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Philadelphia Chinatown Attractions

A La Mouse

A small cafe serving upscale desserts based on traditional Chinese flavors and ingredients. Their delicious creations include Green Tea-r-misu, tofu kasuteri cheesecake and lychee panna cotta.

You can visit them at 145 N. 11th St.

KC’s Pastries

One of the most favorite pastry shops in town, you get to wrap your own goods when you get them which saves time. You can also choose whichever you would like and pay an affordable price for the Chinese delicacy of your choice. The staff is courteous, respectful, and very friendly. If you need a question answered, they are quick to help you out. Check this bakery out for all of the wonderful Chinese treats you’re looking for.

You can visit them at 109 N 10th St. If you prefer to give them a call ahead of time about their services or good then you can do so by calling 215 238 8808.

Ting Wong Restaurant

This is a wonderful little restaurant that you can get your food fast, and pay an affordable price in order to do so. The restaurant is finely decorated, and they make sure you have everything you need when it comes to enjoying your meal. The favorites on their menu include the soups and BBQ pork. Try out some of the crispy noodles with the soup; it is one thing that cannot be passed up when visiting Chinatown in Philadelphia.

You can stop by for a bite to eat when you visit them at 138 N 10th St. Call ahead of time for more information about their menu at 215 928 1883.


The food in this restaurant cannot do justice by just talking about it. This is because all of the items on the menu are to die for. You can be sure to take your taste buds on a trip when you try some of the best items that Chinatown has to offer. The service is fast and friendly. They also make sure you have enough of everything, and you never go without when it comes to eating in the restaurant.

You can give them a visit when you go to 117 N 10th St. If you prefer to call ahead of time about their services and menu then you can do so by calling them at 215 413 2531.

Shiao Lan Kung

They specialize in the salt baked menu items. Anything from pork to seafood. You will be satisfied with anything that you choose of the menu because it all tastes so good. Of course, one downfall is that they do not open until 3 in the afternoon so you will have to have a late lunch or perhaps even dinner in their establishment. They offer some of the best prices, and you will be glad you tried something on the menu. Try the salt baked goodies; your taste buds will thank you.

You can give them a visit when you go to 930 Race St. right in Chinatown. Call ahead of time to book rooms for larger parties at 215 928 0282.

QT Vietnamese Sandwich

If you would like an Oriental based sandwich of your dreams then this is the place to go. Subs and hoagies of all kinds with Oriental meats, veggies, and fruits stacked right inside them. You can also get snack and drinks while venturing out. Make sure to grab something on the menu, anything since everything is good. The sandwiches are made to order so all of the ingredients are fresh, and you get to choose what goes on yours if you would like.

Visit this wonderful restaurant in the heart of Chinatown for some of the lunch specials at 48 N 10th St. You can also call ahead of time for larger parties or to ask about the menu at 267 639 4520.

1st Oriental Supermarket

This wonderful supermarket has all the Chinese imports you’re looking for when it comes to home Chinese cooking. What you cannot find in other supermarkets for the Chinese tradition, you will be able to find here. They have sauces, meats, vegetables, fruits, and much more when it comes to authentic and traditional Chinese ingredients. All of the package supplies were imported from China, and all of the vegetables and such were grown by the Chinese community to give you the freshest ingredients while shopping. They also have cooking utensils such as woks and pans. Pick up chopsticks to bring more tradition to the table.

You can visit them for all of your Chinese grocery needs at 1111 South 6th Street in Chinatown. Stop in, and they will make sure to let you feel right at home.

Friendship Gate

The Friendship Gate is one of the most popular attractions in Chinatown. The gate has many colors, and ornamented adorned arches to view. Some of the spectacular pieces of art include the fire breathing dragons and Oriental lettering. This was a joint project between Philadelphia and the Chinese sister Tianjin city. The gate was constructed and decorated by Chinese artisans in 1984. All of the materials were brought over from Tianjin.

It is located at 10th and Arch Streets, and you can pass through or stop by to take in the wonders of the gate when you visit.

Wok N Walk Tour

This tour allows you to taste, shop, and learn when it comes to Chinatown. You get to go with a group, or book a private party tour if you would like to bring just your family. They bring you around Chinatown, and allow you to learn their culture through food, sights, and historical monuments throughout the community. They stop at all of the shops and restaurants while also being able to visit some of the more important historical and art buildings.

Reservations are needed for the tour. You can contact them for yours today by calling them at 215-928-9333.

Kimmel Center

This is a wonderful location to catch a show, play, music, and much more when visiting Chinatown. It is home to the orchestra, and has become a big part of the area. There are shows that go on every night, and you can be sure that someone is playing on the night you arrive. The center is beautifully decorated and comfortable to sit in and enjoy the sounds or play you may be watching at the time.

You can visit them for a show at 260 South Broad Street. If you would like to get the show listings or pricing ahead of time, you can give them a call at 215 893 1999.

Starlight Holiness Church

This is one of the oldest churches in the Chinese community throughout Philadelphia. It is a beautifully constructed church. The church can give anyone a boost in religion and make them feel like they have an option in their life. They seek to help less fortunate in any way possible. There is an old warm charm about the older constructed church. You can make it a must see destination for your sightseeing trip at Chinatown.

Visit them right in Chinatown at 2944 Ridge Avenue. You can also give them a call at 215 236 8845 for more information about the church and what they do.


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