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Delsey Vs. American Tourister: Choosing The Right Luggage

Both Delsey and American Tourister have some really great luggage, and I can’t blame you at all if you’re having a hard time deciding between these two brands. I want to help, which is why I’ve listed all the major differences between the two luggage brands in this detailed comparison.

The history of the brands, design, features, quality, and price point are just some of the key factors covered in this comparison. I’ll tell you about all the major distinctions between the two brands, and by the end of the post, you should have a clear idea of which brand is better suited to your travel needs!

Key Differences Between Delsey and American Tourister

Delsey Chatelet Hardside Luggage Review

Wondering what the main differences between the two brands are? Here’s a quick overview of the most notable distinctions between Delsey and American Tourister:

  • Delsey Paris is a European brand from France, and American Tourister was founded in the US
  • Delsey manufactures mid-range and high-end luggage, and American Tourister manufactures budget luggage
  • Delsey manufactures all kinds of bags and luggage; American Tourister mostly makes suitcases
  • American Tourister manufactures luggage for kids, Delsey does not
  • Delsey uses expensive and premium materials; American Tourister manufactures luggage with affordable materials
  • Delsey often incorporates innovative and proprietary features into their luggage; American Tourister does not

Brand Background

American Tourister

Delsey: Delsey is a French brand based in Paris. The brand was founded in 1946, so it actually existed nearly a decade shorter than American Tourister. However, Delsey is one of the largest brands in the luggage market, and back in 2010, it was in second place behind just Samsonite.

The brand is known for mid-range and high-end luggage options, but they’re still not in the market for proper luxury luggage. Delsey luggage is available for sale worldwide, and it can be purchased from various online retailers as well as physical stores.

American Tourister: American Tourister was founded in 1933 in the United States, and it was eventually purchased by Samsonite. Today, the brand is considered Samsonite’s budget-friendly option, aimed more at younger travelers and children.

You can buy American Tourister luggage anywhere you can get Samsonite suitcases, and that’s pretty much everywhere in the world. The brand also sells luggage online, as well as with third-party sellers like Amazon, Walmart, and others.


Delsey Chatelet Hardside Luggage Review

Delsey: Delsey is miles ahead of American Tourister when it comes to design. The brand manufactures some absolutely gorgeous suitcases and the Chatelet is possibly one of the best-looking pieces of luggage you could ever buy.

But the differences in design aren’t just about the appearance. Delsey luggage is also designed with practical and convenient features, targeting people who are looking for high-quality suitcases but can’t really afford Rimowa and Tumi luggage.

American Tourister: American Tourister luggage is very different from Delsey luggage. Whereas the French company features luxurious-looking luggage for modern professionals, the vast majority of American Tourister’s product range appears to be aimed at kids, teens, and young adults.

This brand has more Disney luggage than any other brand out there, as well as so many different options for children. But that makes perfect sense to me; if the parent brand of Samsonite is targeting adults looking for high-quality luggage, then American Tourister is the perfect option for children and teenagers.

The younger folks are still getting luggage manufactured by a trusted brand, but they’re spending a lot less money on it.

Quality & Durability

American Tourister Air Force 1 Review

Delsey: Delsey luggage is manufactured from premium materials and is extremely durable. Honestly, a fairer comparison would be to Delsey vs. Samsonite in terms of quality in durability, since both those brands use materials like polycarbonate and polypropylene for luggage manufacturing.

Polycarbonate is a pricey material but it’s also one of the best types of plastic that can be used to make luggage because of its excellent flexibility and impact resistance. Polypropylene is also used by Delsey; it’s not as durable as polycarbonate, but it’s much lighter and great for lightweight luggage.

American Tourister: American Tourister usually manufactures the luggage with cheaper materials, so you’re not getting the same quality as you do from Delsey. Most American Tourister (hardside) luggage is manufactured from an ABS and PC composite or just ABS plastic, which is not as durable or impact resistant as pure polycarbonate.

The brand also often uses polypropylene to manufacture luggage, and they have been known for producing suitcases made from pure polycarbonate. Generally speaking, American Tourister luggage is not quite as durable as Delsey Paris luggage.


Delsey Chatelet Zippered Closed Interior

Same Basic Features

Luggage from both brands will usually have the same basic features. I consider basic features to be spinner wheels on a hardside suitcase, a TSA-friendly combination lock, a height-adjustable wheel handle with aluminum barrels, top, and side grab handles, a lined interior, and an expandable capacity.

