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The Best Waterfalls in Cebu (From Stunning to Hidden)

Cebu is a gift that keeps on giving. Found in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines, this once-quiet province is growing exponentially in terms of economy, wealth, and of course, tourism.

With its gorgeous beaches and amazing marine life, Cebu certainly has become a hotspot for island travel.

Just like the rest of the Philippines, however, there is more to this province than the sea. It’s also home to some of the most amazing waterfalls you’ll see.

There are over 100 known waterfalls in Cebu, many of which are hidden falls in lush jungles cascading down limestone cliffs. They have also become a central attraction for tourism where locals have created different activities around them.

Here are some of the most beautiful Cebu waterfalls.

Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls is undoubtedly one of the most popular waterfalls in Cebu. Found in the town of Badian, it’s a common stopover for those headed to Moalboal or Oslob. From the road, it’s an easy 15-minute walk straight to the cascade of water. Visitors can swim in the bright blue waters of the pool or jump off rocks right by the falls. There’s also a bamboo raft you can rent. A guide will pull the raft right under the falls for a natural water massage.

More adventurous travelers opt for the canyoneering experience. Together with a guide, canyoneering participants follow the flow of the river, cliff jumping, swimming in cold water, and hiking through the jungle (so bring your kukri) until you reach Kawasan Falls.

Cambais Falls

The Cambais Falls are actually two waterfalls found in Alegria, a town famous for many natural attractions. The first level of falls has a huge milky blue pool of water. The water flows gently over limestone cliffs and boulders, framed by ferns jutting out into the air. This gentle stream results in thin lines of water trickling into the pool, making it look like glistening lights in the sun. On this level, you can find small caves to explore or rocks to jump off from.

The second level includes a bit of physical skill. There is a rope that locals have installed against the stone for visitors to pull themselves up. There’s a smaller pool to wade through and a bamboo ladder to climb before you get to the second level.

Tumalog Falls

 There are no raging waters or deafening sounds here, but the trickling of Tumalog Falls over expansive limestone cliffs is a majestic sight. It is found in the popular town of Oslob, in South Cebu, which is also where you can watch whale sharks.

A big part of Tumalog Falls’ charm is the gorgeous swimming hole at the bottom. Since the falls are gentle, this pool is very ideal for just taking a relaxing dip. More than that, it’s also home to Garra rufa fish, those small fish used in trendy fish spas. You can get a free foot spa while swimming at Tumalog Falls!

Binalayan Falls

Binalayan Falls isn’t a popular waterfall because it’s not as majestic or massive, but this means fewer people, too. It’s located in the town of Samboan.

It’s still a beautiful spot and while the water flow may be small, the cliff jumps are thrilling. A guide is required when visiting the falls, which you can get at the entrance booth. The trek is pretty easy and the path to the falls is well-trodden. However, the guide is there to tell you which spots are safe to leap from. He’s also there to help you climb up the rocks, which can be tricky at some parts. 

One reason people keep visiting Binalayan Hidden Waterfalls is its great location for amazing photos. The stream that feeds the falls is framed by trees, ferns, and boulders. There’s also a tire swing hanging off a palm tree to play with. If you’re visiting alone, the guide can also be your personal photographer.

Mantayupan Falls

Mantayupan Falls

The highest best waterfalls in Cebu and perhaps the most popular too is Mantayupan Falls. It is located in Barili amongst a natural amphitheater of jungle filled with trees, vines, and tropical plants.

The waterfall is very powerful and quite a sight to behold as it cascades and thunders down to the pool below. You can also rent a raft here if you want to amp up your fun while visiting.

Just make sure to come here outside of weekends as it tends to get busy.

Dao Falls

Dao Falls is a stunning sight at the end of an equally stunning trek. It begins with a fairly steep descent on a gravel path, followed by a 30-minute trek following a river. There are a few river crossings involved, which can come up to the waist, so be prepared to get wet.

The reward at the end is the beautiful Dao Falls, dropping into a turquoise pool. The water rages down a greyish wall of solid rock. The pool is wide enough so you can easily swim in it without getting dragged down by the falls.

Be prepared for the trek back, however. There’s a makeshift set of stairs with around 100 steps. It might not seem a lot, but the steps are made of gravel. In the summer, the sun bears down with barely any shade.

Handigan Falls

With no clear path and few people who can show you the way, Handigan Falls is a mystical spot.

Hidden in a green slope in Malabuyoc, the water of Handigan Falls flows out of a gorge carved into a wall of rock. The pool below is shallow and bright blue, perfect for a relaxing swim. Despite its lack of popularity, Handigan Falls is beautiful in its own way. Without the crowds, it’s also one of the few waterfalls in Cebu Island that is as serene and peaceful as it can be.

Inambakan Falls

This 100-foot cascade is a sight to behold. Inambakan Falls is surrounded by lush greenery and falling into a pool of blue water. While this water form is breathtaking, the journey to the falls is where the magic happens.

Inambakan Falls is found in the town of Ginatilan. It’s 4 hours from Cebu City, but just around an hour from Moalboal where many travelers are based. What makes the falls worth the travel, however, is the multi-level trek, passing by pools and two smaller falls that feed into Inambakan Falls. The trail is very rocky but manageable.

The catch basin is 8 feet deep and swimmers are required to wear life vests. There is also a small cave behind the falls that visitors can explore.

Aguinid Falls

If you want adventure to begin right away, then head to Aguinid Falls. This spot boasts of five waterfalls, with the most impressive one waiting at the end. The full journey involves trekking through the forest, navigating through smaller waterfalls and pools, and jumping into the turquoise waters of Aguinid Falls at the finish line.

It’s one of the most popular falls to visit in Cebu Island, so it’s not hard to find in Samboan. You’ll be required to hire a guide on your visit. The trek may be fun but it can also be tricky. At the last waterfall, there is a small cave in the middle of the rock. One guide can help you climb into the cave while another can take photos from below.

Montpeller Falls

Montpeller Falls is a tall one. It’s not a popular spot, but locals are eager to show you the way. There’s a huge hand-painted sign on the road in Alegria to mark the entrance. It’s a short walk to the falls and perfect for those who aren’t too keen on long and difficult hikes.

It’s a horsetail cascade that plummets down a giant boulder at the foot of the falls. It’s quite picturesque, nestled within the lanzones plantation of the town of Montpeller. The catch basin is shallow and a great way to cool off.

Chasing waterfalls in Cebu

This list is nowhere near the extent of all the beautiful Cebu waterfalls you can find on the island. While the province is well known for beach bumming, diving, and snorkeling, waterfall-hopping is another great way to explore all that Cebu can offer. There are several ways to get to each of the falls, depending on where you are. There are several buses that ply through the main road, which is where most of the entrances are. You can also take tricycles from one town to another if you want to visit several spots in a day. All you have to do now is to plot out your favorite ones and get on the road!


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With over 100 known waterfalls in Cebu, here are some of the best spots you definitely cannot miss on your trip to this beautiful island province.With over 100 known waterfalls in Cebu, here are some of the best spots you definitely cannot miss on your trip to this beautiful island province.

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