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Getting from Stavanger to Bergen

Is your next destination in Western Norway this summer? Torn between Stavanger or Bergen and would love to actually visit both?

Not a problem, we got your back! Read on for a detailed overview of how you can get from Stavanger to Bergen – whether you’ll be driving your own car or use public transport.

Stavenger to Bergen

There’s never a summer that Western Norway is not filled with thousands of tourists who came either via cruise ship or their own transport. And Stavanger and Bergen are two of the most visited cities in this region. Both of these places have lots to offer and can easily keep you busy for 2-3 days.

Driving is, of course, the easiest and maybe the most convenient way to get from Stavanger to Bergen and also around Western Norway, but it’s not the only option just in case you’re not comfortable driving abroad.

Let me show you four different ways to travel from Stavanger to Bergen, along with their travel times and costs!

By Car

Traveling by car may be easy, whether you’re driving your own or renting one when you get to Norway. But here’s the catch, with all the costs that go along with it, this isn’t necessarily the cheapest option. But what are these costs you ask?

  • Fuel expenses
  • Costs for ferries
  • Road tolls
  • Parking fees

Still think that this is the best option? Here’s a guide on how it can be an easy and smooth journey. It’s relatively easy, just follow the national road E39. However, there are 2 fjords along the way, which means you have to factor in two ferries as well.

The first one that goes between Mortavika and Arsvågen ferry costs range from 36 NOK – 40 NOK for the passengers and 95 NOK – 120 NOK for standard cars. While the second ferry which is in between Sandvikvåg and Halhjem costs from 50 NOK – 60 NOK for the passenger and 160 NOK – 190 NOK for a standard car.

You may check the timetable here to help you schedule your time travel.

Aside from the cost of the ferries, you will also have to pay for road tolls by registering to AutoPass. Also, check this post out to learn more about the road tolls.

** Pro Tip: Driving an electric car will save you from paying road tolls (at least for now) and would only cost half the price of the ferry tickets.

** Rentals: And if you’re renting a car, you don’t have to worry about all of these costs during the trip as the rental provider bills the cost after the trip. Bear in mind that this option will cost you much higher.

The drive from Stavanger to Bergen takes approximately 5 hours, including the 25 minutes you spend on the first ferry and 40 minutes on the second. Despite the costs and the hassle, this option gives you the chance to take breaks especially when you’re on the ferries.

By Bus

The bus journey takes approximately five and a half hours and follows the same route as the car option. The ferry tickets are already included in the bus fare, so that’s always a bonus. The bus company on this route is Kystbussen and you should book the tickets in advance. This allows you to reserve a seat and take advantage of the best price too (It could save you  up to 15%)

By Ferry

Maybe the cheapest option, if you don’t have your own car, is taking the direct ferry with Fjordline. They offer daily departures from Hirtshals (in Denmark) to Bergen, via Stavanger. Not only is this is easiest route, you get to enjoy the ride and views at the same time. Plus, there is a restaurant and cafe on board, so you can enjoy your time even more!

The only downside to this option is the ferry terminal. It is located approximately 10km outside Stavanger, so a bit of a pain to get to. Of course, you can take the bus (number 2) which is cheap but painful – you have to walk the last 20 minutes. The best option is the Fjordline bus they offer which goes directly to the terminal, but costs extra of course!

Stavanger to Bergen

What about Trains, Planes, and Hitchhiking?

Unfortunately, there are no train lines from Stavanger going to Bergen. As you might already know, Norway is not a train-loving nation!

You can certainly take the plane if you must,  but this is not something I would normally do for such a short hop flight.

However, if you do wish to go by plane, you have to consider that flight time and all the related shenanigans before departure as well as getting to and from both airports.

Last but not the least, hitchhiking is always be an option. Although it’s not something I’ve tried first-hand, I’ve heard a lot of different experiences from people who have tried it, some are fun, while some are not. But I guess if you really want to try out this option, you should be strategic about it – meaning, you should stand somewhere along the way to Bergen.

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