Last Updated: October 5, 2022
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Gore Wear Torrent Jacket Review: Best Cycling Jacket?


Gore Wear Torrent Jacket

The Gore Wear Torrent Jacket is made to keep you comfortable while cycling in adverse weather. It’s a breathable, windproof, and waterproof jacket that can handle serious storms and works as an extra layer for winter cycling. Add in the amazing features, and you have a cycling jacket of note! View Latest Deal

If you are into cycling, especially in all weather conditions, you have probably been looking for a breathable waterproof jacket that can keep up.

Having a cycling jacket that not only protects you from wind and rain but also keeps you cool and is super comfortable to cycle in, is the cycling jacket we have all been looking for, and I think the Gore Wear Torrent Jacket might be just that.

Join me as we run through all the details in this Gore Wear Torrent Jacket Review so you can get to know the jacket and see if it’s the waterproof and breathable jacket for cycling you have been looking for.


  • Extremely breathable to keep you cool
  • Fully waterproof and windproof jacket
  • Tight fit for aerodynamics
  • Very lightweight and super packable
  • Easy to look after
  • Stretchy for good mobility
  • Dries quickly
  • Fleece lined collar for warmth
  • Stow pocket and protective flap on the back
  • Reflective elements for low-light cycling
  • Partially elastic gripper on hem
  • Shaped cuffs sit over gloves


  • Quite expensive
  • Tight fitting, go one size up

Product Rating

84Overall Rating
Materials & Durability
Weight & Packability
Weather Performance
Sizing & Comfort
Value for Money

Product Information

  • Weight: 7.23 ounces
  • Sizes: XS to XL
  • Shell: 100% Polyamide
  • Material: GORE-TEX Active
  • Collar: Fleece-lined
  • Pockets: 1 zippered pocket at the back
  • Reflective Details: Yes
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red

Materials & Durability

GORE WEAR Men's Standard Torrent Jacket, Orbit Blue, XS

If the Gore Wear Torrent Jacket is going to keep you comfortable while cycling in adverse weather conditions, it is going to need to be built from great materials, and last too. Let’s take a look at how it does when it comes to materials and being durable.


The Torrent Jacket is built from some of the best materials on the planet. It is made from layers of Gore-Tex Active along with a 100% Polyamide shell.

Being a Gore-Tex active product means the Torrent Jacket has more than nine billion pores per square inch. The pores are small enough to ensure no water gets in while being large enough to ensure sweat gets out, which is what makes this highly breathable and waterproof at the same time.

The polyamide shell is a form of nylon and this covers and protects the Gore-Tex beneath it. It stretches, handles wear, is water-resistant, and it is oleophobic. Being oleophobic means it resists stains that are oil-based and keeps your jacket looking great for longer.


A jacket at this price has to last to be worth investing in and the Gore Torrent Jacket delivers. The polyamide shell is extremely abrasion resistant and wear-resistant making the jacket very durable and protecting the Gore-Tex layer beneath it.

Not only does the shell handle wear but it also stretches and by doing so protects the seams. This means when you over-reach, for example, the fabric moves with you and doesn’t break the seams.

Overall, the Gore Wear Torrent Jacket delivers very well when it comes to both materials and durability.

Weight & Packability

GORE WEAR Men's Standard Torrent Jacket, Orbit Blue, XS

When you’re cycling, the last thing you want is a heavy jacket to wear or carry along with you if the weather changes from good to bad.

The Gore Torrent Jacket weighs just over 7 ounces making it an extremely lightweight jacket. It is so lightweight that you will barely notice it when it’s stowed and it adds very little weight to your body while on the road.

The Gore Wear Torrent Jacket also packs down incredibly small. The jacket features a small zippered jersey pocket on the back, which is handy in itself, but even more handy when you can pack the jacket into it.

When packed in the jersey pocket, the jacket scrunches down to a very small packed size so you can easily take it on sunny bike rides just in case the weather might change.

