A Ride in the Zurich Fondue Tram

You want to take a good look around Zurich, and you also like to eat. Sounds like a great combination for any kind of travel, which is why the Fondue Tram in Zurich is such a popular thing to do. What is the Zurich Fondue Tram? Switzerland is known for its wide range of excellent cheese, […]

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Daytrip from Lucerne to Jungfraujoch

Jungfraujoch, aptly named “Top of Europe”, is the highest train station on the entire continent. Not only is it located at such an impressive height, 3,454 meters (11332 feet), but it is set in a spectacular location right in the heart of the Bernese Alps. The station is surrounded by 4000m peaks and glaciers and […]

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Best Sling Backpacks For Travel & Adventure

You need a bag that can hold all your things. You’ll probably grab a backpack to carry around as much stuff as you can. Or you already have a messenger bag that can stay by your side. You can easily pull out whatever you need and keep a better eye on your belongings. You do […]

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Jaw-Dropping Helicopter Flights and Tours in Switzerland

You’ve hiked the trails, skied the slopes, swam the lakes, and jumped the cliffs. You’ve done all there is to do in Switzerland, right? Not quite. When you feel that the sky’s the limit for adventures in Switzerland, it’s high time for a helicopter ride. The crisp and fresh Swiss air is not exempt from […]

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Bungee Jumping in Switzerland

Bungee Jumping in Switzerland – An Adrenaline Rush

Every adrenaline junkie surely has this on their bucket list: Bungee Jumping. The thrill of stepping away from the safety of the platform and plummeting hundreds of feet to the ground. It’s is an incredible feeling. There are so many locations all over the world to do this, all you really need to choose is the […]

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Trekking Through the Rice Terraces Of Banaue

Trek through the Terraces of Banaue

The Rice Terraces of the Cordilleras – a true gem and one of the Philippines’ most distinct natural wonders. While this tropical country is known for white sand beaches and golden sunsets, its mountain regions are a sight to behold. Known as “Hagdang-Hagdang Palayan” in local language, the Rice Terraces in Banaue of the Ifugao […]

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The Best Mavic Pro Case Or Backpack

The DJI Mavic Pro – Best Bags, Cases & Backpacks

You have spent over 1000 bucks on your new Mavic Pro and you want to make sure it stays in good shape. So, you need a bag, right?But what kind of bag should you get?In this review I am going to cover all the types of bags you can get for the Mavic Pro, including […]

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Things to do in Boracay

Things to do in Boracay Philippines

If you’ve ever thought about visiting the Philippines, chances are, you’re already thinking about Boracay. This little party island has been on many “best of” lists, including best beaches, best white sand, best sunsets, and best parties. Despite its size, there are a whole lot of things to do in Boracay once you’ve had your […]

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Jewelry Organizer

Best Jewelry Organizer For Travel – No More Mess

Every traveler intends to pack light and leave the fluff behind, but let’s face it – there are just some things you can’t let go. There’s something about capturing the perfect #OOTD with a stunning backdrop. As much as many of us hate to admit it, there’s a lot of planning involved when it comes […]

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Things to do in Pokhara, Nepal

Backpacking through Asia is really becoming a rite of passage. This deeply cultural and sometimes mystical continent is teeming with locations waiting to be discovered, as well as destinations known the world over. There’s always something for everyone, but one particular location has gained a cult following on its own – Pokhara, Nepal. The allure of Pokhara lies within […]

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