Best Airbnbs Zurich

10 Best AirBnB Rentals in Zurich

Spending a few days in Zurich is probably a must when visiting Switzerland. This financial capital is the perfect mix or urban and traditional, nature and infrastructure. It is also one of the most expensive cities in the world. You can opt to stay in some of the world’s most popular luxury hotels or some […]

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Best Travel Drone Photography

Best Drone Travel Photography: Week #1

Drones are taking over the world when it comes to spectacular photography. So, I thought I would share some of the most stunning examples I have been finding on Instagram.   Somewhere over this place. #dreamcatcher #tuscany #fromwhereidrone #djiglobal #djicreator #droneheroes #dronestagram #fly #djiphantom #sunrise #relax #sky #clouds A post shared by Mauro Pagliai mph […]

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Best Places To Stay In Palawan

Best Places to Stay in Palawan

Palawan is arguably one of the best islands in the Philippines, and people are starting to notice. Between white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, and unbeatable sunsets, this province at the southern part of Luzon has become a must-visit in the tropical islands. Home to one of the world’s best beaches, there are many areas in […]

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DJI Spark vs Mavic Pro

DJI Spark vs Mavic Pro: How About Double The Flight Time?

The two newest drones from DJI are giving each other a run for their money. It’s the DJI Spark vs Mavic Pro!Both of these drones are great entry points into the drone world for the new drone owner, but they come with quite different size, weight and camera specifications. And then there is the price […]

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First Cliff Walk by Tissot – Conquer Your Fears

Longing to reach the Alpine Summit, but not willing to go through the rigors of mountaineering? Wanting to feel the crisp alpine air, but you’re lugging a couple of kids? Maybe even some grandparents? Or maybe you’re simply bored? Whatever it is, any excuse is the perfect excuse to take a possibly nerve-wracking “stroll” on the First […]

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best passport wallet

Best Passport Wallets For Travel (Seriously Affordable)

One of the most stressful things that can happen to you on any trip is to lose your documents. Walking around a foreign city or happily checking in to board a plane only to find your passport missing is not a good feeling at all. What you need is a passport wallet. Passport wallets and holders are […]

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Zurich Fondue Tram

A Ride in the Zurich Fondue Tram

You want to take a good look around Zurich, and you also like to eat. Sounds like a great combination for any kind of travel, which is why the Fondue Tram in Zurich is such a popular thing to do.What is the Zurich Fondue Tram?Switzerland is known for its wide range of excellent cheese, and Zurich […]

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day trip lucerne jungfraujoch

A Day Trip from Lucerne to the Jungfraujoch

Jungfraujoch, aptly named “Top of Europe”, is the highest train station on the entire continent. Not only is it located at such an impressive height, 3,454 meters (11332 feet), but it is set in a spectacular location right in the heart of the Bernese Alps. The station is surrounded by 4000m peaks and glaciers and […]

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best sling backpack

Best Sling Backpacks For 2020 (Great For Travel)

You need a bag that can hold all your things. You’ll probably grab a backpack to carry around as much stuff as you can. Or you already have a messenger bag that can stay by your side. You can easily pull out whatever you need and keep a better eye on your belongings. You do […]

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Helicopter Tour Switzerland

Jaw-Dropping Helicopter Flights and Tours in Switzerland

You’ve hiked the trails, skied the slopes, swam the lakes, and jumped the cliffs. You’ve done all there is to do in Switzerland, right? Not quite. When you feel that the sky’s the limit for adventures in Switzerland, it’s high time for a helicopter ride. The crisp and fresh Swiss air is not exempt from being […]

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