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Best Souvenirs From Florida (Some From Outer Space)

Need ideas for cool souvenirs in Florida? You’re definitely in the right place then, because this guide includes all the best souvenirs from the sunshine state!

Florida is a big state and we’ve got souvenir ideas for every part of it you might visit. From reminders of Miami’s sandy beaches to trinkets that will evoke memories of spectacular air shows in Pensacola – these are all the best Florida souvenirs to take home!

Minnie Mouse Ears

Minnie Mouse Ears

Disney World is the most popular tourist attraction in Florida and at one point it was the most-visited vacation resort on the entire planet. While visiting Florida, if you end at the iconic theme park, don’t forget to pick up a couple of souvenirs to remind you of the amazing time you had there!

It’s no secret that Walt Disney World was designed to extract as much money as possible from anyone who visits, so try to resist buying more than one or two souvenirs. Minnie Mouse Ears Headband  are one of the top things to buy at Disney World since they’re such an iconic symbol of the resort. But feel free to get anything you like – other popular Florida gifts from Disney include tiaras, princess dresses, and jewelry.

One of the most expensive souvenirs from Disney World is a full-scale R2-D2. It’s remote-controlled, it costs $25,000, and some people have actually brought it home!

Conch Shells

Conch Shells

Conch shells are an iconic symbol of the Florida Keys, and if you travel to this part of the state, you should definitely pick up some conch shells to take home as Florida souvenirs . But don’t just randomly pick them up from the water – go to a gift shop or a specialized store, and pick out a conch shell to purchase. Grabbing the first conch shell you see might seem like the easier alternative, but it could also land you in jail!

It’s okay to pick up empty conch shells, and if you stumble upon one and you’re entirely certain it’s empty, feel free to take it as a souvenir. But pick up a queen conch, and you’re immediately in trouble. It’s illegal in Florida to disturb the giant water snails in any way, and grabbing a shell with a live animal inside is considered breaking the law. If you try to remove the animal from the shell, or if the queen conch gets injured or killed, you are facing jail time as a punishment.

So, instead of risking prison time, just go to any one of the myriads of different gift shops in the Florida Keys, and pick out an empty conch shell you like.  

Blown Glass

Blown Glass

Glass blowing is very popular in Florida and blown glass souvenirs are one of the top things you can get if you want unique souvenirs from Florida. You’ll want to head to Tampa Bay for the best selection of unique glass-blown souvenirs because this region is considered a hub for glass art. It’s often called the “Glass Coast” by people in the business, mostly because of the large number of glassblowers and work in the area.

No one is entirely certain how or why the craft became so popular in the state. It’s not like Florida’s climate makes the job any easier – it gets extremely hot in the glass-blowing workshops, and the heat and humidity outside certainly don’t help. Nonetheless, the state has gotten famous for its many workshops and gift shops where you can make and buy all sorts of blown glass souvenirs, so they should be at the top of your list of all the best souvenirs you can buy in Florida.

Hollywood Hot Glass is one of the top places to shop blow glass Florida souvenirs, and they’re located at the Young Circle Park in Hollywood. It’s not a big deal if you can’t make it to this specific city – you can shop for blown glass souvenirs in pretty much every city in Florida, it’s just that the selection won’t be quite as amazing as it is in Hollywood Hot Glass. 

Handcrafted Sandals

Leather Sandals

It’s hot in Florida, so it’s not surprising that pretty much everyone (and their mothers) are walking around in sandals all the time. However, sandals are not exactly known for being very comfortable, which is why you should pick up a pair of handcrafted shoes while you are in Florida.

They make for a great souvenir from the sunshine state, but they’re also a souvenir you can wear time and time again. Especially if you shop handmade sandals from local artists and designers – they’re about a thousand times more comfortable than the cheap, plastic shoes available at supermarkets, plus they always look so much better.

