Last Updated: May 13, 2021

Black Diamond Storm vs Revolt: The Winning Headlamp Is?



The Black Diamond Storm is one of the best and feature filled headlamps from this top outdoor company. With a long battery life, strong beam and various lighting modes you can use this is almost any outdoor situation and more.
  • Lumens : 400
  • Weight With Batteries : 120 g (4.2 oz)
  • Max Distances : [High] 100 m; [Low] 9 m
  • Max Burn Time : High 5 hours, Low 150 hours
  • IPX Rating : IP 67
  • Batteries : 4 AAA (included)
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The Black Diamond Revolt is a versatile headlamp that can take rechargeables for AAA. It is a little weaker in beam distance and battery life, but still a worthy purchase for any outdoor lover.
  • Lumens : 350
  • Weight With Batteries : 90 g (3.2 oz)
  • Max Distances : [High] 82 m (alkaline)
  • [Low] 8 m (alkaline)
  • Max Burn Time : [High] 4 H (alkaline)
  • [Low] 200 H (alkaline)
  • IPX Rating : IPX4
  • Batteries : 3 AAA or BD 1800
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Black Diamond like to produce top-quality gear in some very specific niches of outdoor sports. And lucky for us, one of those is LED headlamps.

There are quite a few models in their range, but two that are worthy of comparison are: the Revolt and the Storm.

The Storm is your go-to lamp if you want a brighter headlamp (but it’s heavier). The Revolt can be recharged on the go via the headlamp itself.

But, there is also a little more to it than that, so let’s do a head-to-head comparison…

Black Diamond Storm vs Revolt - Main Differences

This is quite a close comparison, like with my other review of the Spot vs Storm. These lamps share a lot of the same, features, but first the differences.

The biggest ones are:

  • Weight: the Storm is a little heavier than the Revolt (although we are talking under half an ounce)
  • Burn time: because the Storm has an extra battery, and it ONLY uses Alkaline batteries it lasts 10 hours more (on average when compared with Alkalines) and way longer when you compare against the Revolt with rechargeables.
  • Rechargeable: This is one where the Revolt wins. It has it’s own Black Diamond rechargeables and a USB port so you can charge directly from the headlamp. The only downside is the burn time is low (as mentioned above)
  • Max beam: not much of a difference here –  we are talking 5m (or about 16ft). It might make the difference for you. Then get the Storm.
  • Colored LEDs: the Revolt only has the red LED,  the Storm also has a blue and green
  • Waterproofing: Technically not a huge difference here, but the Revolt is rated to more than 3.3ft depth BUT not tested for dust. The Storm is also dust proof, but only waterproof to 3.3ft.
  • Comfort: The storm comes with a nice extra piece of padding on the mount area, stopping you from getting that nice plastic mark on your head. Nice touch!

So, all in all the Storm is a better headlamp, but it depends what you need it for, and if you want to spend that little extra. And the Revolt is rechargeable, although the batteries don’t last very long (if you don’t need rechargeables, but want to save weight and money, go for the Spot)

Shared Features

Black Diamond is always pushing the boundaries with their headlamps, and they have some pretty cool (and useful) features built into both these models.

Lights & Controls

  • Brightness Memory: switch the lamp back on and it remembers the last setting
  • Power Tap: Quickly change brightness with a simple tap interface (works also with gloves)
  • Lock Mode: Easy to use lock to stop the lamp turning on in your pack
  • Night/Colored LEDs: the Revolt only has a red LED, the Storm has a red, blue and green
  • Close & Far Beams: Depending on your use, you can have the far beam or a close (10ft / 3m beam)

Which Should You Buy?

The Revolt is very similar to the Spot (which I compared in this review) except a little heavier and has the rechargeable option. Of course, you can use normal Alkalines with it too and get the full 300 Lumens and longer battery life.

The Storm is a great option for those wanting looooong burn time and a little boost on the Lumens (350).  It could also be that you love the benefit of having the 3 night vision colors too. The Revolt only has red.

Either option is great, it’s now up to you to choose the one for your next adventure!