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The Best Smart Luggage Trackers in 2020 (GPS & Bluetooth)

Smart GPS luggage trackers are super popular right now, and for a good reason. Who wants to lose their luggage and be at the mercy of the airline!

With so much tech available to us today, there are a lot of smart luggage trackers out there that can help us keep our luggage safe and put the power back in our hands. After all, you don't want to lose all your clothes, or expensive travel laptop (if you checked it in that is). After all, you are not out on a survival expedition with your backpack and tent!

But you might be asking yourself: how do these luggage trackers work and which one is the best?

So, with those questions in mind, this post will show you the technology available and in use in luggage trackers and which one is best for you!

Note: If you want to understand how the tech works, scroll all the way to the end of the review section where I go into details.

LugLoc Smart Luggage Tracker

At A Glance: Our Top 5 picks for Smart Luggage Trackers

  • Tracking Technology: GSM/Mobile & Bluetooth
  • Has the backup of a Bluetooth tracker
  • Tracking Technology: GSM/Mobile & Bluetooth
  • A yearly or lifetime fee
Tile Pro
  • Tracking Technology: Bluetooth
  • Standard changeable battery
  • Tracking Technology: GSM/Mobile
  • Fast & accurate location
  • Tracking Technology: QR Code
  • Maintenance free

Tracking Technology





Flight Safe


Ongoing Fees

LugLoc Smart Luggage Tracker

GSM/Mobile & Bluetooth

15 days

Trakdot Smart Luggage Tracker and Locator

GSM/Mobile & Bluetooth

48 hrs

Tile Bluetooth Tracker Locator


1 year (not replaceable)

Not needed


100 hrs ( approx 4 days)

Dynotag Web Enabled Smart Round Coated Metal ID Tag and Ring. Pet Tag, Property Tag - Multiple Uses, with DynoIQ & Lifetime Recovery Service.

QR Code

Not needed

Not needed

LugLoc Smart Luggage Location Tracker Review

LugLoc Smart Luggage Tracker

One of the more serious contenders, LugLoc offers a Mobile/GSM based luggage tracker that can help you keep track of your luggage and offer peace of mind.

It comes with the GSM tracker and a mobile app that you need to download to either your iPhone or Android device. Then, once you are registered, you are good to go.

It also combines bluetooth technology to help with location accuracy when you are near to your luggage. Not a bad idea at all, especially since GSM tracking is not as accurate as GPS.

They have also smartly combined an automatic on/off feature to keep the device FAA/TSA/FCC compliant. Why? Because it uses cell phone tech, so cannot really be running while on a plane.

Another issue to be aware of with such trackers is you often need to "subscribe" to their service because it uses the mobile/cell network. These guys offer a free 30 days upon purchase, and then either monthly ($4.99) 6 monthly ($19.99) or yearly ($29.99) after that.

All in all not a bad device, but with some shortcomings you can check out in the PROs section below.


  • Uses GSM/Mobile tech so can be used in places where GPS is blocked
  • Has the backup of a Bluetooth tracker to help locate your luggage when you are closer to it
  • Has multiple options for monthly, 6 month or yearly fees
  • Rechargeable batteries that last approximately 15 days (my testing has found this to be true)
  • Is FAA, TSA and FCC compliant


  • Tracking accuracy is not great - ideal for knowing if your luggage has arrived, not finding it's exact location
  • Bluetooth tracker requires login so need wifi/cell connection

Trakdot Smart Luggage Tracker Review

Trakdot Smart Luggage Tracker and Locator

The second serious contender, Trakdot is quite similar to Lugloc, but with some differences worth noting too.

It is also a mobile/GSM tracker with a mobile app that you need to download to your iPhone or Android phone.

It also comes with the bluetooth capability so can help you hone in on where exactly your hardside luggage is. And it also has a cool vibrate mode that tells you if you are getting closer or not.

Again, the all important smart flight mode is included, that turns off while the aircraft is in the air, and on again when it has landed.

