Last Updated: December 22, 2020

Honolulu Chinatown

Honolulu is home to many historic and fascinating neighborhoods, but Chinatown is surely one of the most vibrant and exciting. Located at the western edge of the Honolulu financial district, the Chinatown Historic District is a mixture of Chinese and Japanese buildings and influences, with a bit of Vietnam, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia thrown in for good measure! Despite the damage caused by two devastating fires over the years, the District boasts ornate temples, historic buildings, and colorful shops and businesses.

By day you can shop in the many markets, or stop in a small restaurant for dim sum or baked treats. Visit the historic Lai Fong Department Store, known as “shopping heaven.” If you’re hesitant to find your way around on your own, there are guided walking tours available.

At night Chinatown is known as a center of Oahu’s nightlife, with excellent restaurants (where fresh seafood is a specialty), clubs, music and entertainment.

Chinatown is also known for its galleries and art scene. On the first Friday of every month, dozens of galleries have extended hours and participate in an “art walk.”

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