Last Updated: March 31, 2022
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Gregory Baltoro 65 Review – Great for Backpacking


Gregory Baltoro 65L Backpack

Built from durable materials, the Gregory Baltoro 65 is one of the most comfortable heavy-load backpacks around. It's fully adjustable system combined with it's a huge array of storage options, and awesome features make it one of a kind. This backpack is made for a life of adventure, comfort, and organization in the outdoors. View Latest Deal

If you love backpacking through the wilderness then it’s time you met the Gregory Baltoro 65 backpack. Updated from its award-winning 2015 style, the new model is a little bit lighter while still retaining the quality and comfort of the original model.

This backpack is one of the best at carrying heavy loads while keeping you comfortable. The internal frame and full adjustability allow you to carry up to 50lbs of weight with excellent support making those weeks camping in the outdoors just that little bit better.

The Baltoro 65 is full of great features and provides great storage options to keep you organized on the trail. It’s perfect for backpacking around the world, getting lost in the wild, summits, camping, and pretty much any other time you might need a backpack.

In this review, we are going to take a deep dive into the Gregory Baltoro 65 to give you the inside scope on materials, durability, comfort, organization, and more. We are going to focus on the 65 (Medium) in this review but it’s also available in 63(Small) and 68 (Large) liter options. The only real differentiator is the capacity, otherwise, all features are pretty much the same.

There is everything you might need to know about the Gregory Baltoro 65 in this review, so keep scrolling through to find out why it might be the right backpack for you.


  • Super comfortable and great support with a heavy load
  • Very well made and exceptionally durable
  • Excellent array of storage options for optimal organization
  • Can hold 5-7L more than specified
  • Comes with a removable day pack


  • It's a bit heavier than the competition
  • The removable daypack isn't comfortable for intense hikes
  • The back panel could be better ventilated

Product Rating

90Overall Rating
Materials And Durability
Accessibility And Organization
External Gear Attachment Points
Value for Money

Product Information

  • Weight: 5 lbs 7 oz
  • Volume: 65L (also available in 61L and 69L)
  • Frame: Internal 7075 aluminum frame
  • Max Recommended Load: 50 lbs
  • Material: 630D High-Density Nylon (Base), 200D Polyester (Lining), EVA Foam
  • Water Resistant: Semi plus rain cover
  • Compartments: Main & sleeping bag
  • External Pockets: 10
  • Hydration Compatible: Yes
  • Removable Daypack: Yes
  • Backpanel And Harness: Adjustable vented, formed backpanel and padded Life span harness
  • External Attachment Points: 12 gear loops, sleeping pad strap, ice axe/trekking pole holders

Gregory Baltoro 65: Materials & Durability

The Gregory Baltoro 65 is constructed in a well thought out way that puts great quality materials where they need to be. It’s rough, it’s tough and it’s built to be around for a long time.


The outer shell of the Baltoro 65 is made from a mixture of 210D and 300D nylon. D or Denier is a measure of thickness that corresponds to durability and in this case, the use of 210 and 300 D makes the backpack hardy and able to stand up to hard wear and tear.


The base of a backpack is always going to get treated the meanest. The heavy load of the pack will sit on the base in 99% of situations, from rocky paths to on the conveyor at the airport. If anywhere is going to get abused and worn through, the base is where it’s at.

Luckily, the Gregory Baltoro 65 has thought of that and its base is made up of 630D nylon, a big jump from the 210D, and 300D nylon used for the outer shell. This makes it exceptionally durable and resistant to wear and tear. You can treat this backpack as mean as you like and it’ll still be sitting there saying “Is that all you’ve got?”.


Just as important as the outer shell is the lining on the inside of the backpack. If the lining rips, you lose one layer of durability and you can easily lose things in the gap between it and the outer shell which can be very frustrating.

The lining on the Baltoro 65 is made from 200D polyester, another high D, durable material that will last and resist wear and tear.


Both nylon and polyester are water-resistant materials and together make the backpack water-resistant but not waterproof. If you’re caught in torrential rain, it penetrates eventually but luckily the Baltoro 65 comes with a built-in rain cover to ensure your gear stays protected in those heavy downpours.


Now on to the zippers. There is nothing quite as frustrating as poor-quality zippers that catch or simply break off and you won’t be experiencing that with this backpack. The Baltoro 65 uses excellent zippers that are smooth as silk and will stand the test of time.


It’s not recommended to put the Baltoro 65 in the machine. Both nylon and polyester are easily cleaned with a simple wipe and just add some soapy water if you have a serious stain.

Overall Durability

Overall the Gregory Baltoro 65 consists of excellent materials that have been put together with great quality stitching giving the backpack excellent durability and longevity for a life in the wilderness.

Carrying Comfort

The Gregory Baltoro 65 is famous for its carrying comfort whilst under a heavy load. It does an incredible job of fitting anyone and ensuring they’re supported and comfortable while carrying 50lbs plus up steep escarpments, and here’s how.


The frame on the Baltoro is made from lightweight aluminum and channels the load of the pack to the center of the hip belt. This is ideal, as the hips are where you want to hold the load, not your shoulders.

The aluminum frame also has a horizontal stay and is bolted to a sheet in the back of the backpack. This makes it rigid to ensure there is no flex with the load. It’s an ideal design and is also well positioned so you won’t feel it on your back if you overfill the main compartment.

Back Panel

The back panel is vented and formed to ergonomically mold your back. It is made from LifeSpan foam and this is what makes the pack so comfortable. This amazing foam is firm and it molds to your back to ensure a comfortable fit. This allows you to tighten down hard which enables you to carry the weight on your hips.

