things do murren switzerland

Things to Do in Murren Switzerland

Murren, Switzerland looks like a fairy tale village from a Disney movie. You may want to be on the look out for Heidi, here, too. Yes, it is the essence of Switzerland, that is for sure. The scenery in this region of Switzerland is stunning in any season, especially in summer. That is the time […]

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trek terraces banaue

Trek through the Terraces of Banaue

The Rice Terraces of the Cordilleras – a true gem and one of the Philippines’ most distinct natural wonders. While this tropical country is known for white sand beaches and golden sunsets, its mountain regions are a sight to behold. Known as “Hagdang-Hagdang Palayan” in the local language, the Rice Terraces in Banaue of the […]

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titanium vs steel

Titanium Vs. Steel: Which Is Better?

You need to choose between titanium and steel and you’re not sure which way to go? Well, if you’re shopping for a knife or outdoor gear, I can certainly help with that! This detailed guide covers the main properties of the most common titanium and steel alloys, as well as their general uses, and performance […]

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Cooking Over a Fire

Cook Over a Fire Without a Grill

Want to cook outdoors but you don’t have a grill? That’s fine – the nature around you is all you need to set up a nice cooking area on your camping trips. In this guide to cooking outdoors, I’ll cover all things you can find in nature to create a proper cooking setup! From digging […]

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sewing threads

How To Get Your North Face Backpack Monogrammed?

Monogrammed North Face backpacks are everywhere you look, but where are they coming from? Is there one store where everyone is taking their backpacks for monogramming, or are people just purchasing customized backpacks? I’ll answer those and any other questions you might have about monogramming a North Face backpack below. Keep reading to find out […]

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guide daranak falls

A Guide to Daranak Falls (A Fun Day Trip From Manila)

Many travellers to the Philippines end up in Metro Manila – a group of some of the biggest cities in the country. While Metro Manila is a fun, sometimes chaotic, place to be in, one can always use a quick getaway to somewhere more peaceful. Luckily, there are many day trips you can do outside […]

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day hike to mt pamitinan

Day Hike to Mt. Pamitinan

The underrated gem that is Rizal Province is quickly becoming a go-to destination in the Philippines. A mere two to three-hour drive from Metro Manila, travelers are finally discovering its lush environment. Lying on the northeastern shore of Laguna de Bay and perched on the western slopes of the Sierra Madre mountain range, the province […]

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mount pilatus golden round trip lucerne

Mount Pilatus Golden Round Trip – A Stunning Day Trip From Lucerne

The Swiss city of Lucerne sits in a stunning location on the shores of Lake Lucerne and right below the Alps. As a result, Lucerne is blessed with a whole range of stunning day trips which will be absolutely hard to forget. And the most popular of those is a day trip up the local […]

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What To Do When Your Flight Is Cancelled

What To Do When Your Flight Is Cancelled – All The Options

Traveling in itself can already be stressful. Getting there on time, finding the right spots, making sure you have everything with you – there will always be a snag somewhere. However, the biggest setback is something many travellers dread – flight cancellations. There are many reasons for flight cancellations or delays, most of them related […]

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day trips from berlin

12 Amazing Day Trips to take from Berlin

Berlin is definitely one of the best destinations to visit in Germany. Not only is it the country’s capital, but this offbeat city has an equal balance of grit and modernity. With many historical monuments, culinary gems, and vibrant nightlife to experience, time will always be short in Berlin. However, if you get tired of […]

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