An added bonus of this guy is that it sends you a message (email or sms) when your luggage is located by the device. So, while you are waiting for your luggage to arrive, a message arrives to tell you everything is ok!

Again, you need to sign up for their service after the initial free period, and in this case it is either $20 a year or $50 for lifetime. Check with them before buying though as this can easily change between now and when you read this!

Compared to the LugLoc the battery life of this device is very low. It should be 48 hours (enough for a long-haul flight) but some amazon reviews I read reported less than 24. Compared with the super-long life of LugLoc this is a potential issue.

This is a great little luggage location device with a messaging service that can help you know what is going on when you land. If that is what you are after, this is a great option. And with the yearly or lifetime service fee, a great option for frequent travelers.


  • Uses GSM/Mobile tech so can be used in places where GPS is blocked
  • A yearly or lifetime fee which is great for frequent flyers
  • Sends an sms or email when the device "lands" and is located
  • Has a flight mode so does not run while flying (saving batteries and making it compliant)


  • Tracking accuracy is not perfect - ideal for knowing if your luggage has arrived, not finding it's exact location
  • Battery life is quite low but should run for a long trip. Recharge when you have landed and you should be good to go for the return trip

Tile Pro - Smart Tracker

Tile Slim (2016) Accessory Bundle - Discontinued by Manufacturer

The Tile Pro was not built as a luggage tracker but it's so small and versatile it can certainly be used as one.

It only uses Bluetooth technology so you need to be quite close to the device to find it - 100m or 300ft. However, they do allow you to make use of the "tile network" which means that other tile users can anonymously tell if when they are near your device. So, even if your luggage goes "wild" you might still be able to find it. Not bad, huh?

This is more of a "specific location" device and not so much of a "did my luggage arrive" device like the others above. In that way, it really depends on what you want a tracker for.

Or, you could use this as a a bit of extra security to the Trakdot above which does not come with Bluetooth. Especially since Tiles are pretty cheap (around $20-30).

The Tile system is quite simple and again comes with an accompanying app to help you locate the "thing" it is used with. It's accuracy varies depending on who you talk to, but it's a good addition to your luggage security, especially if you have expensive equipment. (Think camera gear, drones, skis, surfboard etc).

Because it is meant to be used as a phone, keys or pet tracker it also comes with a alert sound that you can activate to help you find what you have placed the Tile on.

The battery lasts about a year and is replaceable - they use a CR2032 battery, which is a standard size you can get almost anywhere. 

You can also get them in 2 or 4 packs, or if you want to spend a little less, you can get the standard model which has less range (around 200ft).


  • Uses Bluetooth technology which works anywhere 
  • Battery life of one year, so no constantly charging
  • Uses an app on your phone
  • Very affordable


  • Only works when you are nearby
  • Not intended for luggage tracking specifically

Other Options (Not Really)

Yes, there are other products and options on the market, but from what I have been able to find, nothing really worth adding to this review since I wrote it a year ago (today is April 2018).

Various companies have come out with trackers, but there are too many bad reviews - Victorinox & 1st Anti-Theft Tracker. I am surprised that Victorinox was unable to come up with something good as they are well-known here (in Switzerland where I am) and around the world for their quality knives and products. I have even reviewed one of their suitcases and passport wallets before.

You could also try something like a GPS tracker that is not specifically designed for luggage tracking. They are relatively cheap and do the job, they just don't have the extra features like proximity tracking (Bluetooth) and Airplane mode to put it to sleep until you land.

Here is an example, the LOC8ING:

LOC8ING Air Travel TAG - Keep track of your luggage

There are also tags like the DynoTag, but that is not the same thing. It is not connected to the web/GPS - instead it requires someone to find your bag, scan the code and then you can see where it is online. So, not really a luggage tracker.

Dynotag Web Enabled Smart Round Coated Metal ID Tag and Ring. Pet Tag, Property Tag - Multiple Uses, with DynoIQ & Lifetime Recovery Service.

