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San Francisco Chinatown

San Francisco’s Chinatown is the largest in North America and one of the things that the town is known for. It offers a wide assortment of activities from ethnic food and great culture, to deep history, shopping, and much more.

Not only do they have wonderful shops and restaurants during the day but they also have nightclubs at night for those who enjoy the nightlife. If you would rather go during the day, bring the whole family, and enjoy some of the festivals throughout the year.

Visiting Chinatown does not mean you just have to go for the food and the shopping. Both are great, and should not be avoided, but the history behind the town is worth checking out as well. This is because you can learn about the Golden Dragon Massacre, the history of Ah Toy, or even the earthquake that leveled the whole town to rubble in 1906. There is much to learn that you may find fascinating while visiting Chinatown. The people of the town may also have a story or two to tell you of their immigration and past.

Learn about the traditions of the Chinese people, walk the streets, and smell the wonderful scents of Chinese food in each of the shops that you pass. The food is the number one thing that tourists talk about when they visit Chinatown. Depending on the restaurant that you visit, you can sample a variety of traditional regional dishes. Chinese herbs may also do the trick if you’re looking for remedies. There are a number of vendors with traditional recipes, herbs, and spices to ensure that you cure whatever may ail you… or even spice up your home-cooked Dim Sum.

There is so much to do at Chinatown you will have to stay a whole weekend to get most of it done. Make sure to plan your trip this year. Bring the family, or go alone. There is fun for every age and every person waiting at San Francisco’s Chinatown. Find out when the festivals and events are held to take part in them, and book your reservations at a hotel in or near Chinatown to stay the weekend or for the week.

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