Best Hikes In Norway (From Easy to Adventure)

Norway has some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in the world, and you know what that means – thrilling and sometimes even dangerous, one-of-a-kind hikes. As well as some stunning places to camp. Whether you’re looking to enjoy views of the beautiful lakes and beaches or stand on rocks that are practically suspended in […]

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Glamping in Switzerland

So you want to sleep under the stars, high up in the mountains or right by the clear lakes. Getting as close as you can get to nature is extremely tempting when you’re in Switzerland, but sliding into a thin sleeping bag and doing your business in the bushes may not be your cup of […]

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best campsites in corsica

Best Campsites In Corsica: Lagoons, Beaches & Towns

Corsica is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. It is best known for amazing beaches and crystal clear sea, which make it one of the most popular destinations for summer vacations in Europe. If your idea of the perfect vacation includes lounging on the beach, swimming in the sea and going for […]

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benefits of hiking

Benefits Of Hiking: Health, Body And Mind

Hiking is one of the easiest and most popular ways of exercising in the world. Anyone can do it and everyone should do it because it is just that good for you! Hiking has numerous benefits for you, from reducing risk of a heart attack to helping you sleep better at night. And that’s just […]

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best hikes in spain

Best Hikes In Spain

Famed for its food, fiestas, and fantastic weather, hiking might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a trip to Spain… But that doesn’t mean it’s not a fantastic destination for a hiking holiday. Spain does, in fact, offer an incredible variety of landscapes for outdoor enthusiasts to explore […]

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best campsites in greece

Best Campsites In Greece: Beaches, Hikes & History

Rich history, spectacular beaches, crystal clear sea, and stunning views – who doesn’t want to visit Greece at least once in their life? The country is extremely popular with tourists both for the historic sights and its amazing nature, with campsites everywhere that matters. We’ve covered campsites that are just steps away from the ocean, […]

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best campsites in sweden

Best Campsites In Sweden: Lakes, Beaches & Cities

Looking for a campsite in Sweden? Great because you’ve found a guide to the best campsites in Sweden, which covers all the top parts of the country. We’ve featured campsites that are right on the beach as well as those that are so remote you likely won’t have cell service. And of course, we also […]

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best campsites in germany

Best Campsites In Germany: Lakes, Castles & Legos

Germany is an absolutely stunning country with some spectacular big cities and even more beautiful nature. We’re focusing on the latter here, as we’re interested in the campsites in the less urban parts of the country. Germany has spectacular mountains, vast forests, gorgeous lakes and rivers and even some really good beaches on the Baltic […]

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Ten Days In Portugal

10 Days In Portugal: An Epic Seaside Itinerary

A 10-day holiday in Portugal can be as simple as getting a beachfront apartment and enjoying the sun, sea and sand the entire time. But that is not what I have in mind. If you are an adventurous traveller, someone who likes to explore and discover new places, who can’t stay in the same place […]

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things to do in braga

Things To Do In Braga, Portugal

Braga is located in the far North of Portugal and is the capital of the Minho region. Rich in religious, historical, and architectural wonders, Braga is a great place to head for anyone seeking a culture-rich trip. Despite its historical charm, which gives it a quaint, relaxed feel, Braga is actually Portugal’s third-largest city, and […]

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