Weather Performance

GORE WEAR Men's Standard Torrent Jacket, Orbit Blue, XS

The Gore Wear Torrent Jacket wouldn’t be a very useful cycling jacket if it didn’t handle bad weather and as you’d expect, it handles it very well.

No matter the severity of the wet conditions you find yourself in, the jacket offers exemplary rain protection, no matter how heavy the rain gets. The combination of the taped seams, Gore-Tex Active and the polyamide shell make it durably waterproof to ensure you don’t get wet, even in a storm.

The Gore-Tex layer’s pores are 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water so it simply can not seep in, ever! The shell around the jacket also blocks rain, so you will never get wet, and it is windproof, so no cold wind will penetrate the jacket either.

But, what about overheating? Those same pores are 700 times bigger than sweat or water vapor, providing incredible moisture management. No rain will get in, but all your heat and sweat can leave with ease.

The taped seams ensure nothing seeps in around the awesome materials and some intelligent features stop you from getting wet in other ways too.

Having cuffs shaped so that they go over your gloves preventing water ingress is a genius feature. Plus, the partially elastic gripper on the hem means the jacket doesn’t ride up either. You won’t get wet through your gloves or from your waist!

Overall, the Gore Torrent Jacket is built to handle all weather and the fleece-lined collar is a lovely addition for warmth too.

Sizing & Comfort

GORE WEAR Men's Standard Torrent Jacket, Orbit Blue, XS

The Gore Wear Jacket is described as a slim-fit jacket, and it is a very slim-fit jacket. It is recommended that you read the sizing chart before ordering as some find their normal size is a little too slim fit.

You should also consider layering when looking at the size chart and go one size up or two for layering purposes, and so that the jacket doesn’t ride up when you’re in the riding position. If the jacket is too small, the back flap won’t give you much spray protection when you’re riding!

If you can get the size right then you will get all the comfort features while you are riding. To start off with, the jacket is very soft against your skin and with optimal fit ensures you don’t get a ton of wind resistance while riding.

The fleece around the stand-up collar is a lovely addition as it keeps you snug year-round, and the stretch ensures great mobility so you don’t feel restricted. Each sleeve is also designed to be long enough to ensure it works well with gloves.

Add to all these amazing features how lightweight it is, and the quality of the protection from the elements it gives you, and you have something that is designed for cycling anywhere.

Value for Money

GORE WEAR Men's Standard Torrent Jacket, Orbit Blue, XS

Gore clothing isn’t cheap and for good reason, as the fabric used is some of the best on the planet, as is the build quality.

The Gore Torrent retails for close to $230 which isn’t cheap for a jacket, but when you consider the quality, the price makes more sense.

Between the fabric, low weight, breathability, rain, and wind protection, it nails weather performance and durability.

Add in all the extra features that make it amazingly comfortable, and you have a jacket that is worth every penny in our eyes.


The Gore Torrent has done exceptionally well in our rating system, with a score of 84.

It has performed exceptionally well across all categories and only lost points on sizing.

It can be difficult to find the perfect size and it is recommended to size large instead of small and think about layering. But, once you find the right size, it is very hard to beat.


Overall, the Gore Wear Torrent Jacket is perfect for cyclists who go on a ride no matter the weather and go often!

The build quality is excellent, making it a jacket that is going to handle anything a cyclist can put it through. When it comes to weather protection, no wind or rain is ever going to affect a cyclist wearing it, and you can use it for layering in winter to boot!

GORE WEAR Torrent Jacket Mens, Black, Medium
  • Extremely lightweight men's jacket for cyclists, Ideal all year round in wet conditions
  • SLIM FIT: Follows the shape of your body to create a smooth silhouette without being skin-tight, Cycling-specific cut, Reflective details

On the road, it is super comfortable thanks to its stretchy mobility, long sleeves, and protective back flap. The back pocket is very useful too and you can pack the jacket into it, making it incredibly portable to boot!

The only downside is how expensive the jacket is. But, for all the amazing things that come with it, we think it is worth every penny, especially if you go cycling often as its value will only increase the more you use it!