Kino Sandals is one of the most popular manufacturers in the state, and definitely check them out if you’re staying in the Florida Keys. They’re not the only manufacturer though, and it’s worth noting that there are lots of other shops where you can buy locally-designed handcrafted sandals throughout the state.

Tortuga Rum Cake

Tortuga Rum Cake

Tortuga Rum Cakes have a selection of cakes named “Taste of Florida”, which perfectly capture the essence of tropical flavors that are loved in the state. Their Florida-themed rum cakes feature orange, key lime, or coconut as the main ingredient, and they’re all absolutely delicious. Any one of them makes for great Florida souvenirs because one bite is enough to immediately evoke memories of your trip to Florida.

The cakes are sold in-shop and online, and you can get them anywhere from Walmart to the official Tortuga Rum Cake bakery. It’s even possible to purchase them on Amazon and have them delivered to your home address – the perfect solution for when you’re feeling a bit nostalgic about your trip to Florida, and you want to be taken back to the sunshine state.

Clyde Butcher Prints

Clyde Butcher Print

Clyde Butcher is a photographer from Kansas City who is famous for his photographs of the Florida landscape. His prints are some of the best souvenirs from Florida to bring back home. Not only will they look spectacular on the walls of your home, but they’re also a great reminder of your trip to the state.

Butcher’s photographs are all black and white – although he did photograph in color at the beginning of his career, he switched to black and white following the death of his son. The wilderness of Florida is recognizable even without the colors, and you can shop the stunning prints in art galleries in Venice and Ochopee.

It’s worth noting that it’s also possible to order them online, which is likely the better option if you end up wanting one of the larger prints for your home. The prices range from a few hundred dollars for the smaller prints, up to $20,000+ for those special, limited-edition large prints that are true masterpieces.

Tarpon Springs Sponges

Tarpon Springs Sponges

Tarpon Springs is a city on Florida’s Gulf Coast. It’s close to Tampa, and if your travels through the state take you to its western coast, you won’t forget a visit to this charming town. It’s considered the sponge capital of the world because of the booming sponge industry that was created by Greek immigrants in the early 1900s.

The Greeks stayed in Tarpon Springs, and the town is still home to some of the best Greek restaurants in the entire state of Florida. You can try out various delicacies in the restaurants near the docks, which is also where you can shop for Tarpon Springs sponges. The selection is huge and you can get natural sea sponges in any shape and size you want, so be sure to check out all the different shops that sell these Florida souvenirs in Tarpon Springs! 

Astronaut Helmet

Astronaut Helmet

The Kennedy Space Center is an absolute must on any proper tour of the best attractions in the state. Visit the famous landmark to see a simulation of a NASA shuttle launch, see actual rockets in person, experience the training astronauts go through and don’t forget to shop for souvenirs while you’re there!

An astronaut helmet is an awesome souvenir to take home from the center, but you can opt for any other type of astronaut memorabilia you like. Whatever you get will make for a great Florida souvenir, as well as a reminder of the awesome time you had in the Kennedy Space Center.

Blue Angels Memorabilia

Blue Angels

Blue Angels is a naval base in Pensacola, Florida, which is home to the US Navy’s flight demonstration squadron. The Blue Angels usually perform around 60 shows in various locations throughout the year, but Pensacola is one of the few places where you can also witness their training. Even the training sessions are truly mesmerizing to watch, and witnessing an actual performance show is something you’re unlikely to forget while you live.

But, even if the memory of the dancing aircrafts stays fresh in your mind for decades, it can never hurt to have a reminder. That’s why Blue Angels memorabilia makes for some of the best souvenirs from Florida! You can purchase all sorts of souvenirs at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, and even something as simple as a Blue Angels pin badge is enough to bring back memories of the amazing experience. You could also see a lot of other museums while in Florida too!

Other Florida Gifts

The Florida souvenirs we mentioned above are a great start, but there are few more gifts you might want to hunt down while you are there.

  • any key lime products (check out the Key West Pie Company)
  • poster prints of Miami Beach Art Deco district

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