Best Rain Poncho

The Best Rain Ponchos for Travelers and Hikers

We know, a rain poncho is not the most fashionable item to wear during a downpour. It sucks even more when it hides your carefully curated #OOTD. However, there are many reasons why rain ponchos are one of the best items you can carry on in your travel bags. While those clear ponchos you find […]

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best rope for outdoor use

Best Rope For Outdoor Use: From Rock Climbing To Boating

Not sure what kind of rope you should get for outdoor use? We can help you figure that out! In this guide to the best rope for outdoor use, I will talk you through the types of rope, their purposes, and the materials that rope is most commonly made with. I’ll talk about climbing rope, […]

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10 Best Hikes in Colombia (From Jungles To Beaches)

Colombia is famous for a lot of things. Unfortunately, the most common that comes to mind when people picture the South America country is Pablo Escobar. However, that perception is slowly changing as the Colombian government continues to push forward its tourism initiative by making the country safer by the year. In fact, tourism in […]

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2 week itinerary peru

Two Week Itinerary In Peru: Ruins, Mountains, and the Jungle

Traveling to Peru? Consider yourself lucky! The South American country is astonishing, whether we’re talking about the ancient ruins, the mesmerizing Amazon Rainforest, or the beautiful architecture. Peru is such a beautiful country with so many different things to offer to travelers. Whether you’re into walking around the cities, riding in a dune buggy across […]

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long distance walks

Best Long Distance Walks In The UK

Long-distance walks are an awesome way to really immerse yourself in nature. You can cover some serious ground in just one hike, which means you can expose yourself to a huge variety of scenery and landscapes. They’re also great for building fitness, and you’re less likely to injure yourself than you are with other faster-paced […]

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Best Hikes In England (Hills, Lakes & More)

With endless kilometers of coastline, an abundance of National Parks, and a plethora of landscapes ranging from rolling hills, rocky moors to gigantic lakes, England really does have a lot to offer hiking enthusiasts. The weather might leave something to be desired, but it’s thanks to the substantial rainfall that English landscapes are as lush […]

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Best Hikes in Asia

Best Hikes in Asia (Massive Continent, Epic Hikes)

Even the most seasoned trekkers will be blown away by the beauty of Asian trails. The eclectic medley of volcanic peaks, lush forests, hidden valleys and isolated beaches offer different kinds of challenges for all kinds of hikers. Memorable hikes on world class trails always lead to breathtaking and often secluded views. Pair that with […]

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Trekking in Manali

Trekking in Manali – A Mystical & Breathtaking Adventure

India has long held a mystique in its colorful culture and lush environment. In this highly diverse Asian country lies a small town called Manali – a Himalayan resort town in India’s northern Himachal Pradesh state. At an altitude of over 2,000 meters, the snow-capped mountains and green valleys have made Manali a popular destination […]

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Trekking Dayara Ugyal

Trekking in Dayara Bugyal – A Hidden Gem In India

Trial trial trialFor hundreds of years, shepherds in the Himalayas talked about a beautifully abundant meadow where they bring their livestock to graze. Stories of this meadow, covered in grass and flowers and cradled by the Bhagirathi, Bandarpoonch, and Black peaks, it has now become arguably one of the most beautiful treks in India. This […]

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best indian mountains

Best Mountains In India

India is well known for its mountains – who hasn’t heard of the Himilayas after all? Although the north of India might be home to the countries tallest mountains (and even the world’s), there are in fact some spectacular mountains (and hills) scattered around the entire country.  Overall, India’s mountains really do have something to […]

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