best views in florence

Best Views In Florence: What’s Special With This City?

Florence is the capital of Tuscany, one of Italy’s most famous regions known for its beauty, history, stunning architecture, and amazing food. To be the capital of Tuscany, the city has to be something special and Florence doesn’t disappoint. It’s full of romance, amazing buildings, fantastic art, and, of course, some magical views. If you’re […]

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best views in Edinburgh

Best Views In Edinburgh: Fall In Love With This City

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, is a stunning city and it’s not just thanks to the beautiful gothic style architecture you find down the streets, a lot of Edinburgh’s beauty comes from the landscapes the city was built on. Known as the city of seven hills, Edinburgh’s skyline is made of stunning features from valleys to hills […]

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best views in new york

Best Views In New York

New York City is known as the city of lights and tall skyscrapers, but with so many incredibly tall towers, how can you ever find the one with the best views? We can help with that because this list only features the skyscrapers – and a few other places – that offer the absolute best […]

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best beach caves in portugal

Best Beach Caves In Portugal

The best beach caves in Portugal can all be found along Portugal’s stunning Algarve coastline in the southern part of the country. Portugal’s Algarve coastline starts at Monte Gordo, the border with Spain, and runs 150 km west all the way to Europe’s most southwest point near Sagres in Villa Do Bispo county. Dotted along […]

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best waterfalls in el salvador

Best Waterfalls In El Salvador

El Salvador is nestled between Nicaragua and Guatemala on the Pacific coast of Central America. Like a lot of the Central American countries that surround it, El Salvador is home to stunning beaches, tall mountains, dense rainforests, rivers, and of course, some stunning waterfalls. There are a lot of waterfalls in El Salvador and no […]

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best waterfalls in Ecuador

Best Waterfalls In Ecuador

Ecuador sits on the southwest coast of South America and is quite an amazing country to visit. From a landscape perspective, Ecuador pretty much has it all. The coast is lined with stunning beaches lapped by the Pacific ocean, it’s home to the Amazonian jungle, stunning mountains of the Andes, and, of course, the natural […]

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dubai vs abu dhabi

Dubai Vs. Abu Dhabi: Best City In The UAE?

Trying to decide between traveling to Dubai or Abu Dhabi? It’s one of the best dilemmas in the world to have, and we’re happy to help you solve it! Both cities are the epitome of luxury and wealth, but they each offer something slightly different to visitors. While Dubai remains the preferred playground of international […]

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toronto vs montreal

Toronto Vs. Montreal: Which City Should You Visit?

Can’t decide between Toronto and Montreal? We’ll help you figure out which Canadian city is the better option for you, with this detailed comparison of Toronto and Montreal! Although they’re both big Canadian cities, they’re very different from one another. Toronto is very much a North American city with tall skyscrapers, towers, and an exciting […]

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Seoul vs. Tokyo: Which One Would You Go For?

If you’re looking for an Asian capital to visit, it’s hard not to think of Seoul and Toyko as some of the top contenders. Both Seoul and Tokyo are safe, well-developed, high-tech cities that are full of wonderful sights, culture, food, and more that will have you enjoying your visit for days on end. They […]

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traditional food and snacks in Myanmar

Myanmar Traditional Food And Snacks

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is a stunning country in Southeast Asia that is certainly worth a visit. To say Myanmar is culturally diverse would be an understatement. The country is home to over 100 different ethnic groups and with borders into Thailand, China, India, Laos, and Bangladesh, it’s a bit of a melting pot […]

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