It’s worth noting that, while the majority of luggage from both brands has all of these features, there are exceptions within the product lines of both Delsey and American Tourister.


When it comes to unique and innovative features, Delsey is the only of the two brands that can surprise customers. American Tourister luggage might have the basic features, but the cheapest luggage will often lack a feature or two. I’ve yet to see an American Tourister suitcase with an innovative feature, so they’re definitely not the brand for you if you want unique luggage.

Delsey, on the other hand, often goes above and beyond the justify the cost of their luggage. A few of the features I’ve encountered in their luggage include (but aren’t limited to) brakes in wheels, removable laundry and shoe bags, suiter sections, USB ports, outsider wheel handles, front and bottom grab handles, and much more.

Those are just the special features off the top of my head, and if you do a deep dive into their product range I’m sure you’ll discover many more.

Size & Weight

American Tourister Air Force 1 Review

When it comes to the size and weight of Delsey and American Tourister luggage, there aren’t too many differences. Both brands manufacture suitcases in all sizes, ranging from convenient carry-ons to large checked bags. You’ll also find bags and backpacks in the product ranges of both brands, but Delsey has a lot more options than American Tourister.

Delsey also has a wider product range if you want underseat bags, special-sized suitcases, or bags for business trips. On the other hand, if you want kids’ luggage, American Tourister is the better option without a doubt.

In terms of luggage weight, it really depends on the individual suitcases. Both brands manufacture lightweight luggage, and American Tourister suitcases are often lighter than Delsey’s because Polycarbonate is one of the heavier materials for luggage production. Also, American Tourister luggage is rarely as packed with features, which ultimately makes the cases weigh less.

Price Differences

Delsey Helium Aero Spinner Review

Delsey Paris luggage is more expensive than American Tourister luggage and it’s a fact. The price range for Delsey luggage is approximately from $100 to $600, with the vast majority of suitcases being priced in the $200-400 range.

American Tourister luggage is usually up to $200 for individual suitcases and luggage sets are priced at around $300. It’s worth noting that AT luggage for kids is even more affordable, and you can usually buy a solid suitcase from them for less than $100.

However, one thing I must point out is that, if you look at what the third-party sellers are offering, you can find some excellent deals on the old Delsey luggage collection. Amazon still has some of its suitcase collections from a few years ago (Helium, Titanium, etc.), and they’re surprisingly affordably priced.

Warranty & Returns

Both American Tourister and Delsey Paris offer limited global warranties that are valid for up to 10 years. The exact length of the warranty coverage depends on the type of luggage, and it’s important to note that warranties from both brands cover only manufacturing defects.

When it comes to returns, American Tourister offers a more pleasant customer experience. They allow customers to return unused items within 60 days of purchasing a product, whereas Delsey accepts returns only in the first 14 days. This is for items purchased on the brands’ respective websites.

Real-Life Experiences with Delsey and American Tourister

Amazon reviews are absolutely the best place to check out if you want to see people’s real-life experiences with these two brands. I’ve done a lot of digging and, generally speaking, people have fewer complaints about Delsey luggage.

Delsey suitcases are rated higher on average, and they usually have a lower percentage of poor reviews (3 stars and under). However, it’s important to note that American Tourister luggage sells a lot better on Amazon, and it’s bound to have more poor reviews if it’s sold in larger quantities.

American Tourister customers often complained about the poor quality of the luggage. The larger suitcases would get damaged after just a couple of trips, and people were not satisfied with their durability.

Delsey Luggage also had a few similar complaints, but it was maybe half a dozen people across more than 1,000 reviews. A common theme among the poor reviews of Delsey I noticed was bad experiences with customer service, and people waiting for a reply for weeks or never receiving one.

Delsey vs American Tourister: Which Suitcase to Choose?

It’s a no-brainer for me; if you can afford Delsey it’s a significantly better option. The luggage is better quality, it’s made from better materials, and it has more features. But it’s also significantly more expensive than American Tourister, so it’s definitely not an option for everyone.

If you’re a traveler on a tight budget, American Tourister is one of the best budget brands you can buy. In my opinion, they’re better than Rockland, Coolife, and all the similar budget brands, mostly because they’re owned by Samsonite so you’re still getting decent quality control and product testing.




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