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Best German Chocolate Brands: From Ritter to Milka

Curious about the best German chocolate brands? Then you’re definitely in the right place because this guide includes the best known and most delicious chocolates that are produced in Germany!

You’re most likely familiar with some of the brands on this list, and others might actually surprise you. In any case, read on to see the best German chocolate brands, and don’t blame us if by the end of the guide you have an inexplicable craving for some tasty chocolate goodies!

Ritter SportRitter Sport

Ritter Sport is probably the most quintessential German chocolate you can get your hands on. Although they’re sold in supermarkets and grocery stores throughout Germany (and the rest of Europe), they’re pricier than most other store-bought chocolate. And they should be since the taste and quality of these chocolates are on par with some of the best chocolate brands in the world.

Berlin is even home to the Ritter Sport store, which is exactly what it sounds like – a large shop where you can buy only Ritter Sport chocolates and other items relating to the brand. There are 37 different flavors in their product range, including some unique flavors like Milk Chocolate With Cornflakes and Milk Chocolate With Butter Biscuit. And, occasionally the brand comes out with an extra limited-edition variant that’s available only for a specific time period.

The Ritter Sport chocolates are sold in three size options. The classic bars weigh 100 grams, and they’re divided into just nine pieces, making it way too easy to devour the entire chocolate bar in one sitting. It’s also possible to purchase them in larger (250 grams) variants, as well as minis (16.5 grams).

As a chocolate brand, Ritter Sport was established back in 1912 by Clara Ritter, and they’ve remained a family-owned business ever since. They’re constantly expanding their offer and following new trends, and in the last few years, they’ve been focused on appealing to the growing vegan popularity of Germany by producing their first-ever vegan chocolate bars.



Schogetten chocolates are some of the most popular German chocolates available in Europe. They’re best known for being sold pre-cut, which makes sharing the chocolates with others easier and a bit more sanitary. These are affordable chocolates that are available in supermarkets all over Europe, and they’re similar in taste and quality to the slightly more ubiquitous Milka brand.

On the other hand, opening a bar of Schogetten chocolates is a dangerous game, precisely because they’re pre-cut. It’s always “just one more piece”, and before you know it, you’ve devoured all 18 pieces and the calories are forever nestled on your hips.

The Schogetten brand first appeared on the market in 1962, and since then they’ve slowly expanded the variety of flavors in their offer. The single-portioned Milk chocolate remains one of Germany’s most recognizable brands, but they’re still not a favorite among true chocolate connoisseurs.

Schogetten gets criticized for their overly sweet taste, but if that’s exactly how you like your chocolates, there’s no reason not to love them!

Moser Roth

Moser Roth

Moser Roth is Aldi’s exclusive German brand of Chocolate, and it’s of the best German chocolates you can get your hands on. Even when compared to some of those discount chocolates you get at the supermarket.

The company was founded way back in 1841 and has managed to withstand the test of time despite the many challenges it faced. The original company was founded by Wilhelm Roth Jr., a pastry chef from Stuttgart with a passion for delicious chocolates. He ran the company for about three decades, after which he retired.

The company later merged with their largest Stuttgart-based competitor, E. O. Moser & Cie, which is how the brand name Moser-Roth was born. That brand was registered in 1902 for the first time, and for several decades they had the largest chocolate factory in the city. However, the factory was shut down in 1942 for political reasons, and two years later it burned down in an air raid.

Production resumed in 1947 under new ownership, and the brand was sold several times after that. The final sale saw the Moser-Roth brand acquired by Storck, who have remained the owners to this day, producing the fine German chocolates exclusively for Aldi. Although Moser-Roth chocolate bars are available in a wide variety of different flavors, the dark chocolate options with high cacao percentages are the brand’s best-sellers.



Niederegger is a family-owned brand of premium marzipan chocolates. The German company was established back in 1806 and has been a symbol of Lübeck ever since.