The panel also includes a LumbarTune, which is designed to support your lower back. It comes with a 10mm insert that’s removable so you can customize the support you need. This area is covered in a silicone lumbar grip zone to ensure the backpack doesn’t slide around while you’re scrambling up a slope. Ideal for those climbers and summiters amongst you.

The back panel is also covered moisture-wicking to create breathability and channel any sweat away from your clothes, keeping you cool on the trail.

Shoulder Straps & Hip Belt

First off, both the shoulder straps and hip belts are available in different sizes and are fully replaceable. This allows you to create a custom fit for your body type and replace them if they wear out.

The shoulder straps are padded for comfort and the inside wicks and channels moisture away from your clothing to ensure you stay dry and cool. They are designed in an S-shape which gives a custom fit to women and men, no matter your chest size plus they can be slotted into 2 different positions on the pack to give you even more adjustability for a custom fit.

The hip belt is also padded with a moisture-wicking inside and is adjustable to fit for extreme comfort.

Both the shoulder straps and the hip belt are designed to pivot with you as your angle changes. This means the pack moves with you instead of against you whilst you’re in a clambering situation which makes getting up tricky slopes that much more comfortable.

Overall Comfort

All in all, this backpack gets full marks for carrying comfort. Its huge range of adjustability to create a custom fit is second to none. And combined with the pivoting technology plus the weight channeling to the hip belt, a full pack feels very light and comfortable.

Organization & Accessibility

The ability to organize and access your gear is just as important as carrying comfort. There is nothing more frustrating than having to dig deep to find something you need. The Gregory Baltoro 65 is loaded with great storage options to keep you organized with 10 external pockets and a large main compartment, it holds 5-7L more than the 65L it’s rated at.

Main Compartment

The main compartment is very spacious and is accessed from the top, bottom, and front thanks to a U-shaped zipper design. This triple access system makes it easy to organize your gear into three sections so you can get to each bit, quickly and easily.

The bottom section of the main compartment can also be divided to create a sleeping bag compartment but it does reduce the main compartment size quite considerably.

Removable Day pack/Hydration Pocket

On the front of the Baltoro 65 is a removable day pack that can also double up as a hydration pack. It’s a very useful design when you want to drop your heavy load at camp and take some essentials to a summit or a viewpoint.

The day pack weighs just 4.2 oz. and comes with shoulder straps but no hip belt. The shoulder straps are a bit thin and might be uncomfortable on an intense hike but we loved this handy additional feature.

Lid Pockets

In the lid, you’ll find three zipper pockets. The third pocket is on the inside and is great for storing valuables while the other two are on the outside.

These two outside deep pockets are ideal for storing things you’ll need to access quite often and quickly. They’re great for organizing different types of gear too, for example, one pocket could be for extra clothing while the other can be used for nav. equipment.

Front Panel Pockets

There are three further pockets on the front panel. One is an open mesh, perfect for storing wet clothes and gear or things you want to access quickly.

The other two are situated under the mesh and are long and tall. They are great for slotting a pair of shoes into and could even hold a hammock or tent body.

gregory baltoro side pocket

Side pockets

There are two side pockets on the backpack. One is a small mesh that’s used for holding tent pols or fishing rods when combined with the straps. The other is a pop-out water bottle holster that can easily hold a large 1-liter bottle and when you’re not using it, it easily folds away.

Hip Belt Pockets

There are two further pockets on the hip belt. One is a mesh pocket for storing anything you might want quick access to, a pocket knife, or GPS. The other is water-resistant and is ideal for storing your phone or compact camera in, knowing it’s close by but safe from a rain shower.

External Attachment Points

External attachment points are a great way to carry extra that you might need on your adventures and the Gregory Baltoro 65 features 14 different attachment points to ensure you can take whatever you might need along with you.

Trekking Pole Holders

There are webbing loops on the corners with elastic shaft holders on the side that make it easy to carry any long tools you may want with you, like trekking poles, an axe, or an ice pic.

Compression Straps

While the compression straps are there to ensure your load is easier to carry, they can also be used as external attachment points. The Baltoro 65 comes with two tiers of side compression straps that are extra long. This allows you to attach gear to the side of the pack and to loop the straps round to the front of the pack to attach large pieces of gear like skis.

Sleeping Pad Straps

Like all good backpacks, this one comes with sleeping pad straps that side under the base so you can carry your mat or tent with ease. The straps are also removable so you can hike with a bit less weight if you don’t need them.

Extra Gear Loops

There are 12 more gear loops on the Baltoro 65 which are found on the lid and body for attaching extras on to the top and front of the backpack.

Overall, the Gregory Baltoro 65 is riddled with external gear attachments for any adventure.

Value For Money

The Gregory Baltoro 65 stands out in the crowd when looking at similar backpacks. No others seem to be able to contend with the Baltoro in terms of organization, durability, overall quality, and carrying comfort and they only differ in price by around $40.

With that in mind, we can’t fault the Baltoro 65 on value and it’s worth every dollar in our opinion.


With a rating of 90, the Gregory Baltoro 65 has achieved a very solid score against our rating system. With a few more specialist gear attachments and storage areas, it would have scored higher but overall it’s a great backpack.


So, is the Gregory Baltoro 65 worth buying? As far as we are concerned, it certainly is.

The Baltoro 65 is ideal for those who need to carry a lot of gear in a comfortable and organized way. The awesome adjustability and suspension system are perfect for managing a heavy load comfortably while the great storage and accessibility options make getting to your stuff quick and easy. All this in a sturdy, well-made, durable coating, what more do you need?

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  • Response A3 Suspension
  • Wishbone Frame Defines The Perimeter Of The Backpanel And Channels The Load To The Center Of The Lumbar Region For Dynamic Support