, really dig Norwegian cheese! Whatever the reason for their interest in Scandinavia, here are just a few Nordic gifts that are sure to get a smile.