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Chicago Chinatown

While enjoying the wonderful streets of Chicago, or even the nearby National Parks, do not forget to stop by Chicago Chinatown. Of course, the windy city is famous for a lot of things, as is Illinois, but Chinatown is definitely a must-see.

Sample some exotic foods, affordable gifts and goods, freshly made herbs and teas, and of course traditional fun. Learning about Chinatown can also be fun while visiting. They have a number of art exhibitions and museums throughout the town for you to visit.

Tours are being held throughout the week if you would like an explanation, and a group to explore with. There are sculptures, and entrance gates that tell stories that can fascinate, intrigue and wow you at the same time. Finding out the wonders of Chicago’s Chinatown has never been more fun.

On top of the scenic and artistic routes to take throughout Chinatown, you can look into getting some of the best food that is offered. This is because they have only the finest Chinese dishes. Each of their restaurants uses only the best ingredients, and also aims to please each and every person that walks into their restaurant. Try a bite of tradition by splurging on some of the best Dim Sum, tiny dumplings, and roasted pork throughout the city. Each of the restaurants is located down each of the streets on the block of Chinatown. Make sure to stop by during your visit!

Shopping is another one of the large parts of Chinatown. There are so many shops, and so little time to visit them all. Visit the grocers to get the ingredients for your own Dim Sum, and ensure that you stop by the herb stores to pick up remedies for the things you wish to cure at home. Not only are these shops available, but other shops with gifts and items that can be purchased are nestled right next to them. This allows you to have only the best shopping experience when visiting Chicago’s Chinatown.

Visit Chicago’s Chinatown to go to the festivals held each year, or to splurge on some of the Chinese traditional food, the choice is yours on what you would like to do when you visit. Leave enough time to visit everything when you visit, or check out a hotel in the area if you would like more time. Chinatown in Chicago welcomes all tourists of any age to partake in their wonderful little community.

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