The Verdict

At about the same price, the Lugloc and Trakdot are quite similar. However, given the limited battery life and lack of Bluetooth tracking (for closer tracking) for me, the Lugloc is the better bet.

LugLoc Luggage Tracker - The Worldwide Smart Lost Baggage GSM Locator - Track The Exact Location Of Your Bag Globally (not just bluetooth like others) - Rechargeable battery that lasts 15 days
  • #1 Worldwide Luggage Locator: Automatic Worldwide Tracking with Cell-tower Connected Technology
  • Accompanying App: Easy to use, with real-time notifications to your smartphone.
  • Bluetooth: Proximity tracking alerts for a second layer of protection
  • Long-Lasting Battery: Rechargeable Battery lasts up to 15 days
  • Flight compliant: complies with most rigorous flight regulations, including FAA, FCC and TSA
Trakdot Luggage Tracker, Flight Baggage Tracer, Anti-lost Palm-size Locator, Airline Trip Worldwide Travel Tracking Monitor Detector Finder, GSM Chip (Cell Towers), SMS Alert, iOS & Android Compatible
  • included: 1x device quick start guide 2 AA Duracell Alkaline batteries Installed worldwide SIM card Free downloadable App (iOS and Android) The 1st year of annual service ($24.99)

Both these devices are only meant to keep approximate track of your luggage and not follow it like the FBI on the movies. Keep that in mind. We are still not quite at that level of technology.

However, for simple peace of mind, especially when dealing with lost luggage or expensive items (golf clubs, ski bags etc) it might be worth the investment. And, you can always throw in a Tile to give you a little more security using their Bluetooth app!

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Smart Luggage Tracker Technology

There are a few different technologies to consider when looking at smart luggage trackers and they are:

  • GPS
  • Mobile networks (GSM)
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi

Most luggage trackers use one or two of these technologies and they each have their pros and cons. 

Let's take a look at each one so you know what to be on the lookout for.

GPS Luggage Trackers

GPS luggage trackers might seem one of the best options because they include a GPS chip and can be tracked anywhere in the world.

GPS works almost anywhere and is incredibly accurate, but it does have a downside - it can be blocked quite easily by natural objects (trees, mountains etc) and also by buildings.

And this is where the major disadvantage of GPS luggage trackers comes in...

When you need your tracker to work you are probably standing in the airport terminal wondering where your luggage is.

So, you are in a building. And, unfortunately you might not be able to track your luggage because of poor GPS coverage!

The upside is that GPS is not dependent on any local technology (ie. whether your tracker works in the country you are in) or on proximity (like with Bluetooth - more on that below).

Mobile/GSM Luggage Trackers

Mobile or GSM luggage trackers get around the GPS coverage problem by using the local mobile network to help track your luggage.

The same way the FBI can pinpoint a criminal via cell towers (triangulation), these devices can be found when they are in range of mobile towers.

And, it will work inside the airport terminal - just like your phone does!

The downside is that the country you are in has to support the SIM chip in the device (usually a GSM based chip).

Currently two countries that don't support GSM are:

  • Japan
  • South Korea

The rest of the world should not be a problem!

Bluetooth Trackers

Some trackers use only these technologies or use them in combination with Mobile to try to give you more options and accuracy.

Bluetooth typically only works within 30 meters (100 feet) of your phone, although some devices have ways to boost this.

So this is a great option when you are close to your luggage but trying to pinpoint it. When GSM or GPS is not accurate enough, this is a great addition.

However, most Bluetooth trackers are only that, and are really meant to be used at home to find your phone or lost keys. I would not use them alone to keep track of my luggage!

How Do Luggage Trackers Actually Work?

Depending on which of the three main technologies your tracker has, they all operate a little differently. In most cases though, they are meant to be used in combo with a tracker specific app on your phone so you can track them on an app.

The accuracy of the location depends on the tech used and in the case of bluetooth, how close you are to the tracker.

GSM trackers use mobile towers to locate the device, so are not super accurate.

GPS trackers are far more accurate (with GPS being capable of insane accuracy) but it depends on the software and tech involved.

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