It’s worth noting that the invention of marzipan is usually associated with this specific town in Germany, and Lübeck marzipan is praised all over the world for its incredible taste and quality. And in fact, Niederegger’s marzipans were once exclusive treats for German royalty. But now you can have them too!

In addition to the best marzipan in the world, this family business also produces nougats, pralines, and chocolate bars in many different flavors, shapes, and sizes. They’re all absolutely delicious so definitely try out as many flavors as possible if you get the opportunity. Their expensive chocolate is pricier than most other German chocolates, but they’re worth every single penny considering just how amazing they taste.



Milka chocolates are widely available throughout Europe, and they’re best known for their iconic purple wrappers. Although the brand originated in Switzerland, the chocolates have been produced mainly in Germany for more than 100 years, so it’s fair to consider them German chocolates.

Apart from the colorful wrappers, Milka chocolates are also known for their delicious taste and affordability. They’re made with alpine milk, which tastes better and is much more fragrant than regular milk and this is what gives their milk chocolate their signature flavor.

Although the milk chocolate bar is available in a wide variety of different flavors (the exact selection depends on the market), their classic Alpine Milk and Nougat flavor remain the favorites of most people.

Additionally, Milka chocolates are sold mainly as chocolate bars, but also as cookies, pralines, and loads of other types of quality chocolate confections. The availability of the different types of chocolates depends on the exact market, and some flavors remain exclusive to certain regions or tied to particular events.



Merci is a popular chocolate brand in Germany, but I was genuinely shocked to learn that they were a German brand! Merci is French for thank you, and like most others, I always assumed they were a French brand. Well, they’re not – instead, they’re one of the best German chocolate brands, and definitely deserving of a spot on this list!

Merci is owned by Storck, the same brand that now owns Moser-Roth chocolates. They’re produced in Germany and sold in supermarkets and grocery stores all over Germany and 70 other countries. The chocolates are packaged individually and one box contains 16 different chocolates.

A box of Merci chocolates usually features two pieces for each of the eight different flavors, making it easy for everyone to discover a flavor they absolutely love.

Unlike most other German chocolate companies, Merci keeps their offer of chocolates simple. Their selection includes three boxes – the red one that has Merci’s finest assortment of flavors, the blue one that features delicious milk and creamy chocolates, and the gold one that’s fairly new and includes an assortment of mousse chocolates.

They’re all delicious to me, but the praline-crème chocolates from the red box have been my favorite for as long as I can remember!



Reber is another family-owned German chocolate brand that’s been around since the middle of the 19th century. They’re best known for their delicious Mozart-Kugeln and although they’re not the original brand behind the famous recipe, they’re definitely one of the best brands to turn to whenever you’re craving the delicious confections.

The German brand sells other types of quality chocolate confections as well, and their product range features everything from milk chocolate and dark chocolate to truffles. Great if you have a sweet tooth, right? Even if it is expensive chocolate!

What sets them apart from other companies is just how decadent their confections are, so think of Reber whenever you get a craving for something extremely sweet and chocolatey.



Hachez is a famous German chocolate brand that was founded in the late 19th century by Joseph Emile Hachez. They’ve been making delicious chocolates for more than 125 years, and they’ve stayed a family-owned brand ever since! Their chocolates are characterized of the unusually high cacao content, and I would pick them over the overly sweet supermarket brands like Milka and Schogetten every time.

Unlike most other chocolate companies that settle for bulk cacao, Hachez only uses fine cacao in their manufacturing process. Fine or flavor cocoa beans come from Trinitario or Criollo trees, while plain/bulk beans are produced from Forastero trees.

Keep in mind that I’m speaking in very broad terms, but in general, fine cacao is much rarer and more expensive to source than bulk cacao. That’s why Hachez chocolates have a very distinct taste, as well as why they are pricier than most supermarket brands.

In addition to that, it’s worth noting that Hachez states the percentage of cacao in all their products, and they let you filter and sort by exactly how much cacao you want in your chocolates. They mostly sell dark chocolate in bars and pralines, but they do come out with some chocolate specialties every now and then.

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