Zurich or Geneva - which is the best city in Switzerland

Living large in Switzerland: Zurich or Geneva?

When it comes to the top cities in Switzerland, Zurich and Geneva usually go head-to-head among traveler options. It would be great to have time for both, but it’s usually one or the other. Between the Financial Capital that is Zurich, or the seat of International Power that is Geneva, which would be best for […]

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Things to do in Manila for Kids

Things to do in and around Manila for Kids

The Philippine capital of Manila has been the seat of political power for centuries, dating back to the Spanish colonial period that started in 1521. Several years and foreign occupations later, Manila remains to be a central place for governance, but the surrounding cities called Metro Manila have also evolved. It is often said that the […]

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What To Do In Stunning Coron, Philippines

Palawan, a province south of Manila and within the Luzon group of islands, is one of the Philippines’ top gems when it comes to the quintessential tropical island travel. It is often called “The Last Frontier of the Philippines” because it is the last unsettled area in the country. Travelers commonly flock to Puerto Princesa, the […]

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Best Hotels in Gimmelwald

The sleepy mountain village of Gimmelwald is probably as close to heaven as you can get. With only 130 residents, no cars, no TV, not even newspapers, Gimmelwald is a completely different world. Since it sits at the edge of a cliff above the Lauterbrunnen Valley, the views are guaranteed to be breathtaking. The town is not as […]

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Lucerne or Interlaken - How Do You Choose?

Lucerne Or Interlaken – Which Is Right For You?

Choosing between Switzerland’s two premiere destinations, Lucerne and Interlaken, is never a simple thing. So, in this detailed guide I will break down exactly how long it takes to get to each place, what each one offers both locally and in the area. All in an effort to help you make an informed and simple decision. If […]

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Interesting & Fun Facts About The Alps

The Alps is probably one of Europe’s, if not the world’s, most stunning natural landscapes. It is the main draw for most travelers to Switzerland, and straddles an exceedingly rugged 750-mile trail beginning just north of Nice, France and ending in Slovenia. Formed anywhere from 23 million to 34 million years ago, the Alps owe their […]

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Swiss Chocolate Factories, Tours, and Adventures

Switzerland is known for a lot of things. Cows, watches, banks and mountains. Perhaps most famous of all is Switzerland’s world class chocolate.  Some of the world’s best chocolate manufacturers come from Switzerland, and it is one of the top souvenirs travelers are dying to try when they visit. Swiss chocolate is great as a snack or […]

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Castles In Switzerland

10 Spectacular Castles to visit in Switzerland

With snow-capped mountains, lush surroundings, and great lakes, Switzerland is certainly the stuff of dreams. It also helps that the country is dotted by magnificent castles and palaces dating back centuries. With most castles standing against a back drop of clear blue skies and Alpine scenery, travelers to Switzerland can easily make their own fairytale […]

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Best Boutique Hotels In Zurich

Best Boutique Hotels in Zurich (Why Not Spoil Yourself)

Zurich, the financial capital of Switzerland, is a big, bustling city. Sitting by the shores of Lake Zurich, people flock to the city for its trendy vibe, fashionable locations, and upscale lifestyles. This includes some great nightlife, but also means opulently comfortable accommodations with a bit more character than the usual hotel. If you’re willing to […]

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Things to do in Mactan

Things To Do In Mactan

A trip to Cebu is a definite must-do when traveling to the Philippines, whether it’s your first time, tenth time, or even when you’re living in the country. Being an island province gives Cebu some of the best beaches in the country along its north to south distance of 196 kilometres, and the splattering of smaller islands […]

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