Best mavic air cases packs bags

Best Mavic Air Bags, Cases & Backpacks

Now you have a new Mavic Air it’s time to invest in the perfect case, bag or pack to help protect and transport it.Because the Mavic Air is reasonably new, there are not as many options as the Mavic Pro, yet, but there are still quite a few.Below is my the best of what I […]

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Best Airline Approved Pet Carrier

The Best Airline Approved Pet Carriers (For Your Furry Friends)

All pet parents out there know how hard it is to part with them when you have to go away for a while. Luckily you don’t have to do that anymore; instead, you can bring your pet along with you on your next flight, as long as they are in an airline-approved carrier.And, while some […]

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Best Mosquito Repellent For Travel

Best Mosquito Repellent For (Bug-Free) Travel

Whether you are planning a seaside summer vacation or a Safari expedition, you need to make sure that you protect yourself from mosquitos. Sure, some are completely harmless and they will just annoy you, but others are actually carriers of dangerous illnesses, such as Zika, the West Nile virus, etc.It is always better to be […]

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Samsonite Lite Cube Review

Samsonite Lite Cube DLX Spinner Review

Samsonite has always been a manufacturer of quality luggage, and the Lite Cube is no different. It is a luxurious, high quality piece of luggage, so naturally, it is on the expensive side. However, Samsonite luggage is usually able to justify the high price tags with quality and durability, and we are here to put […]

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Best Snorkeling in Palawan

Snorkeling in the best sites in Palawan

Palawan is at the top of the list in the must-see places in the Philippines. This group of islands in Southern Luzon is approximately an hour away via plane from Manila. With pristine beaches and crystal clear blue waters with a backdrop of limestone cliffs and breathtaking sunsets, Palawan is also one of the best […]

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The Madrid City Pass

Is The Madrid City Pass Worth It?

If you’re planning a visit to Madrid, chances are that you’ve already figured out what you want to see there, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve made a big list. If that list has a lot of museums and similar attractions on it, it’s definitely time to consider investing in the Madrid City Pass.The […]

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Best Kids Luggage

The Best (and Cutest) Luggage for Kids

Traveling with kids is never easy. With short attention spans and boundless energy, it’s common to find kids running around and sometimes even throwing tantrums at the airport. They will probably want to feel like a grown-up and carry their own stuff, but you can’t exactly give them the same luggage that you’re carrying, right?Luggage […]

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Best Snorkeling in Belize

Best Places to Snorkel in Belize

Central America is a playground for travelers looking for sun, sand, parties, and nature. There are many destinations to fulfill this dream vacation and Belize is definitely at the top of the list. With year-round tropical weather and stunning surroundings on both land and water, a trip to Belize is hard to beat. There are […]

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Things to see in Balti

Things To See In Balti (Beltsy), Moldova

If you love exploring new places, then we are two peas in a pod.If we are two peas in a pod, then I know the perfect place for your next trip. It’s Balti, in Moldova.Balti (pronounced “belts”) is a peculiar place. It is a small town in northern Moldova, but it is the second largest […]

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Red Wing VS. Danner: Who Takes The Crown?

Have you already heard about these two bad boys? Both Red Wing and Danner are American companies that have existed for many, many decades.They manufacture high-quality shoes for both men and women, in many different styles. Both of them are, however, best known for their work boots, so those will be our primary focus in […]

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