Things To Do In Lagos, Portugal

Situated on the Western side of Portugal’s rugged southern coast is Lagos, one of Portugal’s most popular tourist destinations. Despite its popularity with visitors from around the globe, Lagos has retained a laid-back vibe and its cobbled streets have a particularly charming feel, unlike some of the other towns along the coast that have come […]

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what is malta famous for

What Is Malta Famous For?

Did you know that Malta is actually just one of three islands that make up the Maltese archipelago? Not everyone does, yet the lesser-known islands of Gozo and Comino are enchanting islands that deserve more recognition as islands in their own right, and you should definitely aim to explore all three islands if you’re ever […]

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what is luxembourg famous for

What Is Luxembourg Famous For?

The small yet mighty Luxembourg has tonnes to brag about yet has consistently maintained a fairly low international profile. Known above all else for its high GDP, fantastic wages, and tax breaks, this country is well-known among business-minded internationals. It does, however, have far more to offer than its financial perks. Bordered by France, Belgium, […]

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amsterdam vs copenhagen

Amsterdam Versus Copenhagen: Battle of the Northern Cities

Amsterdam and Copenhagen are both fantastic holiday destinations if you’re after a cultural city break but don’t want to give up on cozy vibes and outdoor activities. Located just a train ride apart (even if it is a 14-hour train), it’s not surprising that these two Northern European capital cities have a lot in common. […]

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Best Snorkeling in Europe

The Best Snorkeling Destinations in Europe

Europe is definitely one of the most visited continents in the world. Over a billion tourists go to Europe for a holiday to see fascinating cities and architecture. While most of the European countries are landlocked, it’s still surrounded by the Mediterranean, Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. This makes Europe a prime destination for oceanic adventures, […]

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bora-bora vs maldives

Bora Bora Vs Maldives: Pick Your Paradise

Should you go to Bora Bora or to the Maldives – you’re facing perhaps the best dilemma in the world! No matter where you end up, you will have a wonderful time and you’ll be at one of the best and most beautiful vacation spots on the planet. But there are pros and cons to […]

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34 Most Beautiful Places In The World: For Your Bucket List

What are the most beautiful places in the world? Well that depends on what you consider beautiful, and that’s exactly why you’re in the right place! There are hundreds if not thousands of places on Earth that deserve to be on this list, but we couldn’t possibly name them all. Which is why we picked […]

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gps glonass galileo

GPS Vs. GLONASS Vs. Galileo: What’s The Best GNSS?

Not sure about the difference between GPS, GLONASS and Galileo? You’re definitely in the right place! I’ll do my best to explain each GNSS in detail, and I will talk about all the key differences between the three navigation systems.  GPS, GLONASS and Galileo are all global navigation satellite system. There are several differences between […]

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Best Mosquito Repellent For Travel

Best Mosquito Repellent For (Bug-Free) Travel

Whether you are planning a seaside summer vacation or a Safari expedition, you need to make sure that you protect yourself from mosquitos. Sure, some are completely harmless and they will just annoy you, but others are actually carriers of dangerous illnesses, such as Zika, the West Nile virus, etc. It is always better to be […]

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sweden famous known for

What Is Sweden Famous For?

Wondering what Sweden is famous for? I’m sure you already know some of their most popular exports – IKEA, ABBA, Minecraft. But there are lots of other things that this Nordic country is known for around the world, and we’ve listed them all! Sweden is an amazing country, known for its clean streets, successful welfare […]

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